Son of Obama Refuses to Serve White Cop in McDonald’s AFTER He Had Paid


Several comments at the Daily Mail claim this story is a hoax. They are either shilling for the Negroid race or they are morons.

No one who has lived around blacks would deny their racism and hatred of police.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The wife of a Virginia cop claims her husband was denied service when he tried to buy a meal while in uniform on the way home after a shift.

Cathy Naff said her husband, Scott, went to the fast-food store on Parham Road in Henrico at the end of a 13-hour shift last Thursday, and what allegedly happened next left her ‘completely shocked’.

‘He was in uniform and his police vehicle. He paid for his food and drove forward to the next window. The young man who was working that window looked at him and backed away from the window mouthing something to my husband,’ Naff wrote on Facebook.

‘The guy proceeded to tell everyone in McDonald’s, including the manager, that he was not going to serve the police.’

She continued: ‘The employees stared at my husband trying to figure out what they should do….. after all he had paid for his food but no one wanted to give it to him.

‘Finally one guy brought it over to him without a single word.’

Naff went on to say another diner in the store saw her husband – who works with the Game and Inland Fisheries department – and ran up to his as he was driving away and said he had ‘never seen anything like’ what allegedly happened.


McDonald’s will not be specific, but the restaurant claims to have dealt with the situation appropriately.

I hope the officer checked for spit and/or fecal matter in his food before eating it.

10 thoughts on “Son of Obama Refuses to Serve White Cop in McDonald’s AFTER He Had Paid

  1. Back in the day before my “racial awakening” I used to eat at 5 Guys outside of Atlanta of all places. The 5 Guys burger joint has a very simple ordering system. What you want on your burger are all right on a slip of paper right in front of every line worker. I can’t tell you how many times I got home, unwrapped my burger, to find that they screwed up my order. I swear………… seemed like every single time. I would call the head office and of course I always spoke to a white person and they would always give me credit. But after about the 5 time I just gave up and stopped eating there. It was truly embarrassing.

    Just last week I flew to Houston to pick up a puppy. By the time I got to my hotel it was 11pm and I hadn’t eaten all day. So I went to Jack in the Box. It was the only place open and I couldn’t get out of my car as I had a 9 week old puppy. Holy Cow!!! First off, there was a line of about 8 cars in the drive thru. Took about 15 minutes just to order. After I ordered, the line just sat there. Several cars were fed up and pulled out. I get up to the window and all hell is breaking inside. There is ONE black girl running around doing everything and 2 black guys are leaning up against the wall drinking their big gulps. The trash can just outside the drive thru was over flowing with trash and trash strewn all over the drive-way. I got home and threw the entire bag into the trash.

    When people say to me, “All Races are Equal” I now say, “Your lying eyes!!!”

    PS…….Houston was a total disgrace! Out of 10 radio stations, 5 of them were Mexican. I had to drive 60 miles outside of Houston to see a white person again.

  2. Back when I was working a day job and a part-time night job, I drove through a McDonald”s going from one job to the other. At the pick-up window I handed the Nog the cash (whole dollar) and he then just stood there and stared open-mouthed and dumb-founded at the open cash drawer. It dawned on me that, although the system calculated the change, the Nog didn’t know how to count it. Finally, in a flash of simian brilliance, he counted out four dimes and two pennies. One quarter plus one dime plus one nickle plus two pennies was beyond his poor power to add or detract.

  3. Although, I know they aren’t all bad, but online we hear nothing but bad, it warps our perception at times, but my eyes were reopened today with the experience I had with a Comcast technician who came to my house to replace a bad splitter and upgrade all the boxes with their new ones. I would have cancelled the appointment if he had a foreign accent or his name was Mohammed. It is Andrew, a very common name. He arrived right on the nose, 12 noon, as promised.

    I knew he was black when he called to tell me he was out front, but it would be a few minutes because he had to check in with his boss. Then apologized for making me wait a few minutes. I began to worry…me here all alone with a black male. Years ago I wouldn’t have worried, but all the bad stuff going on, who knows. He was the first black from Comcast or any repair or delivery service ever to come here.

    He wasn’t happy when he came in, not sure what to think other than I thought I’d have to call Comcast afterwards to clean up the mess he caused. Or, he wasn’t happy to service another house owned by Whites.

