Inspirational (Stupid!) Quote of the Day: One by an NBA Coach

Intended to be inspirational, Steve Kerr’s idea that basketball will bring peace and racial harmony is just stupid.


Stephen Douglas Kerr (born September 27, 1965) is an American former professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors.[1] Kerr is a seven-time NBA champion, winning three with the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs as a player, and two with the Warriors as a head coach. Kerr has the highest career three-point percentage (45.4%) for any player with at least 250 three pointers made in NBA history.

Italian fans throw bananas at African soccer players:

6 thoughts on “Inspirational (Stupid!) Quote of the Day: One by an NBA Coach

  1. The people that hate each other the most are almost alike – not opposites. They have minor tribal differences such as language. Probably most people in the world hate basketball, which discriminates against short people – which most people in the world are.
    Irish Catholics and Protestants.
    Rwanda’s Hutus and Tutsis.
    Commie rats and people of the same ethnicity who happen to have money or be educated.
    The English and Germans are closely related yet have fought Rwandan style genocidal/suicidal wars which wrecked both their Empires for ever.
    Arabs and Semitic Jews.
    America’s red injun tribes hated each other much more than they hated the White Man who was stealing their happy hunting grounds.
    Much the same with Black Africans – they hate other Black tribes, not whites.

  2. Nigger-ball has not been a white man’s game for over 50 years. I do not understand how white men can play basketball with the hordes of niggers and mulattoes that infest nigger-ball at all levels from grade school to the pros. Having to associate with low I.Q., profane, sweaty, smelly sh*t-apes is beyond my comprehension. Of course, again, it was the jews who facilitated all of this. The NBA Commissioners have all been jews as is the current mutt.

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