Negro Climbs Through Nursing Home Window, Rapes 83 Year Old

Attention, Seattle. There’s a black monster on the loose. Call the police on every GODDAMNED Nigger that even remotely fits the description below.

The reality is that any random dindu you notify police about is probably wanted anyway, so why not.

Seattle Times

King County sheriff’s detectives are investigating a sexual assault and brutal attack of an 83-year-old woman whose assailant used an open window to get into her room at a SeaTac assisted-living facility, the Sheriff’s Office said Friday in a news release.

The assault occurred about 4:30 p.m. Thursday in the 21200 block of International Boulevard, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Fire Department, the woman suffered serious head injuries and showed signs of having been sexually assaulted, the release said. She was taken to the hospital.

The woman told police she was alone in her room, watching TV with the window open, when she heard a noise and saw a man remove the window screen and climb inside, the Sheriff’s Office said.

He went to where the woman was sitting, hit her several times on the side of the head, wrapped his hands around her throat and choked her before sexually assaulting her, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The man left through the window, the release said. Out of fear, the woman waited several minutes before screaming for help, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies responded and a police dog used to help search for the assailant, but no one was found.

The man was described as black, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a slender but strong build, wearing a black-and-white shirt, black pants and a black skull cap.

Anyone with information is asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at 206-296-3311. Tips can be made anonymously.

Segregation was implemented for a reason by our ancestors. With enough political will, we can resegregate.

Lynch mobs also formed for a reason. Today, we’ve been bullied into staying home and letting the “system” deal with the Negro problem. Our ancestors took matters into their own hands for good reasons.

8 thoughts on “Negro Climbs Through Nursing Home Window, Rapes 83 Year Old

  1. We need to get rid of the causes that allows this. Instead, the jews are getting ready to go full totalitarian against the people of the jewed “US”. Americans won’t allow it, but “their representatives” will.

    This may be off topic on another very important subject of continuing nigger malfeasance, but it’s important that people understand this and what it will mean, and that this is only the beginning for a very bad dream for America.

    “45 Senators Now Support Bill Criminalizing Boycott of Israel
    ACLU: Bill Directly Attacks Freedom of Speech”

    “S. 720 is a bill which is getting increasing bipartisan support in the US Senate. Also known as the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act,” the bill now has the support of 45 Senators, a number which is continuing to grow despite its overt hostility to freedom of speech.

    The bill starts as a condemnation of the United Nations for criticisms of Israeli policy, but quickly veers into matters of domestic US policy, criminalizing any US citizen “engaged in interstate or foreign commerce” holding any beliefs in support of a boycott of Israel.”

    • “It’s almost as though our government works for the interest of a hostile foreign parasite.

      The two primary sponsors of the bill are Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Rob Portman of Ohio. Perhaps the most shocking aspect is the punishment: Anyone guilty of violating the prohibitions will face a minimum civil penalty of $250,000 and a maximum criminal penalty of $1 million and 20 years in prison.

      Say Jews, I realize that it’s a complete mystery to you why it is that everyone all over the world at some point in time or another winds up hating you but let me go out on a limb here and suggest that perhaps it’s shit like this.”

    • Yes. “Ethnic cleansing” is the correct, nice and sanitary name for what needs to done, not just in the USA, but in all non-African countries. Africa needs to be sealed off, like the leper colony which it is.
      The population of Africa would fall by 80% in about twenty years if my advice were followed. No imports, no exports, and no return travel to Africa by anybody. All African diplomats booted back to Africa and kicked out of the United Non African Nations, UNAN. All blacks including USA Negroes are sent back to the African homeland. (Suddenly these ingrates love whites and are kicking and screaming to stay under “White Supremacy”).

      North Korean missiles are not the greatest danger to the world. The hyperactive cocks of African men are the most deadly missile ever known in the history of the world. Most people do not worry about demographic changes, except a few like me who see that nothing else matters.

      • Haha. Your comment reminds me of the feminist who wrote that the penis is the greatest weapon of mass destruction in history. She was talking about the white penis, of course.

  2. If diversity is good, why are whites not welcome to emigrate to say China or most African countries? China has accepted a tiny total of 1500 immigrants in a period of many years. Even Japan takes in about 9000 foreigners per year. My source for this was the (((Economist))).

    Why are black refugees not accepted in Israel, which is very close to the countries where blacks are running away? Why do distant countries like USA, Canada and Australia have to take even a single one of the criminal African blacks in?

    (((CNN))) says that 1 million scumbags were allowed in to the USA for ever in 2016. Even better….”Approximately 2.7 million undocumented immigrants were legalized under the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act”.

    This does not include births including anchor babies of two foreign parents. How many of those? More than half of all US babies born are tinted.

    I do not want to link to swine like CNN. The date was 2013/11/06 which is odd since the data goes to the end of 2016.

    • BTW, about the illegal 2.7 million legalised under Obama in 2016 – the 11 million illegal number hardy changed afterwards!

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