8 Dead, Including 2 Children, Found in Human Trafficking Bigrig Parked at San Antonio Walmart

San Antonio, Texas is a so-called sanctuary city, which makes it a magnet for illegals coming across the border, which is just 150 miles away. Unofficially, the city is about 80 percent Mexican.

Illegals are everywhere. They do not “live in the shadows” here.

Build that wall, President Trump.

NBC News

Eight people were found dead and some 17 with life-threatening injuries in the back of a packed and overheated 18 wheeler in San Antonio, Texas, early on Sunday.

A security guard at a Walmart in the southwest of the city received a tipoff from an unknown individual that a tractor-trailer in the store’s parking lot was full of migrants, said Joe Arrington, a spokesman for the San Antonio Fire Department.

The person had been in truck and approached the member of staff to ask for water, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus later told reporters.

The security guard found the dead and sick when he searched the back of the truck, said Arrington. There were a total of 38 people inside, including at least two school-aged children, Fire Chief Charles Hood told reporters. He warned the numbers might change.

“The truck was loaded with people,” he said.

Some of those inside the semi ran into nearby woods, triggering a search by helicopter and on foot, McManus said, adding that police would look for the escapees again in the morning.

“We’re looking at a human trafficking crime here this evening,” he said, describing it as a “horrific tragedy.” He added that the Department of Homeland Security were working with local police.

The driver of the vehicle is in custody, according to police. After the victims have been treated they will be investigated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), McManus said.

First responders raced to the scene shortly after 12.30 a.m. (1.30 a.m. ET) and the injured were rushed to hospital, officials said.

Hood said the people in the truck were “very hot to the touch” and that there were no signs of water inside. He added that the air conditioning was not working.

“Our paramedics and firefighters found that each one of them had heart rates over about 130 beats per minutes,” he said.

“You’re looking at a lot of heat stroke, a lot of dehydration,” he added.

The National Weather Service said the temperature in San Antonio hit 101 degrees just before 5 p.m. local (6 a.m. ET) Saturday and didn’t dip below 90 degrees until after 10 p.m. local time (11 p.m. ET), according to the Associated Press.

CCTV images from before the emergency services arrived showed several cars turn up to pick up many of those who had survived the journey inside the truck, said McManus.

The driver and anyone else involved in the incident will be facing state and federal charges, McManus said.

“This is not an isolated incident,” he said, as he urged anyone who sees anything similar to call 911. “Fortunately we came across this one, fortunately there are people who survived. But this happens all the time.”

Officials said they did not yet know where the trailer had come from or how long it had been in San Antonio.

19 thoughts on “8 Dead, Including 2 Children, Found in Human Trafficking Bigrig Parked at San Antonio Walmart

  1. The police should of driven that truck back over the border..far over! This just looks like a bunch of illegals crossing the border paying some ahole to drive them. Now we can give them free medical care and set them loose so they can hook up with their relatives and enjoy all the freebies our tax dollars will buy. Ugh!

      • Nobody who is white can beat Sonny Barger, Hells Angel Oakland leader. Altamont 1969…
        “Anybody gets my bikes gonna get got”.

    • I’m pretty sure they will be deported. Since I’m in the San Antonio area I’ll be able to find out for sure. The survivors are in the hospital for now, The truck driver, who has a white name, has been arrested and will face 8 murder charges. His rig has been confiscated.

  2. After arresting the driver, they should arrest San Antonio city Council for inviting this to happen in the first place. They do share some responsibility.

  3. Let’s see. I am going to crawl inside of a trailer without air conditioning or proper ventilation (because it’s not designed for human passengers), in July where temps are over 100 and travel several hundred miles then expect to be perfectly fine upon arrival. I am against human cruelty but I am also against human ignorance. That was ignorant.

  4. I am pleased that 8 shitskins are dead. But not nearly enough.

    ““We’re looking at a human trafficking crime here this evening,” he said, describing it as a “horrific tragedy.” Believe it or not I have not altered this quote – which I sometimes do, for sarcasm, irony or other nefarious purpose. This importation is a horrible tragedy for the future of all White Western Nations. It is like that little dark boy dead on a beach in Turkey. Millions were allowed to follow him. “Can’t let kiddies drown anywhere, even if this decision will mean billions dead in a worldwide epidemic”.

