Have A Laugh GIF: Charlie Chaplin on the Run

Watch for the lampshade on the head gag.

Read comments on Chaplin’s comedies at Reddit.

4 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Charlie Chaplin on the Run

  1. You always post good stuff I seen a snip of an article today with the heading ex marine or army facing murder charges after sexual encounter with transgender woman and can’t find it now but it would be a good one on why transgender is so bad

  2. Charlie Chaplin had the classic small man syndrome, at 5 feet 5 inches. His humor is kicking a big man in the bum. He is jealous of tall strong men – as many short men are. His private life is to shag women who are still legally children – a pedophile.
    I have never found Chaplin to be funny. The Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller of his day.

    Laurel and Hardy were very funny to my taste. The big man suffers because of the small man, his friend, but we laugh with Oliver Hardy – not at him. Chaplins humour is sadistic. Laurel and Hardy have a lot of violence too but it is mutually dished out – not one way. “Big Business” and “Two Tars” are classics of this destruction genre. James Finlayson, Charlie Hall and Tiny Sandford support Laurel and Hardy very well. Our heroes usually suffer more than their enemies – which is true to life for most people.

    What I would like to see in a Chaplin movie remake is the big guys catch him and kick his guts in. It is absurd to think a little shit like this guy would defeat strong men and get an attractive adult female – until he had big money that is.

    • There was a bit of back and forth on reddit about silent movie comedies. The name Buster Keaton came up. I enjoyed his film that is about a Confederate train. I think it’s called The General. I also enjoyed Harold Lloyd’s films. Also the Keystone cops. I’ve never paid much attention to Chaplin one way or another. The Laurel and Hardy movies are entertaining as well: “Another fine mess you’ve gotten me into.” Johnny Carson used to imitate them on the Tonight Show from time to time.

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