Report: Filthy Somali Cop Who Murdered Justine Damond was ISIS

The information in this post is intriguing even if unconfirmed. There does appear to be a coverup underway in the murder of Justine Damand by a Muslim affirmative action cop.

As you can see above, I crudely expressed my displeasure to the Minneapolis police via Twitter.


Confirmed: Aussie Justine Damond murdered by ISIS sympathizer

My uncle is a high ranking officer with the IAD at MPD. Mohamed Noor was highly involved with the sharia supporting faction of the Minneapolis Somali community, which is the majority of them.

Noor was infiltrated into MPD based on liberal guilt and fear of accusations of Islamophobia by MPD, especially considering that the police chief is herself a lesbian. A candidate of any other race/religion NEVER would have been hired with his results.

Word in IAD is, ISIS and their agents ensured his hiring, if only to test the limits of acceptance of Somali/Muslim individuals being introduced into positions of authority, and given positions to kill Americans (apparently any other whites such as Aussies).

With 4 days of outright silence now, and the muzzie POS refusing to talk to investigators (gee, when did that become an option for non-muzzies who kill unarmed white women in pajamas?), it is becoming startlingly clear that society accepts it, and you probably will see increased numbers of muzzie cops killing Americans for no reason.

This case will be swept under the rug, out of fear of pissing off muzzies, and they will have free reign to assassinate Americans with no fear thanks to the thin blue line.

Thanks to my uncle for above synopsis.

GLPers respond:

She was outside and not escorted by a male family member.

She was improperly dressed and didn’t have her hair hidden.

It was a good kill according to Sharia law.

Lets all celebrate this cultural enrichment.

That make sense. It is going to get worse everywhere. They are infiltrated in all the countries of the world including heads of states and governments.

Sounds like a large, angry group of men with a rope need to get involved.

Check out Sorchas latest:

“US police officer, and Somali-American citizen, named Mohamed Noor, who brutally murdered an Australian woman named Justine Damon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, had during the past fortnight pledged his allegiance to al-Shabab terror leader Sheikh Mukhtar Robow—and stated as his reason for doing so as being the “wickedness of American ways” that he claimed in an online Shariah Law message board caused his wife to file a divorce against him this past December (2016).

Yes, our benevolent masters have bestowed this blessed cultural enrichment upon our genuflecting political correctness.

Allah willing…

But it’s racist to question why he shot her!

Give it another twenty years and this is what Americas city police force will be.

I’m one city north of Mpls and the police are mostly non white.

36 thoughts on “Report: Filthy Somali Cop Who Murdered Justine Damond was ISIS

  1. Just cancelled my Y membership because the pool kept getting shut down on account of kids shitting in the pool. Management kept saying they’re going to implement this new policy and that new policy. When I cancelled my membership I recommended to them, in person, a simple solution. A sign at the front door with two words. Whites Only.

  2. I think that getting the facts on this one will be like pulling hog’s teeth. We have a Somali dune-coon AA hire, lesbian police chief, AA negro assistant police chief, female libtard mayor, and only God knows what else.

    • The Lutherans who made many tens of millions of dollars importing him and his ilk.

      They also ejimacated him at Augsberg College in Minneapolis which prides itself on forcing diversity on everyone.

      There’s gelt in them thar coons. Also careers for Lutherans and Catholics who follow their denoms into the new global racial plantation.

      I read somewhere that the lady in charge of the nation’s biggest Lutheran organization whose stated godly mission is to replace locals with immigrants makes $300,000 a year and her executive staff in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. The religious “immigrant resettlement” racket is HUGE, billions and billions of dollars per year.

      I also read that in the past 50 years Minneapolis went from being something like 95% white to 60% white and lost about 150,000 people while the Lutherans and Catholics brought in 100,000 or more Somalis, Hmongs, blacks, and latinos.

      So these religions feel that “salvation” means doing whatever it takes to keep their fat salaries, and call it god. They don’t care about all the costs like white ladies getting shot in the face by a state-armed groid with an IQ of 93.

