Trump and Zuckerberg in Dead Heat for 2020 Election, Says Poll

Business Insider

A new survey pit Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg against President Donald Trump in a 2020 presidential contest, and the results showed a tight theoretical race.

The Tuesday poll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling found Zuckerberg, pegged in the survey as the Democratic presidential nominee, in a dead heat against Trump at 40% support each. The remaining 20% of respondents were unsure.

Zuckerberg won the support of 69% of voters who said they cast a ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and 9% of those who said they voted for Trump. On the flip side, Trump received the backing of 85% of Trump voters and 5% of Clinton voters in the matchup.

Zuckerberg’s favorability rating was found to be below water. Twenty-four percent of respondents held favorable views of Zuckerberg, while 29% viewed the Facebook billionaire unfavorably. Another 47% were unsure of their feelings toward Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, who is traveling across the US on a tour that has led many to believe he may be seeking a future in politics, has insisted that he is not taking a look at the presidency. He has said his nationwide tour is instead about getting “a broader perspective” on the country.

The Tuesday PPP poll surveyed 836 registered voters from Friday to Monday. The margin of error was 3.4 percentage points.

Here’s a funny related video that deserves more views. One minute.

13 thoughts on “Trump and Zuckerberg in Dead Heat for 2020 Election, Says Poll

  1. Hey!! Let’s make the jew that’s been spying on most of the country the president!! What could possibly go wrong?

    • Anyone that doesn’t know they’re every post and pic is being archived to be used again other later deserves whatever befalls them. I used to watch idiots call in sick to work and get fired for posting pics of themselves out having a blast. Yes, indeed. People are stupid.

      • Also you can not delete your FoolsBook account, ever. You can only suspend it. Everything there is kept for ever.
        FB has one snooping advantage for individuals. If you send an SMS, email, skype message, you do not know if it has been read. FB kindly tells the sender when or if it has been read. A lot of people hate this feature, as they are then busted for ignoring their so called “friend”.

        Never click that you “like” anything. If you do you will be bombarded with targeted Madison Avenue Shit. (MAS).

        Use a false name and DOB. Do not put in your school or real date of birth etc. Do not upload any photos. Use a fake main photo.

        Never accept any “friend” who you have not met. Make your account and photos private for friends only. That new “friend” may be the cops, spies, pedos, weirdos or your HR Dept.

        Do not join Feces Book, Whats App, Snap-chat, Viber is the best advice.

      • From that same link….Roosevelt also a kike…..

        “The Roosevelts were Jewish Dutch, arriving in NYC in 1682 (originally named Claes Rosenvelt before name change to Nicholas Roosevelt) Sarah Delano, FDR’s mother, was descended from Sephardic Jews.

        Joseph Stalin was originally named Joseph David Djugashvili (translating into “son of a Jew”.) As well, all 3 of the women he married were Jewish.

        Dwight Eisenhower’s father was a Swedish Jew and was so identified in the West Point Yearbook of 1915.”

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