White Men Build Things: Building a Highway (1948 Educational Film)

10 minutes. I’ll bet you never knew that so much organization and science went into building a highway. Fascinating. I don’t know that we do any better today than was done in 1948. I enjoyed watching this nostalgic look back in time. Maybe you will too.

Youtube title: Building A Highway – 1948 Educational Documentary – WDTVLIVE42

Published on Jul 18, 2017

Encyclopaedia Britannica Films shows us how highways were built in the 1940’s. Shows surveying, earthworks, laying of the concrete pavement.

WDTVLIVE42 – Transport, technology, and general interest movies from the past – newsreels, documentaries & publicity films from my archives.

8 thoughts on “White Men Build Things: Building a Highway (1948 Educational Film)

  1. Interesting factoid. My home in Florida is on a street that is paved with brick. The road was built generations ago and will be there a thousand years from now. Many old roads in the south and northeast were laid down with brick and still holding up strong. Too bad that subdivision and smaller municipal roads can not be laid with brick. They never need maintenance.

    • Old St. Augustine is the only place I can think of where I’ve seen the narrow red brick roads. Maybe Key West, too? another old time cute little place (until the homos took over).

      Red brick is beautiful. on roads, houses, fireplaces. And horses trotting on brick is a great sound. 🙂

      Thanks for the education, guys, above & below comments, & video!


      Maybe it was in the 1990s when I saw a PBS documentary re the Interstate system. It was also fascinating even though it focused too much on “Lady Bird Johnson” & her “Beautification” of the Interstate system.

  2. Scotsman inventor – as usual – 200 years ago, White Man. John Macadam.
    From Brittanica, not turdpedia…..
    “Macadamization of roads did much to facilitate travel and communication. The process was quickly adopted in other countries, notably the United States.”

    Also many Roman roads built 2000 years ago are still in use. Like MacAdam, they knew it was important for the road to be raised to prevent rain and flood damage. In England most of these Roman roads are still named the “High Street”.

  3. White men may build things, highways & houses, but resident & non-resident foreigners, yellow, tinted, white, are buying up the houses.

    Chinese top the list, buying mostly in Calif.

    Canadians are second, buying mostly in FLA.

    UK folks are third.

    Mexicans are fourth, buying mostly in TX.

    East Indians are fifth.

    Good article here by one of Makow’s repeat-contributors re Americans being priced out of home ownership by foreigners of all colors:


  4. In the 1960s a Jew bashed a six-lane interstate highway through my neighborhood.

    There were many places it could have gone in our city/corridor.

    He and his henchmen chose the last remaining neighborhoods where white working class people lived.

    The burned over black ghettos STILL sit there undeveloped. The blacks are worse and worse, which never seems possible but always somehow happens.

    We were “lucky” since we didn’t lose our 700-square-foot row house, like hundreds of our neighbors did. We were people who had long histories together in that city. We knew each others’ grandfather’s and great grandfather’s stories.

    That is why the Jew chose our neighborhood to demolish and pave. To break it. To destroy our common place. Our history.

    Until I could get my family out of there–which took many years and crushingly hard work–it was hell living there. Stink and noise. The death of the Scouts, the Boys Club, the veterans club, several small businesses, half a dozen playgrounds, countless tiny gardens, and our neighborhood baseball team. Ugly–the pollution killed all the trees. Glaring highway lights. No more night. No more stars.

    I cannot celebrate highway building. Just can’t.

    • Wow, heartbreaking story. Good to know the other side!

      I was too young to remember, but family stories say when the DOT built new/early I-10, they put it smack dab in front of grandparents’ house which nearly caused grandmother to have a nervous breakdown over it. They did eventually move but that had been their “lifetime house.”

      Progress is not always what it is cracked up to be.

    • Good point Justa Reader. In the 1950s the US oil and tyre companies conspired with corrupt Govts to destroy the urban Los Angeles public transport system. This forced everybody to use the roads, more profit for the conspirators. This has no doubt happened across the USA, leaving a wasteland of wide roads and car parks.

      In the USA, the private car is God. Never mind gun confiscation. Try to confiscate private cars. Where in the Constitution is the right to own a private carriage enshrined?

      How about a buyback scheme for all private cars with Automatic Transmission? Or 4WDs in urban areas?
      After all, in the wrong hands, these weapons kill!

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