USC Terminating Million Dollar a Year Med School Dean for Drug Use


In the same way that we on the alt-right have destroyed the legacy news media, especially CNN, we must now turn our attention to higher education and begin the process of destroying it.

As an insider for 30 years I can tell you that drug use and illicit sexual relationships (including prostitution) flourish on campus.

Legislatures must enact laws that require random drug tests for faculty, administrators, and students, with termination and expulsion as the punishment for failing a drug test.

Cultural Marxists, anarchists, and antifa academics would be the first to go and be forced to look for real jobs.

The former med school dean in this story was quite a party boy, assuming the charges are true. Many administrators at universities are.

ABC News

The University of Southern California announced Friday that it will fire its former medical school dean over allegations that he abused drugs.

The school has started the process of terminating Dr. Carmen Puliafito from the faculty and stripping him of tenure, USC Provost Michael W. Quick announced in a letter to the faculty.

Quick said Puliafito was immediately suspended and barred from the campus and from any association with USC including attending or taking part in university events.

The action came after USC received information Friday of “egregious behavior” concerning substance abuse, Quick said.

“This was the first time we saw such information first-hand,” Quick wrote. “It is extremely troubling and we need to take serious action.”

“We certainly understand that substance abuse is a tragic and devastating disease. But we are also bound to our responsibilities as a university to take the necessary actions concerning Dr. Puliafito’s status,” Quick wrote.

The announcement came the same day that USC said it had hired a former judge and federal prosecutor to head an investigation into allegations, first reported in the Los Angeles Times ( on Monday, that Puliafito was seen on video apparently smoking methamphetamine and consorting with addicts and criminals.

Debra Wong Yang, a former member of the Los Angeles Police Commission, Superior Court judge and federal prosecutor in Los Angeles, will present her findings to a committee of the USC board of trustees.

“We are outraged and disgusted by this individual’s behavior,” USC President C.L. Max Nikias said in a letter announcing the investigation and urging colleagues to cooperate fully.

Puliafito, 66, is a renowned eye surgeon. He led the Keck School of Medicine for nearly a decade before resigning his $1.1 million-a-year post in 2016. However, he remained on the Keck faculty and continued to represent the university at public events as recently as last weekend.

Repeated attempts by The Associated Press and the Times to reach Puliafito have been unsuccessful and he has not publicly commented on the allegations raised by the Times investigation.

The paper reported that three weeks before Puliafito’s resignation as dean, a 21-year-old woman had overdosed in his presence in a Pasadena hotel room. The woman was rushed to a hospital, where she recovered. Police found methamphetamine in the hotel room, according to a police report, but made no arrests.

The paper said it interviewed six people who said they used drugs with Puliafito and some captured their exploits in photos and videos shot in 2015 and 2016.

In one video, Puliafito uses a butane torch to heat a large glass pipe outfitted for methamphetamine use. He inhales and then unleashes a thick plume of white smoke. Seated next to him on a sofa, a young woman smokes heroin from a piece of heated foil.

Sarah Warren is the 21 year old prostitute that Puliafito allegedly often met in hotel rooms.


Read more at Rebel Circus.

7 thoughts on “USC Terminating Million Dollar a Year Med School Dean for Drug Use

      • I agree your commenters let you down on this one. Especially because the guy looks like a degenerate Jew. On weeekends many of your posters are away or busy.

      • I’m guessing he’s Italian, but there are Italian Jews. I’ve heard through the grapevine here locally about rich Mexican doctors who “party” like this guy. It may be best to avoid doctors since who knows how straight their minds are when they see you.

  1. Dartmouth arranged a meeting with the Chief of Medicine some years ago. Retired about 5 years later. My contact at Dartmouth told me he was a Manic-Depressive alcoholic before the meeting!!!!!!!

    Hesitated, but thought it should be OK. The meeting was at a local hotel lobby…hesitated some more, but went anyway.

    There he was sitting with drink in hand. First thing he did was yell at me for entering the wrong door of the lobby explaining he chose a seat next to the door he wanted me to enter. After three more drinks, and talking incessantly for 1 1/2 hours, unable to get a word in, he said he had to leave, shook my hand and left.

    The contact at Dartmouth called to ask how the meeting went. First, she said, “Let’s see, he drank himself silly, talked incessantly, and yelled at you. He’s untouchable!” “Right,” I answered.

    BTW, he’s Jewish!

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