Det. Mark Fuhrman: ‘Fix Was In’ for Parole of ‘Classic Sociopath’ O.J.

The great detective Mark Fuhrman, whose use of the word “Nigger” cost him his career in law enforcement, has weighed in on the granting of parole to murderer O. J. Simpson by Nevada authorities. Furhman was present at the parole hearing. His professional observations are highly credible.

Fox News Insider

Former Los Angeles Police Detective Mark Fuhrman said “the fix was in” regarding whether O.J. Simpson would be paroled.

Fuhrman said he was “shocked” at how Simpson carried himself during the hearing, arguing with the parole board about the facts of his robbery/kidnapping case.

Fuhrman said the detective who investigated the 2007 Las Vegas robbery involving Simpson told him that the former NFL star knew there were guns present.

Simpson told the board otherwise.

He said Simpson also lied about the memorabilia and family photos being “his” property.

“The parole board was lied to, but it didn’t matter,” Fuhrman said. “The fix was in. They were going to parole him.”

“You’re seeing a classic sociopath, a narcissist – maybe even a psychopath,” Fuhrman said.

“He cut the mother-of-his-children’s … throat almost through all the way to cut her head off,” he added. “It boggles my mind how a man could actually live with that.”

Simpson was officially acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman – famously represented by the “dream team” of Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro.

Fuhrman said he doubts that Simpson will abide by his parole for the requisite five years.

I was going to post a photo of O. J.’s handiwork here, but the police photos of the bodies of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson are too much.

An animal like O. J. won’t be able to stay out of trouble, as Furhman suggests. If the world gets lucky, someone will kill the bastard the way he killed his victims.

Never forget.

4 thoughts on “Det. Mark Fuhrman: ‘Fix Was In’ for Parole of ‘Classic Sociopath’ O.J.

  1. Well if they parole him, they might as will parole Charles Manson. In fact at this point I think I might feel safer if Manson had been released, rather than Simpson.

  2. “the “dream team” of Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro.”

    To make America Great Again, only the names Bailey and Cochran would exist as United States citizens. The victim was an Anglo white woman with the names of both Brown and Simpson. Shapiro is a jew. Kardashian is Armenian.
    OJ of course is a nigger who should be living in Africa.

  3. “Never forget.”. I did forget that some jewboy got killed also by OJ. Name was Ron Goldman and is in the picture at the end of the article.

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