Black NBA Star Mike Conley Fires Back After Internet says Mulatto Son is Too White

The wife of NBA star Mike Conley, the former Mary Peluso, looks mostly white to my eyes, although I suppose she’s slightly mixed with some other ethnicity. Everyone says she’s white, so let’s call her a mudshark or coal burner.

Conley is the highest paid player in the league, holding a $153 million contract with the Memphis Grizzlies. Obviously, that contract has nothing to do with why Mary would pair off with the darkie. Nothing whatever to do with it.

The blonde hair and light skin on Conley’s alleged offspring Myles, seen above, has led the Internet to claim that his wife cheated on him with a white man. Biologically speaking, it may be possible for the offspring of two dark haired persons to have blonde hair, but not very likely.

To this news of a cheating wife, which has obsessed the Internet for about a week now, I reply, “Congratulations to the Aryan Brotherhood. You guys cucked a rich and famous nog. I’m proud of you boys.”

New York Post

There’s a lot to love about the internet. And there’s a lot to loathe.

Love: A couple of random people with Twitter accounts were able to elicit a response from an NBA star worth millions. Loathe: He only responded because they had said something inflammatory about his wife and baby.

The users behind Twitter account Turf Talk Boys, who describe themselves as “just a couple of degenerates blogging about sports and life” in their Twitter bio, sent out a tweet with a photo of Mike Conley Jr. and his family questioning why his son didn’t resemble the Grizzlies star.

Last year, Conley signed what at the time was the most lucrative contract in NBA history, worth $153 million. Conley and wife Mary had extra reason to celebrate in 2016 when the pair had their first child, Myles. But not everyone is content to see the trio play happy family.

Others on social media reacted to the difference in Conley’s complexion compared to Myles, hinting at infidelity on his wife’s part. Because while we condemn athletes when they “cross the line” with personal sledges on the court (or field or wherever it is they’re performing), such sledges are apparently perfectly fine on the internet. Again, another thing to loathe about the online world.

But Conley had the perfect response — a response that was re-tweeted more than 1200 times and liked nearly 3000 times at the time of writing.

The 29-year-old also jumped on Instagram to say he was “blessed” to have Myles in his life.

My little guy #BlueEyes #runsinthefam #imNOTthatnice 😂✌️

A post shared by Mike Conley (@mac11) on

I’m sorry to have to tell the media this, but Mike Conley did not have the “perfect response.” The perfect response would be a real DNA test, not a Maury Povich meme.

In all honesty, I don’t care much about this story. It’s fake news, designed to push interracial marriage as a normal thing to do for white women. It’s designed to make white women think that their black babies will look like them, i.e., normal.

I seriouly doubt that Conley came up with the Tweet and the other posts on his own. He has a smart white or Jew publicist who came up with this whole publicity stunt.

2 thoughts on “Black NBA Star Mike Conley Fires Back After Internet says Mulatto Son is Too White

  1. Well, Its sad that we pay millions for a ball player. For heaven’s sake, to PLAY ball. Anyhow, the kid’s facial features are off a bit. I don’t care if he is white-skinned, something ain’t right with the way the features are set in the face. Look at that nose, that is not a white nose. I don’t care. In my utopia there would NO poc.

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