Missing Danielle Stislicki Believed Dead, Police Name Negro Security Guard as Person of Interest, Mudshark Wife Uncooperative


Police have been searching everywhere for the body of pretty Danielle Stislicki, but have come up empty so far. If her killer dumped her in the river, she may never be found, which will make prosecuting Floyd Galloway, Jr., the person of interest in the case, more difficult.

Floyd is being held on attempted rape charges that involve another woman. Danielle had the misfortune to work at an office where Floyd was a security guard. His job included walking women employees to their cars after dark.

Floyd’s white wife certainly attests to his interest in white women, as does his alleged sex attack on a park jogger.

And so if this case goes down as expected, another white woman has had her life snuffed out by a worthless ape.

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BERKLEY, Mich. – Livonia police officers searched the home of the person of interest in Danielle Stislicki’s disappearance in connection with a sexual assault case at Hines Park, the Local 4 Defenders learned.

A heavy police presence gathered at Floyd Galloway’s Berkley home on Oxford Street with a search warrant in hand. They have a list of what they’re looking for, but can’t say exactly what because the warrant is sealed.

Sources told the Defenders that there were certain items they wanted to find in relation to the attack of a woman who was jogging on Sept. 4, 2016, in Hines Park.

Galloway is accused of wrapping his arms around the jogger’s neck and striking her on the side of her face. She struggled with him as he attempted to drag her toward the Rouge River.

Police said Galloway tried to remove her clothing and told her that he wanted to have sex with her.

The woman was able to fight him off and run away. She flagged down a motorist and used his phone to call police. Officers weren’t able to find the attempted rapist, but an artist’s sketch led to Galloway being taken into custody.

Galloway was arrested June 27, and police named him a person of interest in Stislicki’s disappearance.

On Thursday, police executed the search warrant at Galloway’s house and when they went inside, the house was cleared out. The home was empty with a home surveillance system left.

After they searched Galloway’s home in Berkley, police headed to a house in Royal Oak, where Galloway had lived with his wife and her mother the past few months. The home is on Benjamin Avenue.


There was no answer when the Local 4 Defenders went to the home, but police asked Galloway’s wife for other items they were searching for and she gave them to officers.

Sources told the Defenders they were described as “items of potential interest.”

Overall, police described Galloway’s wife as “pretty uncooperative.” She was contacted when they arrived at the Berkley home, and told her they could bust down the door or she could let them in. She let them in and then led them to the Royal Oak home, where she handed over the items police were looking for.

She still stands in support of her husband.

Police confiscated items at the Royal Oak home of Floyd Galloway’s mother-in-law.

Witnesses said police took items out of Galloway’s wife’s car near the passenger seat.

Livonia police said everything will be laid out Aug. 1 when Galloway is in court for a preliminary exam.

The Berkley home had been searched before by Farmington Hills police in connection with Stislicki’s disappearance, and officers removed a mattress, floorboards and a car from the home.

People naturally trust a security guard because of the uniform. First in Minneapolis and now in Michigan, we see that you can’t trust a Nigger in a uniform. Thus, we repeat the mantra: Avoid the groid. Around blacks, never relax.

15 thoughts on “Missing Danielle Stislicki Believed Dead, Police Name Negro Security Guard as Person of Interest, Mudshark Wife Uncooperative

  1. All the mudsharks of this world should come and pay a visit to PJ’s blog, only then they would realise just dangerous the bbc’s really are. Oh, and how did the move go PJ, did you use the Racial Dot Map for choosing the Right WT place?

    • Thanks for asking about the moving. I didn’t actually change locations. I just had a lot of stuff to move into storage from the small apt where I live. It was exhausting. I am hoping to move to my house later this year and I did use the racial dot map. There’s not a black or Hispanic living within 10 miles. There is one Asian a mile or two away but Asians aren’t dangerous.

      Anyway, I hope our women readers here gently warn other women about the dangers of being around the black male. There are several more pics of his mudshark wife on the web. She’s reasonably attractive but no white man will have her now.

  2. “His job included walking women employees to their cars after dark.”
    These women would have been safer not being escorted by a rapist Coon. How did this man pass all the security and character tests?
    Was he immediately suspended from his job when he became a “person of interest” to the police in attacks on females?

    It seems that women jogging alone in the USA are not much safer than in say Pakistan or Afghanistan or Africa.
    When I still had a TV, I saw a short news item about a charity trying to reduce rapes of black schoolgirls walking to and from school, in Africa. The plan was to give them bicycles. Then a three hour trip each way would be about 30 minutes or less, and the do gooders figured the rape numbers would fall. Maybe bicycle stealing went up and rapes stayed the same. Very likely I fear.

  3. Just watched – The Fall of South Africa | Simon Roche and Stefan Molyneux – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rASKrisLXS4 – and already pissed with what Roche presented, now I am pleased to “enjoy” what happened here. Mr. Roche said that some 78,000 White farmers had been killed on the most brutal ways, and still Afrikaners are not reacting.

    Question for Trillion US$ would be – how many Black on White victims would take that White TRADITIONAL America would rise and commence Racial House Cleaning … of course, Lefturds should be first taken “care” off

    • Don’t take that guy seriously, he’s doing the rounds but he used to work for the ANC and he’s not trustworthy according to my south African friends. He’s basically telling people to quit and get out rather than fight back, he’s also into the van reins berg prophesies which are basically nonsense. Roche is not legit in my opinion.

      • I don’t understand what’s your point … Roche alone said he was working for ANC … and whatever he said about SA had been anyway based on the FACTS brought to the lite by Jan Lamprecht … and that guy has CREDIBILITY!

        The Fact is that Niggerised SA is in an ongoing process to GENOCIDE remaining Whites there. Apartheid had never been about Black Genocide; it was just about segregation, which is the ONLY logical mode of life in a Multi-Racial state.

        If it would ever come to a decisive turn point in SA, part of Black population should be reduced by resettling to other parts of Africa, other part SEPARATED from Whites and left on their own, which is the only logical solution to existing problem. Also, special “care” should be taken with RICH White Elite Traitors that abandoned White countrymen for own greedy and stupid interests. In Racial conflicts there are no partial interests, there is ONLY ONE interest, the one of your own Race.

        In the case of Euro-civilization in general, the ONLY ENEMIES are Globalists and their Lefty poltroons. I would vote for their TOTAL EXTERMINATION, which might be even over hundred million. When you are cleaning a contaminated house it has to be thorough … very thorough … you have to scrap the darkest corners … and disinfect them.

      • Also – bad cops good cops … nothing new … it is as it is … THE PROBLEM is SOMALI MUSLIM cops in the already Multi-Racially fucked-up US.

      • That father and son relationship looks kinda sodomite to me, in fact their chubby friend in the red top looks even more bent. This is a false flag to demonise cops and guns, does anyone remember the Port Arthur shootings in Tasmania? I believe that was the template for the gun restriction false flag, check it out if you have time.

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