Shocking New Developments in the Murder of Australian Woman by Somali Cop


Justine Damond’s Somali killer isn’t talking. He’s actively not cooperating with the investigation into why he recklessly and maliciously shot and killed a woman who had called police to report an assault in an alley behind her home.


The government of Australia is demanding answers, but none are forthcoming. Oz PM Malcolm Turnbull has personally gotten involved in seeking answers as to what happened to Justine.

With this kind of attention to the case, it’s going to be harder to engineer a cover up to protect one of Minneapolis’s beloved darkies.

Excerpt from the BBC

A Minneapolis police officer whose partner shot an Australian woman was “startled by a loud sound” just before the incident, investigators say.

Justine Damond, originally from Sydney, was gunned down after calling police to report a possible crime.

On a police radio recording, an officer mentions fireworks being let off near where the shooting happened.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said he wants answers from the US over the killing.

“It is a shocking killing, and yes, we are demanding answers on behalf of her family,” he told Australian TV.

The shooting occurred as 40-year-old Ms Damond, dressed in her pyjamas, approached the driver’s side door to talk to the officer at the wheel after police arrived.

Officer Mohamed Noor, who was sitting in the passenger seat, fired his weapon across his partner and through the driver’s side window, striking Ms Damond, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) said.

Officer Noor has refused to speak to investigators and US authorities say they cannot compel him to give a statement.

But the BCA said that Officer Matthew Harrity, who was driving the car, had told investigators that Ms Damond had come towards the car immediately after he heard a loud sound.

After the shooting, the officers are heard on the police radio recording telling dispatchers they are performing CPR and that “no suspects are at large”.

State investigators say the officers failed to activate their body or dashboard cameras and both officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Why weren’t the cameras on?
Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman have both raised this question.

Minneapolis police are required to switch on their body cameras only during certain encounters, unlike in Los Angeles or Washington DC, where cameras must be switched on for any response to a call for service.

Instead, there are more than a dozen situations in which cameras should be used, according to the police manual, which adds that failure to use the camera could result in job termination.

“If a BWC [body-worn camera] is not activated prior to a use of force, it shall be activated as soon as it is safe to do so,” reads the manual.

Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau has described Ms Damond’s death as “tragic” and called for a quick investigation to provide “transparency”.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has said he will personally decide whether to charge Officer Mohamed Noor, rather than put the question to a grand jury.

Officer Noor, who has been described by local media as a Somali-American, has been with the police force for two years.

A statement from his lawyer said he had arrived in the US “at a young age” and described him as “a caring person with a family he loves and he empathised with the loss others are experiencing”.

Ms Damond, born Justine Ruszczyk, studied to be a veterinarian before relocating from Sydney to the US, where she is believed to have been for at least the last three years.

According to her website, she was a “qualified yoga instructor, a personal health and life coach and meditation teacher”.


Speaking in Sydney, her father John Ruszczyk said: “Justine was a beacon to all of us, we only ask that the light of justice shine down on the circumstances of her death.”

Heavy offers the most detailed background on Justine that I’ve seen.

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way. One is that I don’t believe Justine was a Jew and even if she was, her killer would have taken her for a white woman.

Although she took her fiance’s name, her real name was Justine Ruszczyk. We might speculate that her ancestors came from Poland or Russia.

White people have to keep the same kind of pressure on the politicians as blacks do when one of them is shot by police. We are not rioters and looters, but it’s damn time we showed some anger and passion for the loss of a lovely lady.

29 thoughts on “Shocking New Developments in the Murder of Australian Woman by Somali Cop

  1. The nigger filth was itching to kill a White person the first opportunity it got….
    Why would we fathom this girl was a jew?

    • Commenter GS thought she was a Jew. I like to point out that when the Nogs kill Jews, they’re too stupid to know the difference. They think they’re killing whites.

      And yes, this piece of shit AA cop was just itching to kill a white person. Since he’s a Muslim, killing a woman is even better. He was probably scandalized by her in her pajamas, which set him off.

  2. Getting the facts will be like pulling hog’s teeth. Regards the dune-coon not making a statement, he was acting as a sworn LEO performing his duties. He can not refuse to make a statement or face obstruction charges. His dyke police chief, AA negro assistant police chief, the ditzy female mayor, and any other AA imbecile in this freak-show will do all they can to prevent shining a bad light on their Somali pet. Very obvious questions are why the coon had his weapon drawn and pointed at the woman (he was sitting in the passenger seat) while his partner/driver was in the driver’s seat. He fired his weapon in the patrol car and across his partner’s body. This spook also had multiple complaints and a law-suit against him already (with less than two years on the job). The whole thing stinks.

