Justine Damond: Friends tell policeman to ‘have a heart’ and say why he shot her

Sometimes white people are so stupid that they make me angry.

This is one of those times.

Appealing to the conscience of a Somali to come clean is about as productive as appealing to a turtle to recite Shakespeare. The turtle is incapable. The Somali is incapable because he has no conscience.


Close friends of Justine Damond have made an emotional plea to the officer who killed the Australian, urging him to tell investigators why he shot her.

Tom and Carole Hyder have been comforting Ms Damond’s fiance Don Damond since the Australian woman was shot by officer Mohamed Noor in an alleyway outside her Minneapolis home.

And they say his grief is being amplified by the lack of answers.

“Have a heart man. There’s just families involved. Your family’s involved, our family’s involved, our friends are involved,” Mr Hyder told 7.30.

“Yes, you have a legal right [to refuse to be interviewed], but just say what happened. There are people involved here.”

Mr Hyder described his joy at first meeting Ms Damond, and said they became friends within minutes of Mr Damond introducing them.

“She’d met the love her life and she would let you know that,” Mr Hyder said.

“Obviously [it was] a big, big choice to move over here from Australia. But whenever the two of them were together you could just feel the energy, you could feel the love. They found each other from across the planet, and with plans to be married in just a few weeks.”

Mr Hyder arrived for the interview with 7.30 from comforting Mr Damond, who he has spent much of the last week with.

“He’ll just say, ‘I don’t want to be alone,’ and then he’ll sit and then he’ll start heaving and weeping and then just sort of pull himself back together.

“Another man who’d been shot by police, Philando Castile’s mother just came over and when the two of them embraced, oh my goodness, he just lost it all again.”

Carole Hyder said Mr Noor’s refusal to speak to investigators was “making it a lot harder”.

“It seems like Don deserves an answer, whatever it might be, whatever the answer,” Ms Hyder said.

“But to protect the person who did this just doesn’t seem fair. When you look at it, the alley was lit — it isn’t like she was lurking in a dark shadow and she popped out at them.

“From what Don said, she wears these kind of cotton pyjamas, it’s like, well, they couldn’t miss her or mistake her for an ambush.”

A memorial is being planned for Ms Damond and is expected to take place in Minneapolis early next month.

Embattled Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau resigned over the weekend after being criticised for not returning from a holiday to deal with the crisis.

Meanwhile, in breaking news news.com.au reports that a rash of what they call bizarre signs have appeared in the area where Justine was killed by Noor. I would call them protest signs.

9 thoughts on “Justine Damond: Friends tell policeman to ‘have a heart’ and say why he shot her

  1. “she wears these kind of cotton pyjamas, it’s like, well, they couldn’t miss her or mistake her for an ambush.”

    I hope they were not black pajamas. He may have mistaken her for a North Vietnamese or Viet Cong combat soldier in the 1960s. Wait, he was not even born then.
    Black pajamas are the ISIS uniform and shared by antifa – another terrorist group.

    So what colour were her PJs?

  2. I know where your mayor and city council are. They are running around making sure no one says anything bad about pisslam. They are sucking up to the muzzies. They are very busy as muzzies create crises everywhere they go. Someone should publish this muzzie policeman’s address. The key to winning is White people banding together. I just don’t see that happening. Maybe we should all dress in black bags and go to muzzie neighborhood and riot, just as they would. The world is upside-down.

  3. Justine Damond: Friends tell policeman to ‘have a heart’ and say why he shot her??
    Simple A white kafir bitch ??

  4. Passing along a theory I heard. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s at least plausible:

    Mrs. Damond called the police because she heard “sex noises” coming from a car behind her house. It turned out that the car was, in fact, a police cruiser. By the officers’ own statements, there was no one else behind the house.

    Therefore, it’s reasonable to guess that the two officers may have been engaged in a homosexual act together. When the Somali saw that a woman had seen them, he shot her to cover up his own homosexuality.

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