NUTS! U.S. Navy Seals to Get First Women, Including One Trans “Woman”

American general Anthony McAuliffe replied “Nuts!” when the Germans requested that he and his troops surrender during the Battle of the Bulge.

“Nuts!” seems like a good response to feminists who demand that women serve in elite combat units in the American military. It also seems like a good reply to trannies who no longer have their nuts but also demand slots in high powered combat roles.

Even if standards are maintained, there are still problems with putting women into combat units. As to trannies, well that’s so ridiculous as to be cringeworthy.

One of the big problems is that too many men are White Knights at heart. They’re going to be distracted by having a female beside them in combat. They’re going to take unnecessary risks that they wouldn’t take if they were part of an all male unit.

Besides, women belong in traditional roles, which proved to the optimal arrangement for society for thousands of years. Countries whose military avoid gender politics are going to be at a distinct advantage should a hot war break out.

Excerpt from Military

More than a year after a mandate for the Pentagon opened previously closed ground combat and special operations jobs to women, officials say the Navy has its first female candidates for its most elite special warfare roles.

Two women were in boot camp as candidates for the Navy’s all-enlisted Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman program, Naval Special Warfare Center Deputy Commander Capt. Christian Dunbar told members of the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service in June.

Another woman, who sources say is a junior in an ROTC program at an unnamed college, has applied for a spot in the SEAL officer selection process for fiscal 2018, which begins Oct. 1, and is set to complete an early step in the pipeline, special operations assessment and selection, later this summer, he said.

Kristin Beck, pictured below, was retired from the SEALS when he made the transition. Prior to changing her name to Kristin, she was known as Christopher. “She” was still a he while in the military.

“That’s a three-week block of instruction,” Dunbar said. “Then the [prospective SEAL officer] will compete like everyone else, 160 [applicants] for only 100 spots.”

A spokesman for Naval Special Warfare Command, Capt. Jason Salata, confirmed to this week that a single female enlisted candidate remained in the training pipeline for Special Warfare Combatant Crewman, or SWCC. The accession pipeline for the job, he added, included several screening evaluations and then recruit training at the Navy’s Great Lakes, Illinois boot camp before Basic Underwater Demolition School training.

Salata also confirmed that a female midshipman is set to train with other future Naval officers in the SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection, or SOAS, course this summer.

“[SOAS] is part of the accession pipeline to become a SEAL and the performance of attendees this summer will be a factor for evaluation at the September SEAL Officer Selection Panel,” he said.

Because of operational security concerns, Salata said the Navy would not identify the candidates or provide updates on their progress in the selection pipeline. In special operations, where troops often guard their identities closely to keep a low profile on missions, public attention in the training pipeline could affect a candidate’s career.

It’s possible, however, that the first female member of these elite communities will come not from the outside, but from within. In October, a SWCC petty officer notified their chain-of-command that they identified as being transgender, Salata confirmed to

According to Navy policy guidance released last fall, a sailor must receive a doctor’s diagnosis of medical necessity and command approval to begin the gender transition process, which can take a variety of different forms, from counseling and hormone therapy to surgery. Sailors must also prove they can pass the physical standards and requirements of the gender to which they are transitioning.

These first female candidates represent a major milestone for the Navy, which has previously allowed women into every career field except the SEALs and SWCC community. A successful candidate would also break ground for military special operations.

Army officials said in January that a woman had graduated Ranger school and was on her way to joining the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, but no female soldier has made it through the selection process to any other Army special operations element. The Air Force and Marine Corps have also seen multiple female candidates for special operations, but have yet to announce a successful accession.

The two women now preparing to enter the Navy’s special operations training pipeline will have to overcome some of the most daunting attrition rates in any military training process

Dunbar said the SEALs, which graduate six Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL classes per year, have an average attrition rate of 73 to 75 percent, while the special boat operator community has an average attrition rate of 63 percent. The attrition rate for SEAL officers is significantly lower, though; according to the Navy’s 2015 implementation plan for women in special warfare, up to 65 percent of SEAL officer candidates successfully enter the community.