    Where is the WHO? World Health Organisation. They should be very, very worried about this mass human migration. Another Black Death will travel with the blacks from Africa – nature will be 100% certain to make sure it will happen. This Century, IMO.

    Only Jew Supremacists and some White Supremacist Libturds think that nature has been tamed. Big error, the biggest in human history. Just as the power of real money has not been overturned by fake money. In the end, reality and truth win over lies and deceit. Nature will not be mocked.

    “there were no signs of water inside. He added that the air conditioning was not working.” Shitskins at their finest!! The USA needs 100 million more of these browns. I am not sure why, but Jews say this, so it must be true.

    Why was this truck not searched at the “border”? It might have had ten tons of cocaine on board. 40 humans should be easy for a sniffer dog to smell, especially non-whites. Even a white border guard would smell 40 Spics as soon as the back door was opened. Phew, what a whiff!!! Also – here’s one for PC Plod everywhere, but especially borders and rock concerts – an air conditioned truck with A/C turned off is highly suspicious. It should always be searched. Just like the air conditioned truck (ice creams?) at Nice which had its air conditioner not running for 9 hours or so – before killing about 90 people. Cops paid no attention to it.

    • Local news in SA is reporting survivors will have permanent brain damage. I’ve been trolling anti-wall liberals on Twitter speaking out in favor of hot trucks as the solution to the illegal immigrant problem. However, we’re going to be spending some real money on the survivors medical care.

      • The driver would not have stopped the wetbacks from bringing one or two liters each of water on board at their own expense. So how stupid were these people, knowing they were traveling for hours in to temperatures of over one hundred degrees F outside?
        Probably they were paying $2000 each minimum for the trip? But could not afford water? Does USA need any illegal invaders that stupid when 150 million existing residents are already at that IQ level?

  5. Did anyone get word that the Somali cop who shot that Justine saw her previously at a protest against Muslim treatment of women?

  6. Here in Soviet Marxachusetts the poopaganda outlets are spewing “Erase all borders now, this happened because of white racism. Open all borders to everyone NOW” <<of course the parrots squawking this mantra are not conservative, not even centrist….but insane.

  7. How & Why do white guy rig drivers get involved in this shady crap? What a low-life mindset they must have, like that of druggies, drugs, gamblers, etc.

    Maybe the driver was “beholden” to some dirty group of human traffickers, or he thinks it’s an “easy way” to make big money fast. He’s a traitor, so I hope he hangs from his rig.

    I also wonder if the driver was an independent owner of his own rig, or was he a driver for a bigger company? If for a big company, I hope they get raked over as well.

    Lastly re that, maybe the driver was one of DeepState’s white boys, who turned his AC off on purpose, per instructions & big bucks payment, to bring more screaming from libs to try to force amnesty & open borders for all. Libtard Walmart would agree with that.

    Truck drivers are supposed to be the “heros of the highways,” but maybe that was decades ago, & maybe now they are all sleazers.

    As for why the border agents did not check the truck, good question. Maybe they are paid-off to NOT look. The traffickers could send their trucks through on the shifts those bribed agents are working. ICE should check that out: Who was on duty at the border when the truck was let through, & hang them, too. (Another DeepState “employee,” maybe.)

    Good point re trucks having their AC turned off being a suspicious sign to begin with. I never would have thought about that.

    As for the injured & deceased, well, I’m sorry. When their relatives back home get word, hopefully it will put the fear into them to not try the same thing. Watch them turn around & try to sue the USA for harming their relatives in the truck.

    Whoever was the first person to open the rig’s back door should have not done it alone, if they did, because evidently there were enough healthy people left in the rig that they jumped out & took off running. So that wasn’t very smart of whoever opened the door.

    And whose homes will those escapees be breaking into last night to find a place to hide & who knows what else!

    I wonder if Walmart will stop allowing free overnight parking for RVs now. If anything, being the Libtards that they are, they could have their night security guards check out ALL big rigs before allowing them to park.

    • You definitely have some theories that I wouldn’t dismiss. I’m certain they’ll try to figure out a way to blame this on Trump and use it to lobby for more open borders and sanctuary policies.

      I can clarify one thing though. He owned the truck, but he was contracted to work for the company that owned the trailer. The trailer owner said they knew nothing about his people smuggling activities.

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