Muslim “Refugees” Tear Up Italian Neighborhood (Video)

Less than two and a half minutes of rioting. From the youtube information box:

Published on Jul 20, 2017

At some point all the similarities of destabilization to areas that have over populated with refugees from Islamic nations will have to be addressed. You’ve invited years of tribal wars to begin in your country.

Sample youtube comments:

Muslims are not really human so killing them isn’t a sin. They are just animals wearing human skin. Never forget that.

The absolute filth of humanity and you have let them colonise your country.

God damn they are retarded. What a depressing link to early primates…

Killing muslims is like killing cockroaches, it should be legal all over the world.

Are they looking for a goat to screw?

2 thoughts on “Muslim “Refugees” Tear Up Italian Neighborhood (Video)

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