  3. Welcome to the New “Merica”!!! That muzzie had to shoot that woman! Don’t you get it yet? She was outside in PJs with NO headwrap!! It is the ISLAM way. And, now, that scumbag (who shouldn’t be in the US, much less a cop) is DEMANDING, yes, DEMANDING, that we respect, yes, RESPECT, his right to privacy. LOL. Oh, and he said he’s sorry. I am sure there is much celebration going on in the muslim community. And, Australia, wants answers. Good luck with that. They have their own problems over there. Of their own making.
    And, cold as it sounds, I feel no sympathy for this woman. Yes she was White, that is true; however, she was anti-gun. She would take mine from me by force or with legislation so that I could not defend myself. I understand that she had organized a women’s march just a few days after arriving in our beautiful country. I don’t know what the march was about but I’m sure it had to do with tearing down another piece of our traditions. One of her friends had spoke to the media and said she was apprehensive about coming to America because of all the guns. LOL again. Guns don’t hurt you dummy its the idiot who is wielding them. And I sure as hell don’t think that blacks or browns should have them. But the rules say they can and these little mistakes happen. Its part and parcel of a multicultural society.
    I have a Australian sister-in-law. If the rest of the country is like her, well, let’s just say, it’s over for that country. She had a hissy fit when I brought out my new gun (still in box, not loaded) to show my family. I informed her that I have had guns most of my adult life and that my guns have never hurt anyone (well, except that SOB who was outside my house at 2 am; and in all fairness, I don’t know if I hit him or not, but he hasn’t come back, tho there was some blood on the ground). I told her I am here alone in a very rural area, how would you suggest I defend myself? She said call the police. OK then. I told her shooting guns is fun if you are not in a firefight, come shoot this lil’ 22 rifle. You may find you like it. She declined and brought up gun deaths. I countered with knives, hammers, ropes, cars, fire, and fists. Can you outlaw them all I asked? She wouldn’t answer.
    We get along at family functions but the truth is I am everything she hates. Racist, homophobic, islamphobic, and xenophobic. Oh, and I carry. Soooo…..there’s that.

    • “She declined and brought up gun deaths.”

      Point out DOJ statistics that a majority of gun shootings and deaths are niggers killing other niggers. When I hear a libtard mention gun deaths, I have to chuckle. The same niggers would cut their throat with a steak knife just to get their sail fawn.

  4. I did not read any “Shocking New Developments’ in this article.

    “Officer Noor has refused to speak to investigators and US authorities say they cannot compel him to give a statement.” It is widely believed that Africans in general and Somalis in particular are stupid. This guy is not stupid. After the murder, at least. A man like him should never have been issued with a gun of any kind. He should have been directing traffic at best, or cleaning toilets. Maybe he has killed before, he may have been a boy soldier in good old Somalia.

  5. “According to her website, she was a “qualified yoga instructor, a personal health and life coach and meditation teacher”. ”
    This makes her a darling of the New Age, the left and do gooders everywhere. The irony that she was shot dead by a Holy Somali Muslim – who she probably thinks deserve to live in the West and carry guns as policemen.

    This woman should have been at home looking after babies, not teaching Eastern bullshit like meditation and Yoga. In Sydney preferably. She should have been too scared to go to a US city street (alley) at night dressed in her pyjamas. “A personal health and life coach” – she could not even ensure her own safety when living at home, so what use was she as a life coach? “OMMMM”. Why did she walk to the police car? She should have stayed still, very still and very calm – in order not to get shot by trigger happy, fearful US cops. Has she never read a newspaper or watched any (((MSM))) or studied this wonderful life saving website?

    Sherlock Holmes warned “Beware the hours of darkness when the powers of evil are exalted”. The evil Hound was Black – need I add?.

    • Back in 2005 when I still had some remnants of a normal life, most of the women I knew were New Age. I probably would have married a New Age blonde in Dallas with a crystals, angels, runes, etc website. My conclusion about these New Age women is that they suffer from anxiety disorders that make them want to avoid the unpleasantness of the real world. The ones I knew did psychic readings, tarot cards, rune readings, wrote books, etc. I can picture why the Damond men were attracted to Justine. These women are innocents who need protecting. The Damond men are going to feel guilt for a long time to come.

  6. I can only imagine what a toilet Minnesota has become. I remember a few years back when their POS governor told white men that he intended to fill the state up with imported nigger savages, and if white men didn’t like it, they could leave. What an unbelievably cocky bastard. Back in the day… Well, you know…

    Looking at the photo, he looks like a DD IQ retard. If I lived there, I’d put the house up for sale while it still has any value and take the Governor’s advice. Let the darkies pay his salary.

    • I know what you mean, Robert, when you say the Hound was black. On a lighter note, I have a black hound. He just showed up a couple yrs ago. A black and tan coonhound, I think. He’s so pretty, and loving. And he doesn’t bark, he bays. And it is one the most beautiful sounds in the world (when he’s not right next to you doing it). I think I could pick my dog’s bay out of hundreds. I always know when he’s treed something as that beautiful sound of his baying floats across the landscape. I don’t hunt. Eventually he gets tired of waiting, either for me or the coon to come down, and finds his way back home. Tired, hungry, and dirty. Unlike the rapefugees, he’s grateful for his home and supper. Couldn’t ask for a better dog.