      • All these religions have the Christ Insanity complex brought about big money filtered in via Jew run banks.

      • “makes $300,000 a year and her executive staff in the $150,000 to $200,000 range. The religious “immigrant resettlement” racket is HUGE, billions and billions of dollars per year.”

        And some people call us Nazis because we want to put the termites into work camps.

  3. And two prior offenses, he was still on the force! Hey police, you guys are supposed to be offense FREE!!!

    What can be said except express extreme horror that a radical Muslim was working for one of our police departments!! Looks like the government should just hand the country over to these beasts right now rather than slowly over time hoping we won’t notice! No need to get myself in trouble with the internet (((police))) by graphically describing what I’d do with them.

  4. Sorry this happened to this woman. I am sorry that Ann C got screwed by Delta.

    That being said, these two women get press because they are rich and connected. Poor and middle class ‘white’ and Germanic females don’t get press when they are abused, scammed, or killed.

    Damon is an Anglified last name of the Ashkenazi Jewish name of Diamond. Many Jews dealt in jewelry, hence ‘jews’.

    I don’t like police brutality. Not one bit. That being said anyone who gets pounded and killed by bullies posing as patriarchs and by Apes in uniform should get press, but somehow the rich and connected always get away with murder or when murdered, get airplay.

    How was this couple from Aus able to live and work in the Kwa? Everyday ‘whites’ have a hard time landing jobs or connections internationally.

    Years back I tried to contact Ann Coulters think tank in DC to take on my case where I was unfairly ousted from school because I stated I was not privileged. No response from her.

    These two blonde females in the news have suffered. Obviously murder by police is terrible. Yet this happens EVERY day in the Kwa. Every day to everyday people and no one says a peep because no one cares.

    This ISIS guy had his Jewdar up and killed her. Muslims really hate Jews. They hate everyone, but they really hate Jews.

    Myself I stay out of it all. I don’t expect that when I am murdered that anyone will care. Nor will anyone care when I face harassment daily over the last few decades in my life. Not will anyone care when my kids are bullied or have opportunities taken from them. Nope.

    I buck up and suck it up. When wealthy people care about me and struggles, I will care about theirs. Until then it is what it is. It is end of days and only the strong will survive.

    • So what? Rich and connected white women SHOULD get more opportunities.

      Otherwise you’re arguing like our Jew masters who think that every huddled mass should be president.

      • So middle class women who work their way through without being born into or given wealth and connections do not matter?

        Piss off

      • Better way of saying it is white women who worked their ass off to earn money and connections should be afforded more opportunities because they earned them

    • I don’t want to criticize your perspective too hard, GS, because there’s truth in it. But do you understand that I’m trying to change the paradigm? Without a paradigm change, nothing will change.

      I’ve featured plenty of poor white women beaten or murdered by nogs here. I take the stories as I find them in my research. Rich or poor, we treat all victims the same here.

      But back to the paradigm change idea.

      Steve Bannon, the Trump advisor, and his other advisor, the Jewish Stephen Miller, are the two leading paradigm change agents in America today. Anglin and too many others hate women, or at least have a negative perspective on the opposite sex. That’s not helpful. We’re all in this together whether we like it or not.

      It’s going to take a lot of writing to change the paradigm. If I were still in academia, I’d be churning out papers about the negative aspects of diversity and multiculturalism. Since I can’t do that I do this.

      Start thinking along the lines of Bannon and Miller. Read the speeches that Miller and Bannon wrote for Trump and then extend the analysis to your ideas, but do so in a way that tries to gently persuade.

      We’re only one person, each of us. But there is power in one.

  5. His partner heard a sound before the shooting. “Allahu akbar!” is now a “sound”.

    The cops performed CPR on her after. He probably saw her tits when she leaned down to the driver’s door and realized the only way he was going to get his hands on white boobies was to shoot her and then CPR her. Feral fucking “human”.

      • And yet he still reached across to shoot at the woman. If he was simply spooked he had three other directions he could shoot in, yet he chose the kill-shot?