    He had problems finding the splitter because our cable is underground, set up in such a way, several houses are serviced by connections to an above ground box, so he had to walk down the street to find the box. Unfortunately, there was no evidence where the cable came into the house. Nor none in the basement. It was 94 with very high humidity here today and I could see he was in great distress from the heat. After spending about 20 minutes out there with him, I went inside. The heat and humidity began bothering me. After about 20-30 more minutes outside in the heat looking for the splitter, he told me he found and replaced it and a bad wire going into the ground that had a 1 inch slice in it. He was in such distress from the heat, not looking well at all, he told me he had worked two hours at a house without air conditioning that was hotter than outside, before he arrived here. I gave him a towel and a cold drink since he was sweating profusely. Even though the house was cool, I turned on the ceiling fans. Didn’t want him to suffer from heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke.

    His mood changed after being in the cooled house for awhile, becoming friendly and talkative.

    I showed him the TV sets where boxes needed to be upgraded. To my surprise, he was very organized telling me everything he was doing. While he was changing the boxes, he explained what changes I’d find in the new boxes and how the new voice remotes worked. He asked me if my internet modem worked and told him I kept losing my connection, but Comcast blamed it on Microsoft and Microsoft blamed Comcast. Although, this call didn’t include replacing the modem, he did and connected my WIFI. Then he wanted me to test websites that had many pictures to see if they loaded faster. Much faster, I said. He told me two lights on the modem would constantly blink unlike the old modem. The old modem would blink if connection was lost. Telling things like this cuts down on calls to Comcast afterwards. I point that out to draw attention to the detail in everything he did.

    I asked him how he learned all this. He said Comcast sent him to 3 months technician school and learned from experience. He went to college, then began working for Comcast at age 22 and really likes it because he likes the technical aspects of it and likes to meet people. He’s 30.

    In the meantime, while he was connecting the boxes, he talked about his wife having a baby and hoped it would be a girl since he has 2 boys, he only has brothers who have all boys, but his wife only 2 months, too early to find out what gender the baby is. The way he talked, it was obvious his children are very important to him. He did say he doesn’t know what it is to be poor since he grew up in a middle class family. He works overtime for Comcast, and teaches sports at a local community college at night to make more money. Then said, my wife has been good about me working all this overtime since we want to buy a new house.

    Throughout the time here, he kept cleaning up after himself saying his mother made him do that all the time…then he chuckled.

    After everything was set up and working, he showed me how to access and operate everything but in much more detail. He seemed to enjoy teaching and quite good at it.

    Following that he counted all the old boxes to make sure there’d be no mistakes. Called Comcast giving the gal all the serial numbers and telling her to take those boxes off our account so we wouldn’t be charged.

    Before leaving he checked all the rooms to see if he left anything and took all the trash and old boxes with him.

    This is what we expect and get from White technicians. I shared all of this because when all we hear is all blacks are bad, it isn’t true.

    I’m sure some will say, it’s typical for blacks to keep pushing out children, that he got into college and the job at Comcast on Affirmative Action, but this fellow will have 3 kids, not an abnormal number for any family, and he is qualified for this job.

    • I believe I’ve heard on the Internet the phrase “talented tenth.” You got one of those. Actually, as I’ve written before if all blacks were like __________________ (fill in the blank) then there would be no racial issues, or very few at least, in America.

      Hopefully, everything will work fine now. It sounds like your guy knows what he’s doing. You should call the company or write them and give him an endorsement.

    • OTOH my wife’s uncle (Australian Navy) got his teeth kicked out and several ribs broken by enemy thugs during WWII. These were not Japs or Krauts but US Navy sailors at Townsville Australia. Negros. I heard this direct from the victim – not third hand. He was never the same again.

      These USA nigger apes also raped many white Australian women and bashed many Australian men. This, and the white mens response, is one of the many untold stories about WWII. “War Secrets”. The same thing happened all over the UK during WWII.
      Australia, like the USA, fought on the wrong side, as General Patton observed.

  4. Fast food is not healthy, even if made and served by white people. McDonalds adds salt and sugar to all aspects of their burgers. The bread roll for example has both salt and sugar. The burger has a lot of nice things in it like spines, noses and ears, and is usually 50% flour. Eat a steak – not a burger or a sausage.

    Fast “food” is very tasty and addictive because our brains tell us that both salt and sugar are safe to eat.
    Our brains are being conned by Madison Avenue guys and mad evil scientists who have made garbage addictive.
    If this man worked 13 hours straight, he could have afforded a proper sit down cooked meal. Or, his wife could have cooked it or he could have cooked it himself.
    The worst thing about McDonalds is that they deliberately addict children to their garbage with free gifts and balloons. Coca Cola and Pepsi, full of addictive caffeine and addictive sugar, are pushed to children as liquids safe for human consumption.

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