Lesbian Police Chief Breaks Silence on Justine Damond Murder: “Justine didn’t have to die”


“Justine didn’t have to die.”

No sh*t, Sherlock.

I’m sure it’s brilliant observations like that one that caused Minneapolis to make Janee Harteau its police chief.

Harteau spoke after finally making it back from her vacation.

And so now the public has gotten to hear her absolute bull**** response to the murder of Australia’s Justine Damond by a Muslim cop from Somalia–another AA hire.

Nothing less than an indictment for first-degree murder is acceptable. If a white cop had shot and killed a Negro thug in the manner in which Mohammed Noor killed Justine, that indictment would already have been issued.

Let’s keep the pressure on Minneapolis and let’s hope that Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull is still working to get answers.

CBS News

MINNEAPOLIS — Five days after the police shooting of Justine Damond in south Minneapolis, Police Chief Janee Harteau spoke publicly for the first time, CBS Minnesota reports.

Harteau has been out of town since Saturday’s shooting, but returned to work on Thursday.

The Australian native was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer Saturday night, after she called police to get help for a woman she thought was being attacked in an alley near her home. She then dialed 911 to make sure authorities were responding to the correct address, CBS Minnesota reports. Damond was shot as she came up to the squad’s driver side window, by Officer Mohamed Noor.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) is conducting the investigation. Harteau said she’s asked that the process be expedited to provide transparency.

Harteau has been under growing pressure to speak out about her department’s officer involved shooting, with some in community questioning why she wouldn’t cut her vacation short and return with answers. Harteau addressed reporters just after 5 p.m., saying she was backpacking in the mountains, making it very difficult to return sooner. She said she had spoken with Damond’s fiance Don on Thursday morning.

Though she defended Noor’s training, Harteau says the shooting “did not have to happen” and that Noor’s actions “go against who we are in the department.”

“Justine didn’t have to die. Based on the BCA information, this should not have happened. We’re talking about the actions of one individual,” Harteau said.

Harteau also said the body cameras, which were not on at the time of the shooting, should have been activated. Likewise, squad car cameras did not capture what happened.

Noor’s partner, Matthew Harrity, told investigators that he and Noor heard a loud noise immediately before Damond approached the squad car.

The police chief was told by Damond’s fiance that people are scared to call 911 following the deadly incident, CBS News’ Jamie Yuccas reports.

The police chief is working to regain the community’s trust at this point and the chief reassured Damond’s family that she will do everything in her power to make sure justice is served for Damond, Yuccas reports.

Noor has been on the force for 21 months, while Harrity has been an officer for one year.

Damond, 40, was a yoga teacher and meditation instructor. Originally from Australia, she was slated to be married next month.

Earlier this week, Harteau called Damond’s death “clearly tragic.” She said that she, like the rest of the public, was awaiting answers as to what happened Saturday night.

CBS Minnesota also obtained a statement from Noor’s attorney, Tom Plunkett. He says Noor has no plans to talk with investigators.

Noor could still be forced to if police ordered a “garrity” — where an employee can be ordered to give a statement.

Plunkett said he will ask for a coroner’s report from an outside lab on Damond.

Why order Noor to talk. He’s going to lie anyway. We’s spent a lot of time commenting here and we have it pretty well figured out. You can bet the politicians in Minneapolis do too, but it just wouldn’t be politically correct to charge a Nigger from Somalia with murder.

But we’re stronger than they are and we’re not letting go.

8 thoughts on “Lesbian Police Chief Breaks Silence on Justine Damond Murder: “Justine didn’t have to die”

  1. “Though she defended Noor’s training, Harteau says the shooting “did not have to happen” and that Noor’s actions “go against who we are in the department.””

    There’s that old ‘that’s not who we are’ drivel again. She looks rather comical in a male uniform with a badge.

    No Janee, that’s not who you are. You are an idiotic, liberal AA sinecure appointee in a position of responsibility who foolishly believes in employing low IQ, inept, childlike, and irresponsible AA imported Somali savages that can’t wait to play with the pop gun that you put in their hands at the taxpayer’s expense. That’s who you are.

  2. “after she called police to get help for a woman she thought was being attacked in an alley near her home.”
    Was this one of those car alarms? If yes, such alarms should be banned nationwide.

    Why on earth did she walk to an alley where she thought a woman was being attacked? Did she think she could fight one or more black men and win? Was she holding a legal gun in her hand? If yes, that is why she got shot, especially if she moved that hand even a tiny bit.

    No women should run to the aid of a stranger in distress apparently being attacked by a man or men. Unless she is armed and reckless. Anyone that calls the police should let them do the dangerous job. Stay inside the house with the chain on the door and do not remove it for the cops. Talk to them through the crack in the partly opened door. Do not invite them in, unless you have had a home invasion, assault burglary or other Cooning experience. Offer to make a stamen the next day at the police station.

    Women can scream loudly, that may stop an assault and save somebody. She could have opened her window and screamed like this.

    If a male hero “good Samaritan” chump wants to get involved fighting criminals that is his choice. He will either be killed or end up in jail, he will never get a medal. But no female should do this in my opinion – except to defend people she actually knows and loves like her own children.

    • But she was probably a typically naive Australian with courage sourced from stupidity and complacency about her place in the world. I think most American women have better survival instincts by now (Mudsharks excepted). It still hasn’t occurred to most Australians what is happening to their country and lifestyle. They are still imbued with that untouchable “Lucky Country” crap they indoctrinate us with.

      • Yes PB you are right. Australia is a safe country and even Sydney has a very low murder rate. Plus a high clean up rate. Kidnappings are very rare and almost always the crooks are caught. Every kidnapping gets hundreds of police assigned to the case. I read recently that England – with unarmed police – did not have a single kidnapping for one hundred years, until recently. US citizens living in the free fire zone would find such a stat hard to believe.
        So all Aussie 40 year olds have grown up thinking they are safe, and also that they can trust the police to help them. Most cops are still white in Australia – like the armed forces.
        This womans death may be evidence that meditation is of no use in the real world (jungle) and may even be harmful.

  3. In the Soviet Union and now Eastern Europe, people rarely call the cops. It is dangerous to get involved with the cops. People know that the Govt is not their friend.

    In San Francisco about 1980, my father and his wife heard several pops from their hotel room. They leaned that a security guard had caught two robbers and shot them dead. When the cops arrived, they shot the security guard dead. That security guard may have been holding his gun when the cops he called arrived. Maybe he did not call them but an alarm did. So they thought he was a robber. Maybe the cops heard the shooting, or even saw it.

    Nighttime in the USA big cities is a good time to be indoors.

  4. I am still awaiting for charges to be laid-out. Interestingly enough, Justine’s family is now being represented by Bob Bennett, who also represented philando castille, hmm…

  5. Was she Jewish? We know she was a womens activist and a feminist. Did they know each other? Was this a Jew versus Muslim thing?

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