People Mag Does a Nasty Hatchet Job on Trump Family

People magazine glorifies trash like Kim Kardashian. How dare these jackasses attack the Trump family when they love human sacks of garbage.

The Donald taught his kids to avoid drugs and drink, work hard, and give back to the community. Disagree with Trump’s policies if you must, but leave the smears and slander somewhere else, People.

This junk is getting old.


It would be unfair to say that People magazine has been totally soft on President Trump. Recall that it was People that published the first-person account of its former reporter, Natasha Stoynoff, who wrote in October that Trump pushed her against a wall and kissed her without consent 11 years earlier. Trump denied Stoynoff’s claim.

Yet when Trump won the presidential election in November, less than a month after Stoynoff went public, People ran a cover that quite literally depicted the victorious billionaire in a glowing light. As Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan put it at the time, “it was a pretty glam treatment.”

Now, however, People is out with a much tougher cover that accuses the Trump family of “SECRETS & LIES.” The contrast between the cover of the new issue and one that featured the future first family in October 2015 (AT HOME WITH THE TRUMPS!) is truly striking.

The latest cover also takes a very different tone from that of an April 2016 issue, which suggested that the “real” Trump might be kinder and gentler than his coarse exterior would indicate.

An accompanying article captured some of Trump’s poorer qualities – he commented on a female reporter’s physical appearance, for example – but the cover made him look pretty good.

Thus, People’s decision to hit Trump on the front of the mag marks a notable shift. Its use of the word “lie” is particularly significant because the term has been a subject of journalistic debate.

The New York Times has decided it is appropriate, in some cases, to characterize false statements made by the president as lies. Similarly, Washington Post articles sometimes describe false statements by Trump as lies when it is clear that he knows the claims are untrue.

The Wall Street Journal, however, maintains that the word is generally not appropriate because it is difficult to know for sure whether the cause of a false statement is deception or an honest mistake. The Post describes false statements by Trump as lies when it is clear that he knows the claims are untrue.

By attaching the word “lie” to Trump on its cover, People is siding with news outlets that have taken the bolder approach of calling out claims that are not true. That is a sharp turn from the magazine’s prior coverage.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” said one Barack Hussein Obama. That’s just one among many other lies, such as “shovel ready jobs.” Yet, the press would not call him and his sack of lumpy potatoes wife any names, much less calling him out as a liar.



5 thoughts on “People Mag Does a Nasty Hatchet Job on Trump Family

  1. So… Six months into his presidency and we now have the naked reality that the knives are truly out.

    Mr. Trump has done a few things that have pissed me off like everyone else. Appointing a Jewish Secretary of the Treasury is one of them. Dumping crap on Syria to please a slippery minority is another. I certainly don’t expect to see a special in People magazine about those items.

    OK, so, we have to face some realities. But I still give the man a chance. I don’t believe I have seen such an orchestrated and blatant hatred for a president since the days of Richard Nixon.

    Because of that hatred, I believe that there must be something good about the man. I hope I am right.

    • My take is that (((they))) don’t control him and they refuse to accept anyone they don’t control. I’m beginning to think they don’t control Rand Paul either, but that may be wishful thinking on my part.

      In spite of his flaws, I will continue to stand with Trump unless he drops his whole agenda and betrays his stated principles.

      • I absolutely agree. He can’t be bought. First thought I had when he announced his campaign in 2015.

        Unlike a certain nation wrecker in the Senate whose presence we shall soon and thankfully be removed of.

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