Canine Officer Dies in Hot Car Because of Handler’s Negligence


Although it’s heartbreaking to post the stories of dogs left to die in hot cars, I do so to remind everyone to be alert for the presence of dogs inside cars until the weather cools off this fall.

Daily Mail

A sheriff’s deputy in Utah has been charged with recklessly causing the death of his patrol dog after he left the K-9 in his patrol car in soaring heat.

Cache County sheriff’s deputy Jason Whittier, 36, accidentally left his K-9, Endy, in his vehicle when he got home from work around noon on July 3.

When Whittier returned home at 11.30pm, he realized that Endy was not in his outside kennel and found him instead in his vehicle, dead.

Some people are too stupid to be trusted with a dog!

Whittier has been charged in First District Court with aggravated cruelty to an animal, a class B misdemeanor that could lead to a $1,000 and up to six months in jail if convicted.

‘Deputy Whittier then left his residence to participate in family activities, inexplicably leaving Endy in his patrol truck,’ charges from the Cache County Attorney’s Office state, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Endy died of a heat stroke on July 3, when temperatures reached 95 degrees.

Sheriff Chad Jensen said on Tuesday that Whittier was distracted when he went inside his home.

The pooch, an 8-year-old Belgian Malinois, had already died by the time Whitter found him.

Jensen said Whittier immediately contacted his division commander and was placed on administrative leave as an internal investigation took place.

The investigation found the officer violated the department’s policies and procedures.

Whittier was placed on leave without pay and will be reassigned away from the K-9 unit.

Comments at the Daily Mail suggest locking Whittier up in a hot car to die. If that were the punishment, all of the dead police dog stories that I see would come to a screeching halt. Severe punishment is a deterrent.

9 thoughts on “Canine Officer Dies in Hot Car Because of Handler’s Negligence

  1. The major impact of resisting racial profiling has been an open pathway for borderline incompetent men and women in positions of authority in our world. We need the ability for teaching people with photos and videos the modus operandi of goons, loons and just mentally challenged people in all walks of life, when given power going really nuts and needing to be stopped and assisted to the nervous hospital nearest their homes.

  2. He gets leave without pay, whereas the nog who shot the aus woman gets leave with pay. What gives? A dog’s worth more than a white woman in the US of today?

    • The ISIS member may yet get a Dynamite Prize in Stockholm, or a Congressional Medal of Dishonor. Maybe (((Time Magazine))) Man Of The Year, 2017.
      No bad deed goes unrewarded.

  3. How could anyone living in Utah make this mistake? Also, at noontime in Summer?

    ” temperatures reached 95 degrees.” Inside the truck if in the sun would be 120F degrees and above. Maybe 140F or more if the windows were up.

  4. accidentally left his K-9, Endy, in his vehicle when he got home from work around noon on July 3.

    One might expect he was involved in an emergency call trying to catch someone, but he went home and forgot the dog in car????? Come on! He isn’t qualified to have a police dog!

    Sorry, too much of this has been occurring! Can anyone imagine the hell this dog went through? Unforgivable! I hope he’s tortured by this neglect the rest of his life, but I doubt he will. Probably, will be assigned another dog!

    In my opinion, this is murder!

  5. I love my dog too much to ever leave him that way. Today I took him out for his run and I made sure he had plenty of cool water.

    A good dog is worth the world.

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