Comey Blackmail: Trump NY Times Interview Shocking in its Candor About Sessions, Comey, Mueller


President Donald Trump gave an interview to the New York Times on Wednesday. The outcome included some shocking statements by America’s unconventional President.

As Mike Cernovich related in a Tweet, the New York Times asked the questions and Trump responded. The questions reflected the Times agenda. Trump answered, giving honest assessments on a variety of subjects, not politically correct ones.

That said, Trump should NOT be reprimanding Jeff Sessions in public. His thoughts about the Attorney General’s job performance should have been reserved for a private one-on-one discussion.

Raw Story

In a wide-ranging Oval Office interview with the New York Times, President Donald Trump repeatedly said he would not have nominated Jeff Sessions as Attorney General if he would have known Sessions would recuse himself from the Russia investigation and threatened that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller looking into his and his family’s finances would cross a “red line.”

Trump also appeared to allege that then-FBI Director James Comey sought to blackmail him.

“In my opinion, he shared [the British spy dossier] so that I would think he had it out there,” Mr. Trump told The Times.

“As leverage?” reporters Peter Baker, Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman asked.

“Yeah, I think so,” Mr. Trump said. “In retrospect.”

The extended excerpts of the interview contain more allegations against Comey.

Trump also denied Comey’s sworn testimony about the one-on-one meeting when Comey claimed the President cleared the room.

“Look, you look at his testimony,” Trump suggested. “His testimony is loaded up with lies, O.K.?”

Trump further claimed Comey, “illegally leaked” and had a “conflict of interest.”

Jack Pesobiac, who’s been wrong before but is probably right this time, is reporting that AG Jeff Sessions resignation is in the works:

As much as we admire Jeff Sessions, he was wrong to bring a special prosecutor on board. Trump is justified in correcting Jeff. Jeff also needs to pick up his job performance if he stays on the job, which is questionable at this point.

20 thoughts on “Comey Blackmail: Trump NY Times Interview Shocking in its Candor About Sessions, Comey, Mueller

  1. Trump has picked neo cons swamp monsters, elite JU money grubbers, Israel first traitors, idiot relatives, Obama,Clinton & Bush recycled garbage ….there must be some true patriots out there ..not JU compromised…stop using the swamp as your HR department!

      • America needs Nuremberg Laws. Draining the swamp is all well and good but if there is no-one to replace those drained… Not for nothing have people called it the Zionist Occupation Authority of America. Poor Trump. He’s been too close to them in business for too long to see just what they are, and the reality may now be dawning.

  2. Sessions DIDN’T bring a special prosecutor on board. He foolishly ‘recused’ himself from the investigation (because he TALKED to a Russian). Then that idiot Rosey Rosenstein appointed a special prosecutor on his own.

    Sessions was under pressure and he made a mistake. Now he has to sit out the most consequential issue the DOJ is working on – the Clinton people’s blatant attempt to overthrow the government with a hoax investigation.

      • It might be seen as compromising the DOJ if they left it up to the guy they were ‘investigating.’ If I was the AG, I wouldn’t have asked Trump – I would have just politely told the people demanding my recusal to go fuck themselves.

      • Does Trump really hire these toads or is he given a list of frogs to pick from? I heard that’s how it works ..not sure? Good ones can never get in! But he must know the likes of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich ..Cynthia McKinney..didn’t Trump hire Omarosa and wasn’t she fired on his tv show ..oh my head hurts


    Trump is talking too much. He should NEVER give an interview to the MSM, esp. the gutter rag, the NYT.

    They are trapping him to open his mouth and sink him.

    Trump is making a big mistake by tweeting, by talking too much, giving interviews. He should black out the MSM.

  4. I haven’t read this linked article yet, so not sure it’s a primary source, but apparently Sessions will not be resigning:

    I hope Sessions did not get on board w/Trump early because he was acting as a mole for someone else.

    Some say Sessions had too much integrity to be part of the Russian (fraud) investigation. Yet I agree w/Trump on this. Sessions should have stood by & stood up for his President.

    I think Trump felt Sessions abandoned him at a critical juncture. Trump is big on Loyalty.

    Trump definitely should have talked to Sessions first, however, vs. the NYT.

  5. So what?

    Bosses “rebuke” their staff all the time. It’s part of being a grown up in an important job.

