Mudshark Dies From Bacterial Infection After Weird Sex Game with Mystery Meat Boyfriend


Check out the photos of the late Katie Widdowson’s mixed race boyfriend and you’ll see a sleezeball. He looks like a mulatto or octoroon to me.

Pairing off with a sleezy degenerate usually leads the partner of that degenerate into some tight spots. In Katie’s case the tight spot is really tight–a coffin.

In the following report, we’re told that the sex game that led to Katie’s death involved tying her up.

Somebody’s not telling the whole truth.

I’m not going to get explicit, but think urine and feces and then you’ll have a handle on what led to poor Katie’s demise. That’s my opinion anyway. For the record, I’m not a doctor, but I have heard some horrendous tales about sex games played by students at the university where I used to work.

A mother died from a flesh-eating disease as a result of an injury she sustained during sex, an inquest has heard.

Katie Widdowson, 23, was tied to her bed when she was injured during sex with her boyfriend, Dean Smith.

At first it was dismissed as a sprained wrist and she was given some painkillers before being sent home.

But by the next day it had turned black and was covered in blisters and she was unable to move it.

She was taken to hospital via ambulance but had a heart attack en route and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at A&E on January 2 this year.

An inquest found that medical staff at Good Hope Hospital in the West Midlands had failed to diagnose her correctly.

She had necrotising fasciitis which can be caused by a small cut on someone’s skin and quickly develops into a deadly bacteria.

Dean said: ‘The coroner did say it was most likely to be the tying up as the cause (of the deadly infection) but I have no recollection of it, we were drunk because we’d been celebrating the New Year.

‘I went to work on New Year’s Day at about 11.30am and she was fine. She messaged me at 5pm a photo of her swollen wrist.

‘We went to the hospital and the first doctor we saw referred her to a more senior doctor but they just dismissed her. I think they were busy and understaffed.

‘Katie told the doctors at the hospital that I tied her up. The next day I woke up about 11.30am and I was leaving for work and I said if you need me during the day then I will come home.

‘Her condition got worse and I told my kitchen manager but by the time the ambulance arrived she was very delirious when she was talking to the paramedics.

‘In the ambulance, she looked at me and smiled and then she suffered a cardiac arrest.

‘She died in the ambulance but they managed to get her back.

‘She eventually suffered another cardiac arrest and died at 5.20am on January 3.’

Assistant coroner Emma Brown said that she should have been kept in hospital and undergone major surgery.

She told Birmingham Coroner’s Court: ‘They (the doctors) flagrantly ignored the policy that was there for the very situation Katie found herself in.

‘Her early warning score was six and should have resulted in regular and ongoing observations and further investigations.

‘These were not carried out. If Katie had remained in hospital, it is clear that her death would have been avoidable.

‘These mistakes amounted to a gross failure to provide basic medical attention.

‘Katie’s death was due to Necrotising Fasciitis contributed to by neglect.’

Ms Brown said there may have been other explanations for her injuries but the most likely was when she was restrained.

Her boyfriend Dean, 25, told the inquest he had tied Katie up during a sex game days before her death.

He said: ‘I do not remember much about it. It’s not anything we have ever done before.’

Her mother, Trish Widdowson, 54, from Telford, Shropshire, criticised medical staff for failing to take her daughter’s injuries more seriously.

Smith’s hazy memory about the sex games the two played is rather convenient. I’m sure he remembers but doesn’t want to talk since there is going to be a medical negligence lawsuit filed.

9 thoughts on “Mudshark Dies From Bacterial Infection After Weird Sex Game with Mystery Meat Boyfriend

  1. It could be a form of MRSA; easily picked up during sex. knew someone who picked up MRSA during some weird orgy pig pile; almost lost a leg and an arm due to massive tissue damage from the mutated MRSA.

    There have been a few reports in the jew msm about a mega aggressive new strain of gonorrhea that is immune to every antibiotic. Report said it can be traced to turd world countries (no big surprise here

    Then there is the deadly bacterial infection; common among jew bankers, neocons, military contractors PENTAGONORRHEA

    • Manslaughter. Charge him. He tied the rope much too tight and forgot to untie her. Gangrene etc due to lack of oxygen to tissue. Maybe she passed our drunk still tied up? He passed out. He deserves some jail time.

  2. Probably wasn’t a White dr that sent her home. It’s getting harder and harder to find a White dr. Well this one is gone, hopefully before becoming a babymama. I know I must sound heartless to some of those here. I really am not. I just want a world my White children will be able to thrive in.

    • You’re right, I’m sure, about the doctor being nonwhite and not at all concerned about the woman. This is common from what I’ve read. For the record, the best medical care I’ve ever gotten came from white and Jewish males. The mudshark doesn’t deserve our sympathy, which we should save for real victims of nonwhite violence.

  3. A missed or delayed diagnosis from few symptoms rapidly reaches critical stage. It can be compared to a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the stealthy invasion of the body in the guise of minor inflammation of a cut successfully treated by washing and applying an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Bacteria responsible are found on our skin. Sometimes it’s MRSA. Often, patients who get this have some sort of immunosuppressive condition.

    Misdiagnoses are common. The patient shows early, progressing symptoms, makes one or more attempts to seek medical treatment, but is sent home with a wrong diagnosis. The condition worsens and becomes critical. The patient returns to the hospital for emergency medical treatment, effectiveness weakened due to rapid advancement causing over 70% deaths.

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