American Prosperity: Meet King Joe – 1949 Educational Documentary (Amusing Economics Cartoon)

Highly entertaining like most old comedy cartoons. Nine minutes.

The prosperity of the American worker sowed the seeds of the conspiracy to implement the (((globalist))) agenda. King Joe had be dethroned and here we are today with a dying white middle class.

The portrayal of the “Chinese coolie” would be called racist by liberals today. You’ll probably just laugh.

The film looks like it could have come out of Disney, MGM, or Warner Brothers. It’s high quality production values shine.

Published on Jul 23, 2017

A pro-business cartoon explaining the role of investment capital in building America’s prosperity in the post-war years. Because of far-sighted investment in industry, the American worker, personified by Brooklyn-accented Joe, is “king of the workers of the world” and has higher wages and shorter hours than his counterparts abroad. Meet King Joe argues that in view of the rewards workers reap from the American economic system, it is in labor’s best interest to cooperate with management.

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