        Aaand if he was “spooked” by a loud noise, then wouldn’t the other Officer have been safer working with a K9 that would have greater powers of intellect? At the very least he was hopelessly out of his depth just by holding a gun and carrying a badge. At worst???? A new kind of terror-attack has just been birthed.

  6. When will the Coon be charged with murder? Or is the “firecracker” defense valid even when no weapon is seen? The driver had a better view than the Somalicoon. Is the police driver deaf now in his right ear? He should be, this has not been mentioned.

    • I’m assuming that their service weapons are semi-autos and not revolvers. Imagine if it had been a large caliber revolver fired right in front of his face. He would probably be blind as well as deaf.
      Also, the Coon fired “several” shots at a range of ten feet or so (and probably less) and all but one missed.

      There’s just too much that is missing from this …

      Slightly OT: some years ago, when I lived in the vibrant diversity of the NE, someone who lived near me had a car alarm that was the voice of a panic-stricken woman yelling for help. Car alarms are generally a pain-in-the-butt and are usually ignored but this one really got my attention the first time I heard it. I got out of bed and was looking out to see what was what when I heard the absolutely exact voice again and realized it was a recording. Genuine, first-class PITA. I wonder if the same thing happened here.

  7. And that’s probably the best evidence we will get, as he appears to be getting favoured treatment for his crime from media and the administrative diversity.

  8. Germanic Slav,

    “Where were Bannon and Miller back in the late 80s and early 90s.”

    Stephen Miller is only 31. He was born in 1986, but writing and giving speeches about third-worlders, illegals, and immigration changing our culture throughout his college years. Following his education, he worked for Jeff Sessions. Then for Trump. His speeches during Trump’s rallies and those he wrote for Trump are exceptional. In a joint effort, both Bannon and Miller write Trump’s speeches now.

    Bannon was an officer in the Navy in the 70’s and 80’s, obviously forbidden to speak about racial issues. He then produced 18 films and some documentaries, one was “Fire From the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman.” Another “Destroying the Great Satan: The Rise of Islamic Fascism in America.

    He was co-founder of Breitbart News, a member of the board, and accused of being a White Supremacist. He became President after Breitbart died. He said in 2016 Breitbart was a platform of the Alt-Right. We’re seeing changes in Breitbart since Bannon left, mainly, they have become somewhat politically correct.

    For obvious reasons, now that both work for Trump, neither one can say in public what they did before or would like to say. Although, what they write for Trump with his input and approval do not directly speak about Whites, but the words do, if that makes any sense. We know by what and how they’re said they are specifically addressed to us, his voters who are majority White.

  9. I did not see a tear coming from the stepson or the fiance. The demons have no feelings not even a tear. Just rubbing the eyes. I believe this is fake news. Trying to start a civil war and then martial law. Then the end of us. Keep cool everyone. God Bless You

  10. It’s all a matter of trust.

    I just had a visit with a kebab doctor. Can he write a prescription for an antibiotic? Sure. Do I trust the bastard? Of course not. I don’t trust a damn one of them. They’re not of my folk. It will always be that way. That is how I see the world.

  11. “Anglin and his ilk believe women that go to college and try to better themselves are asking for shyte like this to happen. They are just feeding off the violence directed at white women in a self serving way.”

    I would never allow my daughter to attend an American University full of niggers and Marxist faggots for the purpose of chasing shekels. I could never bear to watch her ruin her life that way.

    • From what i read they don’t really hate women (even though they appear that way), but they hate the modern, ultra liberal woman that rides the cock carousel all the time and takes jobs away from more qualified men because of political correctness. Not to mention saying some other truths imo about how women think. Even if it’s harsh it’s better than the lies we’ve been fed. Like looks don’t matter, lol. There was this woman some time ago who was a white wife with 3 or 4 kids who talked about taking pride in our race and they loved her. So it’s pretty obvious that they don’t have women.

      • I read Stormer from time to time. I have said before I don’t disagree with much of what is written.

        Most of the women that attended school with as a Gen Xer were not ultra liberal or cock carousel riders.

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