But by the time they make it to that final phase of training, candidates have already been weeded down ruthlessly. Navy officials assess prospective special warfare operators and special boat operators, ranking them by their scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, physical readiness test, special operations resiliency test, and a mental toughness exam. The highest-ranking candidates are then assessed into training, based on how many spots the Navy has available at that point.

“We assess right now that, with the small cohorts of females, we don’t really know what’s going to happen as far as expected attrition,” Dunbar, the Naval Special Warfare Center deputy commander, told DACOWITS in June.

10 thoughts on “NUTS! U.S. Navy Seals to Get First Women, Including One Trans “Woman”

  1. “Kristin Beck, pictured below, was retired from the SEALS when he made the transition. Prior to changing her name to Kristin, she was known as Christopher. “She” was still a he while in the military.”

    Am i the only one who finds this very weird? He seemed very manly in that picture, only to instantly go and change is gender to trans… Call it a conspiracy theory, but i think he was forced through an order or something else (brainwashing) to do it, just for the libtard agenda and degeneracy that’s pushed on us.

    • We had a career military man at the university. He was about 6 feet 5 inches and very manly. But he was transitioning. He wore an ill fitting wig and long dresses. His shoe size must have been 14 or bigger.

      He was the scariest “woman” you’d ever want to see. Since he was career military I think they were paying for his transition. I read in the paper a few years later that he was dead. His children praised his “courage” blah blah blah for transitioning. Weird!

      • Bizarrely, this seems surprisingly common among Military men (not every one obviously, but still more than you would expect). I doubt its been researched but anecdotally, it seems a bit disproportionate among the hyper-masculine. Nowhere left to go but down? Testosterone depletion? oestrogen mimicking chemical exposure in the biologically vulnerable? I still wonder about that. Opinions are no help when its explanations that are needed, but we’ll never get that because the wrong answer may be the correct one.

      • @ PB i read some time ago that there’s a lot of gay shit happening in the military. like some initiation rituals for rookies where they’re forced to suck cock or other things. that might be a reason why that happens. it’s enough for the military to put a bit more gay men in a squad that degeneracy like that is sure to happen.

        TBH what annoys me the most is that these fuckers have families. Yeah they’re degenerate, but at least if they didn’t have any children their sickness wouldn’t spread.

  2. I have been predicting this gloomy outcome on this site for a while now.

    Why get the best tall man for the job, when you can get a short average woman or below average LBGTQHIV nutcase? Why hire a tall strong white man when you can hire a black lesbian dwarf? (I am not joking with this one, it happens all the time these days).

    Why build a crack team when you can more easily build a team of crackpots?

    The beauty of warfare is that the strongest side wins – even if strength means cunning, lying and deception like those midget Mongols. They were very hardy and invaded cold places during winter and crossed multiple frozen rivers and lakes. Think about that – they invaded Moscow in winter 700 years ago when soft cock 1941 Germans could not do so, because their “winter clothes were not suitable” or some such horseshit? Germany can build rockets in WWII but not good winter uniforms? Why is this German WWII propaganda lie still believed?

    Mongolia (4639 km) is three times further from Moscow than Berlin (1609 km). Mongols had no motors or transport of any kind, only the mares they rode. The good guys, who lost, rode male stallions.

    • Paladin wrote ” They’re going to be distracted by having a female beside them in combat.’
      Might the stallions of the Russian Knights have been distracted by the Mongol Mares during combat?
      The Mongols won for 150 years or so and got tribute form Moscow and occupied Kiev.

  3. Jeeeezzzzzuuuzzzz! A trannie Navy Seal? Zuckerberg for president? Jesus shows no signs of returning as he promised; we’re up shit creek without a paddle. “Dear Mr Putin Please consider carpet H-Bombing the US. Think of it as mercy killing.”

    Maybe the shadow gubmint is taking the old saying “hell hath no fury like a spurned woman” to heart

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