Black Trucker Charged in 10 Human Trafficking Deaths, Facing Death Penalty


It turns out that the driver of the illegal Mestizo migrant death truck is black. He tells an unbelievable story about not knowing anyone was inside the trailer he was hauling. Even by Negro standards of stupid, his story makes no sense.

Naturally, his fiance says he’s a good fellow who would never do anything wrong.


SAN ANTONIO — The driver of a broiling tractor-trailer found packed with immigrants outside a Walmart in San Antonio was charged Monday in the deaths of 10 of his passengers and could face the death penalty over the hellish journey.

In outlining their immigrant-smuggling case against James Matthew Bradley Jr., 60, federal prosecutors depicted the trailer as pitch-black, crammed with around 90 people or more by some estimates, and so suffocatingly hot that one passenger said they took turns breathing through a hole and pounding on the walls to get the driver’s attention.

Bradley appeared in federal court on charges of illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain, resulting in death. The Clearwater, Florida, man was ordered held for another hearing on Thursday.

He did not enter a plea or say anything about what happened. But in court papers, he told authorities he didn’t realize anyone was inside his rig until he parked and got out to relieve himself.

Over the weekend, authorities discovered eight bodies inside the crowded 18-wheeler parked in the summer heat, and two more victims died at the hospital. Nearly 20 others rescued from the rig were hospitalized in dire condition, many suffering from extreme dehydration and heatstroke.

At least some of those aboard were from Mexico and Guatemala, authorities said.

Bradley told investigators that the trailer had been sold and he was transporting it for his boss from Iowa to Brownsville, Texas. After hearing banging and shaking, he opened the door and was “surprised when he was run over by ‘Spanish’ people and knocked to the ground,” according to the criminal complaint.

Bradley told investigators that he knew the trailer refrigeration system didn’t work and that the four ventilation holes were probably clogged. He also said he did not call 911, even though he knew at least one passenger was dead.

The truck was registered to Pyle Transportation Inc. of Schaller, Iowa. President Brian Pyle said that he had sold the truck to a man in Mexico and that Bradley was an independent contractor who was supposed to deliver it to a pick-up point in Brownsville.

“I’m absolutely sorry it happened. I really am. It’s shocking. I’m sorry my name was on it,” Pyle said, referring to the truck. He said he had no idea why Bradley took the looping route he described to investigators.

Bradley told authorities that he had stopped in Laredo, Texas — which would have been out of his way if he were traveling directly to Brownsville — to get the truck washed and detailed before heading back 150 miles (240 kilometers) north to San Antonio. From there, he would have had to drive 275 miles south again to get to Brownsville.

“I just can’t believe it. I’m stunned, shocked. He is too good a person to do anything like this,” said Bradley’s fiancee, Darnisha Rose of Louisville, Kentucky. “He helps people, he doesn’t hurt people.”

She said Bradley told her he had no idea how the immigrants got into his trailer.

One of the passengers told investigators that he was in a group of 24 people who had been in a “stash house” in Laredo for 11 days before being taken to the tractor-trailer.

A passenger told investigators that he and others crossed into the U.S. by raft, paying smugglers 12,500 Mexican pesos (about $700). They were then put aboard the truck to be taken to San Antonio, according to the criminal complaint. He said he was supposed to pay the smugglers $5,500 once he got there.

He said that those in the truck were given no water or food and that the immigrants soon began to struggle to breathe and started passing out.

Latin Americans who enter the United States illegally often hire smuggling networks to guide them across the border by foot or raft, put them in safe houses and then give them rides to their destination in the U.S.

“Even though they have the driver in custody, I can guarantee you there’s going to be many more people we’re looking for to prosecute,” said Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Getting the truth out of this situation should be easy when the surviving illegals are interviewed.

11 thoughts on “Black Trucker Charged in 10 Human Trafficking Deaths, Facing Death Penalty

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    This is a sad story and I hope the driver gets the death penalty and the 3rd world aliens learn a lesson not to invade white countries.

    But the whole invasion racket is promoted and incited by the Judaists.

    The scum that invade other countries, are, by definition, criminals. Just like burglary and trespassing are crimes, so is invading another country—it is a crime, period.

    It is a federal crimes called EWI—Entrants without inspection.

    I have noticed even animals have more shame. My neighbor’s dogs do not come into my yard esp. when I am around. They look at me, and they turn back.

    Animals have more morals than the alien invader scum, who are criminals and worse than animals.

    The Jewish media brainwashes the public that these invading scum, that are worse than animals, are “refugees”, “immigrants”, “undocumented”, etc.

    I am afraid the aliens will ask who is the bigger scum—them or the Judaists who pander them and aid and abet their crimes.

    The Judaists have blood on their hands.

    That is why we need a border wall and a total ban on immigration.

  3. I have no problem with these sp!cs (if they stay where they are…)…However I wish EVERY ONE OF THEM would have died rather than invade whats left of our once White country….We know there isn’t much left for these invading sp!cs to steal….We KNOW the country is running on the dwindling wealth fumes of the dead 90 percent White past…..

  4. It is amazing that this entire saga happened inside the USA. How could so many people be so stupid? Above all, the darkie driver. He would have noticed the approximately 7 ton increase in the weight of his vehicle. He would have heard the banging on the walls. He also saw all the people get in. He should have had a padlock on the back door of the truck, surely?

    I wonder if the more likely story is that this truck crossed the border with the 100 people inside. It is the only story that makes sense. Once in the USA, illegals can ride in normal cars. Police are not allowed to stop cars just because Mexicans are inside. This is called racial profiling and is forbidden by the (((Supremacist Court))). Sheriff Joe is lucky not to be jailed by the Feds for enforcing the law in his State.

    “The truck was registered to Pyle Transportation Inc. of Schaller, Iowa. President Brian Pyle said that he had sold the truck to a man in Mexico”.
    I think My Pyle is in on this in some way. How did he sell it sight unseen to a man that was in Mexico? More likely he met the Mexican man (people smuggler) in person. Will the Coon expose the other crooks in the racket, to save his own life?

    Border Police and other authorities near Mexico should pay a lot more attention to refrigerated trucks, especially huge ones like this one.

  5. Driver could be telling the truth my trucker friends tell me they don’t know what their hauling most of the time you only need a manifest with Haz Mat and entering California otherwise no paperwork is needed.

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