Famed O. J. Lawyer F. Lee Bailey Disbarred, Broke, Living Above Hair Salon in Maine


When you buck the system as often as F. Lee Bailey, the system is going to exact its pound of flesh. Bailey is a bit of a shady character perhaps, but he’s also proven to be an asset to those who hired him to defend them. That would include O. J. Simpson.


Johnnie Cochran is dead.

Marcia Clark writes murder mysteries.

Judge Lance Ito is retired.

Kato Kaelin tweets a lot.

And F. Lee Bailey, the famed criminal defense attorney, is flat broke.

On Thursday, O.J. Simpson – the NFL icon who brought them together more than two decades ago – will be in court for a parole hearing on a Nevada robbery conviction. But of all the characters who played a role in Simpson’s unforgettable acquittal for the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, no one’s life has changed as dramatically as Bailey’s.

By changed, we mean cratered.

Bailey joined Simpson’s defense team with a courtroom résumé that even Perry Mason would be jealous of. Bailey got neurosurgeon Sam Sheppard a new trial on charges he brutally killed his wife – and a not-guilty verdict. He defended fugitive newspaper heiress Patty Hearst, the “Boston Strangler” and scores of other accused murderers. He was rich, flew on private jets and even played himself in a movie.

Today he lives with a hairstylist in Maine. At 83, he works above her salon.

“I won’t say it’s depressing, because I don’t think I ever get depressed,” Bailey told writer Andrew Goldman in a remarkable profile this month in Town & Country magazine.

The story details Bailey’s life post-O.J. – not just his remarkable fall but also his steadfast belief that a Los Angeles jury reached the correct verdict in acquitting the actor and Hertz pitchman of killing Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Last year, Bailey filed for bankruptcy after a string of scandals inside and outside the courtroom left him disbarred and shamed. He was accused of misappropriating funds from his defense of an alleged drug dealer.

Here’s what he had left: a 1999 Mercedes station wagon (gold, of course).

Unable to practice law, Bailey runs a consulting business above the salon. His office is decorated with models of jets he once owned. But to the fine people of Yarmouth, Maine, Bailey is still famous, a courtroom legend in their midst.

The Town & Country writer had lunch there with Bailey, who ordered a pinot grigio:

Bailey tried to return to the courtroom, but he has been turned down, even after passing the bar exam not long ago in Maine. His old lawyer pals, including Alan Dershowitz, have a not-so-complicated legal theory about why.


“Without a doubt,” Dershowitz told Town & Country. “I think it was a major factor in the vindictive way in which he’s been treated.”

Bailey won’t object to that one.

“People at every level, judges on down, pointed the finger and said, ‘If you hadn’t prostituted your talents for this guy, he would have gone to jail,’ ” he told Town & Country.

10 thoughts on “Famed O. J. Lawyer F. Lee Bailey Disbarred, Broke, Living Above Hair Salon in Maine

  1. (((Dershowitz))) play the race card! Wasn’t Dershowitz also on O.Js team, and yet we are still hearing from his Lolita Island pickle puss! Don’t forget about Robert Kardashian,also a lawyer and best friend of the Juicer OJ ..has also died from cancer (now we are subject to his idiot family and tranny) I will never forget the look Kardashian (standing next to OJ) gave when the verdict of not guilty was announced! Look it up if you didn’t pay attention..it was like he looked at OJ ..then said to himself “WTF…are you kidding me!” To me, it seemed Kardashian was sure his buddy would be found guilty..but no, race card prevailed..Kardashian was more shocked then OJ at the verdict!

    • When the Juice is turned loose, I hope he gets in trouble again real fast and ends up where he belongs.

      If Bailey really thinks O. J. is innocent, then I would say that his years of being a lawyer have left his brain addled.

      • What about the other members of the Dream Team? Are they not culpable?

  2. Maybe the Juice did not do it? Maybe Goldman killed Nicole in a jealous rage and the Juice showed up and killed Goldman?

    We were not there. We do not know. Was not Jack the Ripper a sadist and a polish Jew?

    Blacks are not the only sadists

  3. He deserves to be mocked for making and then losing all that money. Other than that he’s drawing SS and Medicare and living with someone apparently still making a living, how is he worse off than millions of others.

  4. No good deed for a negro goes unpunished. All of OJ’s lawyers were publicity hounds looking to make bank and fame off of his case. All of them were soon dead or forgotten.

  5. Top photo is interesting. There is only one white man in this photo taken in California, twenty years ago. I looked up all the big defence names yesterday and had thought that Cochran was a Scot. How did a nigger get a Scottish name?

    “He was accused of misappropriating funds from his defence of an alleged drug dealer.” All lawyers misappropriate their client funds, pretty much every client, only the amount varies. Lawyers are much less trained than doctors and dentists but charge twice as much. The Law is a Racket. Especially in the Jew SA.

    A criminal trial does not prove innocence, or guilt, or reveal all the truth. Instead it proves only whether the evidence is sufficient to convict the accused. Most people do not know that. Juries can choose to let innocent people go to jail, or guilty people like OJ walk free. Especially if the jury are racist nig nogs, or paid bribes by gangster lawyers. Or intimidated by gangsters – the USA has a long history of juries being fixed. Only one or two jurors need to be nobbled by threats or bribed to cause a mistrial.

  6. In the lineup of main players listed at the top, SF Gate left out Mark Fuhrman.

    That OJ saga ate up a good 1-2 years of my life, like a cliffhanger soap opera, back when I was still a duped TV watcher.

    I remember well the Kardashian look. It was as if he instantly became overwhelmed by extreme nausea at the reading of the verdict.

    It’s a look you never forget, similar to the GWB smirk in the classroom the morning of 911.

    I’m also open to the fact the OJ saga could have been a “Made for TV” fake scandal.

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