      • Any hound that hunts rascally Coons is good with me. Do not forget to put the luminescent paint on him and the Koons will probably drop dead with fright. This trick almost killed Sir Henry Baskerville.

  7. All somalies are retards. I don’t think she had any White children (just as well with her mind-set). The boy they keep calling her son, and who referred to her as “my mum”, was her step-kid, I believe. They weren’t married yet so he wouldn’t even be that yet. Oh well, maybe they were close. I just don’t understand why her soon-to-be-husband didn’t immigrate to Australia. I mean, the WHOLE WORLD knows how bad the US is. Australia would be safer, wouldn’t you think, since they prohibit gun ownership (but I bet they allow in somalis). It makes no sense to come here. EXCEPT we are the greatest country in the world (for awhile anyway). I have to LOL at all the people who hate us are beside themselves to get here. LOLOLOOLLLL!!!!!

    • rf Yes, Australia loves Somali men. The Govt. motto is “Why take the best, when you can take the worst”.
      Australia is/was much too nice re climate, water, air, people, economy so it was necessary to Third World the place a LOT to stop other (((folks))) being jealous.
      Gun ownership is allowed but all self loading long arms and assault rifles are banned for private citizens, thanks to a false flag attack in Tasmania in 1994. Pistols/handguns (self loading) can be bought, it is necessary to join a club and practice at least 10 times a year. Lots of rules about gun safes, and ammo must be kept separately.
      So if you get a home invasion by nigger Somalis,. you have to say, please wait 5 minutes while I unlock my gun safe and my ammo safe.
      Some rare concealed carry permits are issued such as bodyguards for (((rich))) people.
      No open carry anywhere except security guards and cops. Naturally, criminals have a ton of guns, almost all of which are unlicensed.

      The only out for shooting Coons is the famous old yarn – “I was cleaning my gun when these black Somali bastards, sorry, human beings, invaded my home so I shot them. I had my ammo out because I was checking it was not out of date”.

      • “Yes, Australia loves Somali men. The Govt. motto is “Why take the best, when you can take the worst”.”

        True, but in America they really like to rub our noses in it.

        At least the Aussies weren’t so naive as to permit a jewess to place a disgusting poem on their symbol of freedom that proclaims their nation’s desire to become the garbage can of the planet by begging for the “wretched refuse” from the rest of the world

        Now, when you bring the subject up, the jew and his marxist creed love to point to it and respond with “we are a nation of immigrants”, as if that is supposed to end the discussion.

        The whole thing is just sickening.

      • Yes that Jewess inscription on the Statue of Teemingrefuse in NY is now about 130 years old. Australia was openly pro white even in 1960. A potential immigrant could be tested in any of 13 European languages as decided on the spot by the Australian Govt Official. If you were tinted, you would get the test in Gaelic. That was the wonderful white nation I was born in, which has been sold out to Chinks and invaded by Yellows, Browns and Blacks.

  8. In England they reported this, showed the Aussie PM whining, & the family pics. But NOT ONE report mentioned the dindu ethnicity. BPers think it’s KKK!!!

  9. Media here is taking the “the Police are the problem” line, and while they’ve mentioned the race, they haven’t put two and two together, in fact they’ve kept two and two in separate buildings.

    Compare and contrast the treatment Darren Wilson got with that accorded so far to poor Officer Noor whose privacy apparently needs to be respected.

    • Good to bring up Darren. The contrasts in the way he was treated compared to this nigger trash is remarkable. I’m calling him out as a racist murderer. I wish more sites would do that. I guess they’re afraid he will sue for defamation.

  10. This is such a horrible story. I can not believe that its just sitting at an idle with no information coming out and there seems to be no outrage. If it would have been some gang bangging black kid trying to shoot a cop that town would have been torn apart with 10,000 blm protesters demanding the cops head on a stick, but instead a boyfriend and his son are left standing begging for answers and it is ridiculous. now there is word that right before he shot her they were startled by a loud noise, and the piece of shit has 3 past complaints against him and was sued once already for brutality. he has only been an officer for 2 years. so 4 different situation prior to this is 4 too many in that short of time frame he should have never had an opportunity to be able to kill this woman.

  11. Paladin, wtf does this part of the story mean:

    “Officer Noor has declined to be interviewed by BCA agents at this time. Officer Noor’s attorney did not provide clarification on when, if ever, an interview would be possible.”

    Since when does a criminal get to avoid an “interview” with the BUREAU OF CRIMINAL APPREHENSION????

    Is this a backdoor way of saying Minneapolis is already operating under stealth sharia law?

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