Britain: Thug Cops Fine 5 Year Old Girl $200 for Illegal Lemonade Stand

There’s a worldwide epidemic of police thuggery intended to intimidate children into total obedience to the State.

The fine has been cancelled but the damage has been done. Kicking children around is despicable, but the (((globalists))) are intent on snuffing out the resistance. Children just might grow up to question authority and that can’t be allowed.


A five-year-old girl was fined £150 by a council for selling 50p cups of lemonade to festival goers.

The girl’s father Andre Spicer said his daughter had set up the stall in Mile End, east London, while thousands of music fans were on their way to the Lovebox Festival at the weekend.

Mr Spicer said his daughter burst into tears and told him “I’ve done a bad thing”.

Tower Hamlets Council has since cancelled the fine and apologised.

Mr Spicer said his daughter loved the idea of setting up a stall near their home.

“She just wanted to put a smile on people’s faces. She was really proud of herself,” he said.

“But after a small time trading, four enforcement officers walked over from the other side of the road.

“I was quite shocked. I thought that they would just tell us to pack up and go home.


Common sense fail
“But they turned on their mobile camera and began reading from a big script explaining that she did not have a trading licence.

“My daughter clung to me screaming ‘Daddy, Daddy, I’ve done a bad thing.’ She’s five.

“We were then issued a fine of £150. We packed up and walked home.”

A council spokesman said: “We are very sorry that this has happened. We expect our enforcement officers to show common sense and to use their powers sensibly.

“This clearly did not happen.

“The fine will be cancelled immediately and we have contacted Mr Spicer and his daughter to apologise.”

11 thoughts on “Britain: Thug Cops Fine 5 Year Old Girl $200 for Illegal Lemonade Stand

  1. Britain is now an outpost of Cuckistan. They arrest anyone who remotely offends their uber-PC sensibilities, bakers who refuse gay cakes, street preachers who offend the queers by merely being there, and now kids selling goodies on the street, while London is the centre of money-laundering and corruption, jihad and other immigrant crime.

    Just don’t mention their exotic pets or homegrown degenerates and you have a chance of flying beneath the radar, but obviously this kid has already gotten a dose of the New Brittania PC Plod rules.

  2. But if the little girl was being raped or killed and turned into kabob by muslims these scumbag cowards would be nowhere in sight.

  3. Tower Hamlets! Oh dear. Muslim central, one of the first places they conquered in London I believe, I wouldn’t mind finding out the ethnicity of the ‘enforcement’ officers.

  4. The parents are very lucky. Big Sister could have confiscated this girl – for ever- and said she was not being properly supervised by an adult guardian. After all, if the dad was there, why fine the 5 year old and not the dad?
    So the State could have grabbed the kiddy and forcibly sent her to a “loving” foster home or “loving” adoptive parents (lesbians). The kindly Govt Fascist women are known as the “Child Support Agency” or similar and have almost unlimited powers, with no appeal allowed – especially against biological fathers – like this dad. He could have been criminally charged with child neglect/abuse.

    Are Bobbies and Council Rangers unfamiliar with the fact that people under the age of 10 cannot commit crimes, including murder? So how could she be expected to pay such a fine? It would be hilarious if she had gone to court and presented her own defence, complete with serving lemonade to the magistrate, or judge and jury. Not much chance of any conviction, when, as I said – children under 10 in the British system cannot commit any crimes. What next, a huge fine for illegal parking of a kiddy tricycle on the footpath?

    BTW, the lemonade stand is a US tradition and not a British one (I think). It is too cold in England to need cold drinks. Even the beer is served at room temperature.

    Kirk “Beam me back to the 1960s Scotty, or let us go the through the Timelords Portal and go back to the 1930s USA. Before Joan Collins dies, this time I will marry her and shag her and who cares if the future is changed. It can not get any worse than Britain in 2017”.

  5. If only they were as efficient with antifa protestors; however, from those uniforms it looks like they’re friends; which answers that question why they aren’t!

      • If antifa are smart, they better not have a lemonade stand, or any other profit making venture! Destruction of property and cars is OK, and smashing in mens heads with bicycle locks and bricks – but making a few bucks without a legal permit is un American.
        Al Capone proved that. Killing (many times), illegal alcohol dealing, dope dealing, graft, bribery of cops and judges, corruption of elected public officials was all nonpunishable in the USA. But not paying income tax on his criminal profits – off to Alcatraz with you!

      • The rally is Unite the Right. See video made by Matt Heimbach. It’s exceptional. I’d go if I could.

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