Little girl explains why she hates being white (Twitter Video)

We have to change this. This little girl’s teachers should merit a complaint and an investigation.

30 disturbing seconds.

2 thoughts on “Little girl explains why she hates being white (Twitter Video)

  1. She doesn’t look so “little,” & look at her fingernails, they look like professionally applied fake nails.

    Forget the teacher. Where are her idiot parents? Are they clueless? If they are, it’s parents like that that say, “We had no idea,” when kids kill themselves from being bullied.

    She needs to be empowered via a serious education from SOMEBODY in her realm of guardians re the Big Picture that is going on, so she can learn to stand up for herself & either ignore all the ant-White hate or learn how to respond to it with facts.

    • Unfortunately, the Twitter videos I pull in here are usually something of a mystery. I have no info on her, but her little monologue is interesting enough to bring in via a post, I think. However, I acknowledge that her talk could be a hoax.

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