Sheboon Makes History Becoming Dallas First Ape Police Chief

Damn, I did some heavy trolling with the title of this post. If a SJW stumbles upon this one, there’s going to be somebody’s head exploding.

Getting serious, there are no black women in the population that possess the intelligence, drive, and dedication to deserve the job of Dallas police chief.

This bullshit diversity hire is intended to make white and Latino cops quit in disgust. (((They))) want a nonwhite police force for when the race war comes.

CBS News

DALLAS — Detroit Deputy Chief Ulysha Renee Hall has been chosen as the new police chief of the Dallas Police Department, sources tell CBS Dallas/Fort Worth.

“I am honored to be chosen to lead the Dallas Police Department at this critical time in its history,” Hall said in a statement. “I look forward to building on the successes of the past, preserving community trust and ensuring the safety of our officers and the entire Dallas community.”

Hall is the first woman to serve as police chief in the department’s history.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings celebrated the news with a post on Twitter saying, “Pleased to welcome our new @DallasPD Chief of Police U. Renee Hall.”

Me bad!

There were seven candidates vying for the position and interviews just wrapped up, CBS DFW reports. City manager T.C. Broadnax had said he was happy to get input from residents during a public meeting with the candidates, but ultimately the decision was his.

Hall has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Grambling State University and master’s degrees in security administration and intelligence analysis from the University of Detroit Mercy. She is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

She was one of two women under consideration to be the next Dallas police chief, along with Seattle Deputy Chief Carmen Best. Under Hall’s leadership in Michigan, the city of Detroit experienced a 40-year low in homicides and double-digit reductions in violent crime for three consecutive years.

Hall is expected to begin her job as the new Dallas police chief on September 5.

At the big public university in San Antonio, I saw disaster after disaster occur when dumb woman and nonwhites were put into positions of responsibility. The odd thing is that my woman department head was very smart, hard working, and competent, but she couldn’t rise any higher than department head. I think the reason is that she would have made the dummies look bad if she had been made a Dean or Vice-President.

The Nagger in Dallas is going to f*** up worse than you can imagine. It won’t be pretty. Now’s a good time to get out of Dallas, if you can.

5 thoughts on “Sheboon Makes History Becoming Dallas First Ape Police Chief

  1. “Life imitates art”.
    Hollywoody output hardly qualifies as art. Yet it is education for far too may people. In this Jewrywood world, black police always wisely lead the slightly jumpy and aggressive junior police who are usually white. The whites keep fucking up with impulsive and reckless actions, but the wiser head of their black leader always saves the day.
    I suppose that those who appoint Police Chiefs have each watched about 50,000 hours of Jew Spew and now believe that HolyGood movies and the (((TV News))) never lie.

    If Star Trek were rewritten, the mostly white 500 crew members are now communicating several years in to their voyage, with Federation Leaders who are all Black. Thus Star Trek would become a lot like Planet of the Apes. Captain Kirk would never want to go back to Earth – unless he can do that Time Warp thing and go back to the 1960s again, this time for ever.
    This planet we live on is also becoming the Planet of the Apes, where their Jew handlers think they can prevent the degeneration of the world in to horse riding cruel apes who cannot even manufacture fuel or cars or anything else, excepting some primitive firearms and whips.

    • Pretty much every police chief in America today is an AA negro, a sodomite, or crazed woman. America is f*cked. They watched too much jew entertainment whereby the police captain, judge, police chief were always negresses. I say again, America is f*cked. My home-town, to where I am moving back soon, had a white dyke police chief– she was a disaster. Then they had some Mexican– a disaster. Not sure what the current chief is.

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