Have A Laugh: Very Smart Street Beggar


It’s hard to tell but it looks like Christians are winning.

2 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Very Smart Street Beggar

  1. Very funny man but a fraudster. There is no way even one cent would be in the Jewish cup. (I am not criticising Jews by saying this, for once I agree with their attitude to scumbags like this guy). The Hindu cup looks real – one cent.
    “Weed smokers” has a stash of bucks – how many drug users would risk shoving money in there and then get busted? He might be an undercover cop, a Narc.

    I guess only Christians would fall for this malarkey. Give to greedy bastards until it hurts – then feel good about yourself.

    In Socialist Australia most beggar fraudsters make about $200 per half day (4 hours) tax free, when working in the largest cities. I say “working” intentionally. Begging is a craft and an art – not a desperate last act by a man down on his luck – as it might be in a poor country with no social welfare net. A lot of drug addicts use begging to buy drugs or booze. So do gooding pious saps are giving money to criminals and drug dealers! Plus, publicans and bookies.

    Never reward bad behaviour. Begging used to be a crime, and I would like it to be a crime once again. It is humiliating to live in a rich city full of tourists – with fake white beggars scamming them and making Sydney look like the Third World. White beggars even scam Chinks in Sydney suburbs which are heavily Chinked! Imagine what the parents say to their nervous children about the adult white turds – the parents always get the frightened Chink kid to put the money in the cup. “That is what will happen to you if you are a lazy piece of shit at school like these white derelicts”. I wish I was making this up.

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