16-Year Old Girl Found Hanged was Allegedly Bullied for Being Polish


The British authorities want to chalk up the death of 16 year old Dagmara as a suicide. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be something fishy about the situation.

Dagmara was allegedly subjected to racist bullying of the “stupid Pole” nature. This is in England, where the land is being overrun by truly stupid darkies and sand roaches. Could someone want the public to think that Dagmara was suicidal?

Sky News

A 16-year-old girl found hanged in school toilets was taunted for being Polish, an inquest has heard.

Dagmara Przybysz, who was a pupil at Pool Academy in Redruth, Cornwall, was found in toilets near the maths department in May 2016.

Dagmara’s mother said in a statement that her daughter had been called names, and had overheard racist comments such as “stupid Pole”.

The teenager, who had lived in Britain with her family for nine years, had also told her boyfriend that she had been told to “go back to your own country”.

The aspiring photographer had reportedly been looking forward to her school prom and shopping for a dress with her mother.

She had already won a place to study photography at Truro College.

Her mother, Ewelina, told the court her daughter had been having trouble with some of the girls at her school and had specifically mentioned an incident just days before her death when one girl had “called Dagmara names”.

She said: “I don’t know whether these incidents were racist in nature. However, I can say that on several occasions she overheard comments such as ‘stupid Pole’.”

A pastoral support worker at Pool Academy, Susan Kent, told the court: “To the best of my knowledge, Dagmara never mentioned any problems with racism to me or any other person at school.”

The majority of the teenager’s friends, and her boyfriend, Lewis Simpson, all went to a different school.

The day before she was found dead at school, Dagmara had been taken to hospital by her uncle, Tomasz Dobek, after punching a wall during a PE lesson.

She had told Mr Dobek she was angry because some girls were laughing at her.

On the morning of her death, she had called her uncle crying and saying she had taken some tablets. However, her parents sent her to school when they saw no physical signs she was unwell.

Described by her teachers as a “lovely girl”, Dagmara was also reported to have been worried about her exams and concerned she may have dyslexia.

The inquest continues and is expected to last for three days.

The Independent story on the inquest raises significant facts that Sky News omits.

Dagmara went missing for 90 minutes and no one raised an alarm. Another girl was missing at the same time. No CPR effort was made once she was found.

Out of my own head, I’m asking myself where the rope came from that she allegedly used to hang herself.

It’s almost unthinkable to have to say this, but I’m stuck on the thought that Dagmara was murdered and there’s a cover up under way.

15 thoughts on “16-Year Old Girl Found Hanged was Allegedly Bullied for Being Polish

  1. Sad to see such a pretty young blonde blue-eyed girl go that way. Wouldn’t at all be surprised if the school turned out to be full of nogs, Pakis or whatever. On the other hand, it may well be the case that the Brits can now only be openly racist against other Whites, since their beloved brown pets are off-limits.

      • Yes, the obvious question is what color were her tormentors. Most probably darkies of some sort. England is finished. Poland is refusing Afrimuds and dune-coon refugees. It is telling the EU to pound sand. Plus, Poland’s women are something else. Checkout YouTube videos by the Polish rapper Donatan.

      • One more tidbit. Many Poles have immigrated to England to seek work. They are looked down upon by many Brits the way we consider illegal alien Hispanics in the U.S. Plus, I read the Sky News story and this took place in Cornwall which is a part of Britain that is mostly YT Brits and Cornish peoples. The poor girl might have been tormented by her fellow YT girls who most probably were jealous of her beauty.

      • why would such a beautiful girl feel she was inferior is beyond my comprehension , i suspect that the girls picking on her were butt ugly or third world roaches the politicly correct teachers should also be blamed , the world lost a beautiful girl !

  2. I dated a German girl in high school who was hands down the most beautiful girl in the school. One of the smartest, too. I had many fights with assholes calling her a Nazi. Almost all of them whites. I wish parents would take the time to tactfully explain to their children that the majority of the people they will meet in life are functional idiots and to never even acknowledge criticism from someone that doesn’t know you. Lack of attention is kryptonite to assholes. Sadly, many if not most of those parents probably did the same behavior when they were in school.

  3. Wow, that girl was beautiful. Just the kind of girl that the plain and ugly girls would hate. I guess we will never know who bullied her. In my opinion, (which means nothing), I don’t think she committed suicide. Its too fishy. I, too, think she was murdered. Children can be cruel.

  4. “stupid Pole”? This coming from Brits (I’m assuming) that have filled their nation like a backed up toilet full of turds.

    Very sad. Though I do wish she had stayed in Poland and met a nice Polish gent. Not surprised she was singled out because of envy and jealousy. She was strikingly pretty.

    The U,K. is no longer a white nation. It is no longer a good or safe place for pretty white women.

  5. When somebody dies like this the (((media))) never tells us what the tablets were. Ritalin? Prozac? Zoloft? Naming the guilty legal prescribed drug is bad for (((profits))).

  6. sadness, sadness and sadness, I shed one or two tears,funny enough Brits rely on export from OTHER countries! not to mention centuries of colonies, (taking is nice-giving some back, not so keen anymore),Polish education is very similar to chinese, these people are very educated and smart, + moral standards are very high in their country, there is nothing stupid about them and their country. I think rasism and rasists are the ones STUPID,cruelty is stupid, bullies are stupid. I am deeply ashamed for what has happened.but who`s to blame really, from my opinion not only those bullies at school but certain articles that trigger more rasism, anti-immigration campaigns by government and so on and so on…

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