Video: Justine Damond Rescuing 8 Baby Ducks from Storm Drain Weeks Before Her Murder


Less than three minutes.

Amazing! What a loss to our people.

We’re going to make justice happen no matter how much Mayor Betsy Hodges and the Minneapolis power elites try to pull a cover up.

Have faith!

Published on Jul 19, 2017

Justine Damond : video shows murdered Aussie rescuing ducklings near Minneapolis home

Weeks before she was shot dead by Minneapolis police the Australian, also known as Justine Ruszczyk, was filmed reuniting a family of stranded ducks

When reporters asked friends and family for stories about Justine Damond, many of them asked: “Have you heard about the ducks?”

Three weeks before she was shot dead by police Damond, a 40-year-old Australian who had changed her surname from Ruszczyk in anticipation of her wedding, climbed into a storm drain and rescued a group of ducklings near her home in Minneapolis by gathering them in the folds of her skirt. The way her friends tell it, this incident was special but not atypical.

18 thoughts on “Video: Justine Damond Rescuing 8 Baby Ducks from Storm Drain Weeks Before Her Murder

  1. What she did was most likely illegal and dangerous. She could not have lifted the manhole cover by herself. That is why it is called a “manhole” not a “womanhole”. Why did the man not go down there, were his guts too large? He must have lifted the cover off. Maybe he is a wildlife rescue guy who is licensed to do such things. .

    This woman may have been too focused on “helping” and “do gooding” and not enough on “self preservation”. There is no shortage of ducks – she was not rescuing a rare species. Very likely the ducks in that urban location are pests, not useful wildlife. Nobody rescues rattus rattus, cockroaches, or negroes. Vermin should not be saved from drowning – cute young ones included.

    Here is a fact. Australia has 1200 species of native cockroaches and not one of them likes to live in human homes. Only the rotten shit imported cockroaches do so. So, rescuing a native Australian cockroach is an OK thing to do. One evil smaller imported house cockroach is called the “German” cockroach – must have been named by a Jew! A large evil imported rat is called the “Norwegian” rat – also named by a Jew I guess.
    Another fact – native Australian bees have no sting, unlike the larger European bees. So abos had an easy time collecting honey in the old days.

    • In America, men have been stripped of their leadership roles. At least here in Texas that’s true. I can easily picture the men standing around taking orders from Justine.

      Here locally, about a mile or two from me, there’s the river park, where many different types of ducks and geese have been introduced. I go down there once in a while and feed them a loaf of bread.

      They add a charming touch to the town. When they waddle out to cross the road, most cars stop. A few years ago there was a town crisis when a favorite duck had been shot with an arrow. The vets nursed him back to health as I recall. Besides hanging out on land, the ducks swim in the river, which has lots of turtles in it.

      Getting back to Justine, she would be a little naive about self-preservation like you say. However, I think this case has subliminally made more of the wealthy class of people realize that they, like Justine, can’t hide from diversity. We have to push that message out until more people wake up. No matter how nice and white your neighborhood, a single AA hire can screw up your life forever.

    • Why would any country IMPORT cockroaches & rats? Good grief.

      Amazing about the bees-with-no-sting!

      Robert is a walking-encyclopedia, my kind of people, full of interesting facts. 🙂

      • Thanks Sob-A-Tear and I most often do not reference stuff or check the facts, but rely on my memory, except searching names for Jewiness. Rarely get busted for my errors, maybe less than I should. Though I use ideas more than facts – I hope. The roaches and rats were all imported by accident – by ships. That is probably why rattus rattus, if that is the one, is called the Norwegian Rat. Norwegians have been big in shipping for many years. Rats used to travel aboard sailing ships also. Roaches and other insects travel with bananas or other food

        OTOH the Cane Toad was deliberately imported by Govt “scientists” to Australia in the 1920s. To eat the Cane Beetle – another accidental import. The Cane Toads refused to eat Cane Beetles and ate all the wildlife instead. Plus they are poisonous so native predators that eat them die. Brilliant march forward for science!

        Rabbits and foxes were also intentionally brought to Australia almost 200 years ago, for hunting. Tally Ho! Rabbits have been a disaster for Australia, (eagles excepted), the foxes though tend to eat the rabbits so have not been very damaging. Ducks, ducklings, lizards and birds might not agree with this benign view of crafty foxes.

        Just looked up the Norway Rat, the Brown Rat. It comes from China!

  2. She was very pretty. What a shame re her death for no good reason.

    Her original name, Ruszczyk, would be Polish.

  3. Rescuing ducks is nice. I’d care more if she was rescuing kids.

    White prople on the West are all about animals, but what about preserving your own. To me that is much more important

  4. I would never insult you Saboteur, but to have a story on this lady rescuing ducks is quite silly. She may rescue ducks but put in danger thousands of Whites. I am almost sure she would go to bat and harp that refugees deserve a chance. And deserve to be let in to our country. Being from Australia, I am sure that she would want to curtail my 2nd amendment rights. I am also sure that she would call me a racist and worse because I don’t want to live near muzzies or blacks. They are not MY people. And just because she is white, she is not MY people either. She would get me fired or exiled because of my views. I am sure that anti-gun folks will use this incidence against pro-gun folks. You know, it was the gun LOL, not the muzzie holding it.

    • Yeah, I am not really ‘feeling’ this story. Plenty of regular people rescue animals everyday. I have rescued squirrels, bunnies, and a turtle. Where is my you tube and homage from the neighbors.

      Whites that live in the hoidy toidy gentrified areas of the cities are all about patronage to one another and hate all Other Whites who do not shop at Whole Foods and wear organic t- shirts.

      Still, rest in piece. I hope someone cuts the balls off this Somali scum

      • I agree, GS, that there’s a class divide. However, to me this story has shown that the cucks in the upper income white areas had better realize that bad things can happen to them just like they can happen to lower class whites. There seems to be a natural tendency among upper class whites to look down on everyone who isn’t wealthy, believing that if you’re not wealthy, it’s due to some shortcoming in you. I reject that idea. In fact, if I had life to do over again, I might become a success coach like Tony Robbins, etc.

  5. She was a dirty leftist, from what I can tell. I don’t think her death was as much of a loss to America as Noor’s life is.

  6. Her disease to please got her killed. One cannot be everything to everybody, but unfortunately, many ‘White women’ get roped in and afflicted with this disease.

  7. Who cares about her political affiliation or social status, she spent only about 5 minutes saving mom’s babies! I would have done the same thing. It’s a better way to spend time than most Whites sitting in front of the boob tube.

    • Taking politics out of it, I like anyone–black, white, brown, yellow, or red–who rescues animals. Putting politics back in, the video shows everyone with a heart what was lost when Noor decided to fire his weapon. I’ve written it before but it can’t be repeated enough: Diversity (and affirmative action) kill.

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