Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by an American Inventor


Chester Floyd Carlson (February 8, 1906 – September 19, 1968) was an American physicist, inventor, and patent attorney born in Seattle, Washington.

He is best known for having invented the process of electrophotography, which produced a dry copy rather than a wet copy, as was produced by the mimeograph process. Carlson’s process was subsequently renamed xerography, a term that literally means “dry writing.”

“The need for a quick, satisfactory copying machine that could be used right in the office seemed very apparent to me—there seemed such a crying need for it—such a desirable thing if it could be obtained. So I set out to think of how one could be made.”
— Chester Carlson[12]

The Xerox 914 was the first modern copying machine.

3 thoughts on “Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by an American Inventor

  1. The most worthwhile goal is not seen with human eyes, thus is not sought. It is God’s peaceable kingdom. They that don’t seek it will trust in their own arm that is seen. That leads to the destruction of what a being made that is unseen.

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  3. Very cool! That guy is somebody I need to remember, Chester Carlson, as I spent MANY hours in my day smoking up xerox machines (making hordes of copies until they ran hot). One of my all-time favorite machines!

    (Supposedly, the black powder in them that had to be replaced constantly is toxic.)

    I hate messing with printers. It seems xeroxing copies was an easier way to do things.

    That Xerox ad looks 60s-ish, I’d say.

    I never knew xerography meant dry writing either. Good to know!

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