    Mr. Trump and Mr. Sessions are showing the nation how actual effective white males run real organizations with actual power.


  6. Some great strategic (hopeful) comments over at CTH with video of Sessions’ statement today.

    Here’s just two examples of how they are thinking that POTUS was playing with the NYT so that all MSM would run to Sessions to see what HE has to say & what they get is a rundown of all the glorious judicial accomplishments that the “recused” Sessions has been freed to work on quietly behind the scenes while everyone else is still in hysterics re Russia.

    Read these two comments… Are they dreaming or is this the reality?

    1_Scotty19541 on July 20, 2017 at 4:12 pm
    Hmmm… it looks like my assessment this morning has just gotten more traction with Jeff Sessions statements today! It is so very funny to watch when President Trump and Bannon make some 3D moves … they aim at the SWAMP but sooo many people here at the CTH are collateral damage!

    B(Bannon) and T(Trump) have been working on this from day one. There is no way they did not know Sessions was going to recuse. It was reported by the FAKE NEWS that Trump had a fit when he learned of the recusal. That was B&T playing kabuki theatre. By recusing this freed up Sessions to do an amazing amount of work in 6 months … sanctuary cities going down, MS-13 going down, muslim scammers going down, DACA going out, pedophiles going down, Internet dark site down… Meanwhile Sessions has multiple secret Grand Juries running…

    And that is how it went for 6 months. So now, why would President Trump grant an interview to the one media org he hates most … The New York Slimes …. and then give them the most explosive bomb of the last couple of months? Think about it. The New York Slimes!

    Sessions was so very cool, calm and collected in todays statement ….. if he was more into kabuki he would have seemed a little flustered but that just isn’t in him. The NYT has been played again!, the MSM has been played again! and many, many treepers here have been played due to collateral damage.

    There were rumors last week …. Christmas in July, major development coming on the 27th. B&T, in co-operation with Sessions has set this all up for one simple reason. The Grand Juries have delivered and Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions is about to begin the BIGGEST prosecution of his career …. and he, Sessions, wanted B&T to distance themselves as much as possible!

    Proof is in the pudding …. PDJT made this ‘massive’ announcement to the New York Slimes (his favorite trolling victim). Sessions knew and was prepared with a beautiful statement today … I am doing my job and will continue to do so. But the ABSOLUTE PROOF is the statement today by PDJT …. I have total confidence in Jeff Sessions.

    Now all this is only my personal theory ,,,, but my advice to you all is NEVER doubt President Trump and buy more popcorn! God Bless President Donald J. Trump!

    2_Orygun on July 20, 2017 at 4:20 pm
    Ha Ha! The media got trolled again! President Trump can never get good press and all the good things the DOJ has done has gone unnoticed.

    He invites the hostile press to his office and tells them a story about Sessions and they can’t wait to talk to Sessions. Every hostile press corp in the world is watching while AG Sessions talks about all the good things they have done under President Trump!

    Ha Ha! Trolled again. Our President is a master troller!

    • I hope those commenters are right and that Trump is playing 8d chess. However, the top headline on Drudge now is that Mueller is going after all his business dealings, all his relatives, friends, associates, etc.

      Mueller is going to prosecute Trump on criminal charges. I can feel it. Mueller is a NWO globalist who is out to take out Trump.

      I hope I’m wrong.

      Anyway, thanks for the update from CTH. I’m going to be looking through Twitter to see how the Trump people there are thinking. We know without looking how Mitchell will react. He’s a good and loyal cheerleader. But some of the others may have had more time to ponder what’s going on.

      • Thanks for your take on it. Mitchell seemed to have totally missed any 3D-8D chess going on in the Trump/Sessions go-round.

        Mueller looks totally evil & is no doubt egged on by Deep State/Dems/Etc. So are they investigating Trump’s businesses/friends/family in a pre-POTUS-civilian sense or for the 6-mos. as Prez?

        Rosenstein opened a can of worms & a huge time-waster for all of us.

        Makow reposted today his article re the 1976 Rosenthal interview. Per him, (((they))) create the messes on both sides of the aisle to confiund everyone in the middle & steer them to the desired goal.

        Enjoy your tweet skimming!

    • Rand’s 3rd comment. Can’t argue with what he says. (((Who))) benefits when the feds reap civil forfeiture? Is that just another way to rob the goyim?

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