Saudi Girl in Miniskirt Arrested After Video Goes Viral

The story of a girl in a miniskirt would seem an unlikely top news item of the day, but when the girl is a Saudi, it’s going to draw attention. When I put up the original story about the unidentified girl, she was still free. That was yesterday.

Not anymore.

The Saudi girl in a miniskirt has been arrested.

This would be none of our business except for the fact that (((our enemies))) on the left want to import tens of millions of these primitives into the United States and Europe where they will try to dictate every aspect of our lives according to their religious beliefs.

Excerpt from CBS News

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Police in Saudi Arabia have arrested a young woman who wore a miniskirt in public and posted the video online, sparking backlash from people who say she flagrantly violated the kingdom’s conservative Islamic dress code.

The woman, whose name was not given, was detained by police in the capital, Riyadh, for wearing “immodest clothes” that contradicted the country’s conservative Islamic dress code, state media reported Tuesday. Police referred her case to the public prosecutor, according to the official Twitter account of state-run TV channel al-Ekhbariya.

The young Saudi woman drew attention over the weekend when she shared on Snapchat a video of herself walking in a historic village north of the capital wearing a miniskirt and crop top, and showing her hair. In the now-viral video, the woman is filmed walking around the desert region of Najd, where many of Saudi Arabia’s most conservative tribes and families are from.

CBS News has not confirmed the authenticity of the following video clip — which has been posted on Twitter — but it appears to show the woman in a miniskirt and black crop top as many have described:

Social media is wildly popular in Saudi Arabia as a space to vent frustrations and gauge public opinion. The outcry against the video and the woman’s subsequent arrest reveal how powerful and widespread conservative views are in the kingdom, despite recent moves by Saudi Arabia to modernize and loosen some rules.

The country’s 31-year-old heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has pushed for greater openings for entertainment in part to appease the youth, who are active on social media and can bypass government censors online. More than half of Saudi Arabia’s population is under 25.

The government announced last week that girls would be allowed for the first time to play sports in public school and have access to physical education classes. The powers of the kingdom’s religious police have also been curtailed, and they are officially no longer allowed to arrest people.

Despite these moves, strict gender segregation rules and other restrictions on women remain in place. Women are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia and cannot obtain a passport or travel abroad without a male relative’s permission.

After the woman’s video surfaced, some Saudis expressed alarm, saying that Twitter was being used as a tool to out other citizens.

Ibrahim al-Munayif, a Saudi writer with more than 41,000 followers on Twitter, wrote on his official account that allowing people to disobey the law leads to chaos.

“Just like we call on people to respect the laws of countries they travel to, people must also respect the laws of this country,” he wrote.

Others defended her by posting images from President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May, in which first lady Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka, though modestly dressed in higher necklines and longer sleeves, shunned wearing a head cover or the abaya.

Ivanka Trump’s blonde tresses and attire sparked a Twitter hashtag during Mr. Trump’s visit, with Saudi males commenting on her looks and referring to Mr. Trump as Abu Ivanka, meaning Ivanka’s father.

If Saudi Arabia had no oil, it would be nothing to the West.

What happens next to Saudi girl? Will she disappear? Be beheaded? Stoned to death?

We may never know.

5 thoughts on “Saudi Girl in Miniskirt Arrested After Video Goes Viral

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  2. “More than half of Saudi Arabia’s population is under 25.” Good news there for white nations, expect some Saudi shitskins in your town quite soon.

    “Ibrahim al-Munayif, a Saudi writer with more than 41,000 followers on Twitter, wrote on his official account that allowing people to disobey the law leads to chaos.”

    He is right. Not just chaos but the breakdown of all moral values. The West has proved this. Women have been pushing for “equal” rights for 200 years and more. They have succeeded and let loose forces such as LGBTQHIV, emotional support dogs, welfare for all, unrestricted Immigration of incompatible tribalist people, and so on.

    It starts with a few well-meaning aristocrats such as the Suffragettes and their tolerant husbands. Then, eventually all is lost. The family, the role of the father, the role of mothers, and even whether to have babies. The Nation itself is lost. Who wants to fight and die for a Multicult rubbish dump?

    Some (((people))) always push censorship laws such as obscenity laws. In the end, all is permitted, which even those breaking the laws did not wish for. They just wanted to make lots of money while being a little bit naughty.

    Note to King Saud. Reforms almost never work, people always want more. Then a revolution follows, as in France and Russia. In the West, the constant reforms have led to the death of the Church of England. Just about nobody goes any more to the official church of the Sovereign of England. So all Kings and Queens will also disappear while their subjects are busy with headphones, iPhones and whatever Snapchat activity catches their eye.

    • For a year I had an office next door to economist John Lott. We were both young then. Anyway, he has done research on women’s suffrage and what happened afterward.

      Abstract of the pdf of his paper on the subject:

      This paper examines the growth of government during this century
      as a result of giving women the right to vote. Using cross-sectional
      time-series data for 1870–1940, we examine state government expenditures
      and revenue as well as voting by U.S. House and Senate
      state delegations and the passage of a wide range of different state
      laws. Suffrage coincided with immediate increases in state government
      expenditures and revenue and more liberal voting patterns
      for federal representatives, and these effects continued growing
      over time as more women took advantage of the franchise. Contrary
      to many recent suggestions, the gender gap is not something
      that has arisen since the 1970s, and it helps explain why American
      government started growing when it did.

      He’s the same guy who wrote the book, More Guns, Less Crime. Liberals hate him. Although you aren’t fond of economics or economists, you might find value in some of his research.

      • Women voters also brought in Prohibition – with good though selfish intentions. This resulted in a US crime wave which has never ended, the USA is now the worlds leading criminal nation. Drugs have replaced alcohol as the big money earner. The revenuers as always are behind the curve.

        Gangsters hate anything which is legal – the prices and profits are too low, and taxes must be paid. So – by an amazing coincidence – the USA lags most of the western world with very quaint and prudish laws about gambling and prostitution. These laws just happen to favour the (((mafia))) and criminals generally making big bucks. Politicians, judges and cops get their share of the dirty money.

  3. It would seem that most women don’t make good decisions. Sadly, I have to concur. You know how they say, “he thinks with his dick”? Well, women, “think with their heart”. Most of the time that is illogical (as Spock would say), with illogical outcomes. I’ve seen it, hell, if you want to be honest, I’ve done it too (with people, nothing as important as politics). With completely screwed-up, illogical outcomes. But I could only see that later. With age comes wisdom, that, too, is also true. I am glad to live in US with all of the rights that women have, but some of us have naively destroyed our own future. It will not end well for this girl. She may get off a little lighter because of all the publicity, but I doubt it. Thank you Lord that I was not born a woman in the islam world (or black, lol).
    Although I will never apologize for slavery, I feel an affinity between myself and White women from the US who came before me, I will say, to the readers here, “I am sorry. I can see how you feel let down by us”. I feel let down by them too.

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