Heroic 58 Year Old White Man Takes Down 30 Year Old Latino Armed Robber in Starbucks


Cregg Jerri has been hailed a hero by police for foiling an armed robbery in a Fresno, California Starbucks coffee shop.

However, the debate on the Internet has a lot of people condemning Jerri, with others praising him.

The critics believe that Jerri put his and everyone else’s life at risk by resisting a robber armed with a large hunting knife and a gun, although the gun was later determined to be a replica.

Disagree with me if you like, but there’s no guarantee that a robber isn’t going to kill everyone once he gets his money. There are risks no matter what a person does in a situation like this one. I’m going to be among those praising Jerri for that reason.

Fresno Bee

A wild fight between a Fresno Starbucks customer and a knife-wielding robber was caught on surveillance video, showing how a 58-year-old man who police Chief Jerry Dyer called a “courageous hero” put his own life at risk to thwart the crime.

Both hero Cregg Jerri, 58, and suspect Ryan Michael Florez, 30, were stabbed during the fight Thursday that lasted for about a minute. Florez got away and later tried to tell police he was himself a victim of a robbery.

Friday, Dyer said police got their man – Florez. Dyer showed the video at a news conference and said that Florez will be charged with attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon when he is booked into Fresno County Jail.

For now, Florez is in the hospital. He will be there for a few days recovering from stab wounds he received with his own knife during the fight with Jerri.

Jerri needed a few staples to close a stab wound he received during the fight.

The confrontation happened just before 5 p.m. Thursday. Florez entered the Starbucks at Herndon Avenue and Golden State Boulevard in northwest Fresno carrying a yellow bag, armed with a big knife and a replica handgun while wearing a blue “Transformers” mask. He went to the counter and demanded money, Dyer said.

Jerri, 58, was seated at a table using a tablet. Soon after Florez made his demands, Jerri grabbed a chair and slammed it on Florez’s back twice.

A fight ensued and eventually Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck. Jerri got hold of Florez’s knife and stabbed Florez in the face and torso.

Florez was able to get away and drove a truck to Dakota and Fruit avenues, where he abandoned it and ran toward a canal. Passersby noticed him bloodied and called police for help. Florez told officers he had fallen victim to a robbery.

By the time Florez was taken to the hospital, police had already determined Florez was the suspect in the attempted Starbucks robbery. Friday, Dyer said Florez has no adult criminal history. The only time police have confronted him was when Florez was a juvenile, Dyer said.

Dyer said Jerri is a frequent customer at the Starbucks and knows the baristas. Thursday, he had dropped by after work.

“He was a pleasure to talk to,” Dyer said. “It’s good to talk to heroes.”

Watch the action. About a minute and a half. Observe that no one in Starbucks steps in to help Jerri. When there’s trouble brewing, it’s always the white male, the most demonized species on earth, who is supposed to make things right.

6 thoughts on “Heroic 58 Year Old White Man Takes Down 30 Year Old Latino Armed Robber in Starbucks

  1. All’s well that ends well.

    “A fight ensued and eventually Florez stabbed Jerri in the neck.”

    Is it worth a white man taking a knife in the neck to save (((Starbucks))) some dollars? A very, very big no in my opinion. The hero stabbed the Spic scum. If the scum had died, the hero may have spent many years in prison as a criminal.

    Probably, almost certainly, the chair was not heavy enough to do the job. Should have hit him in the head with huge force with a heavy wooden stool. Therefore, another reason not to take the risk. The barristas could have thrown boiling water in the face of the crook. Would this be legal? Probably not, even if the crook has a knife and gun like this shitskin.

    When I was a bank teller in the early 1970s Australia, with open counters and no security screens or windows, all male tellers had a .32 loaded Walther automatic under the counter in a holster. Why not arm up fast food workers and blaze away at the turdskins who try an armed robbery? Maybe because most fast workers are turdskins also – too many bystanders are gonna get shot.

    • I get your point of view but a lot of these shitskins will kill everybody in the place anyway. Jerri was not motivated by saving (((Starbucks))) cash but by keeping everyone from being shot. And maybe motivated by anger about out of control crime in America. That’s my theory anyway.

      • I’m with you on Jerri, & the Police Chief raves about him as well, so THAT IN ITSELF is a good sign that there are a few SANE Police Chiefs still around. Of course with a name like Dyer, the chief is probably another white sane hetero male & understands Jerri’s motives. If the chief was a lesbo freak like in Minneapolis, SHE would likely have condemned Jerri.

        I hope Florez learned a lesson! Next time he ever tries to rob a place, I bet he looks around first for any white guys!

        And I hope Jerri arms up, so he never again has to take a knife wound to the neck. Even pepper spray or something would be better than nothing. The crazies are everywhere.

        BTW, the video is now greyed out, so I guess it was taken down by google or whoever.

  2. Starbucks is not worth saving. As a white man, I’m certain his instinct to protect innocent people kicked in and he did the right thing. other races don’t have the same empathetic response mechanism.

    • I am proud to say I have never stepped inside a (((starbucks))), nor an Apple Cult outlet. I once stepped inside where they sell (((Ben and Jerrys))) ice cream – but did not buy any of the overpriced NY kosher bullshit!

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