Chancellor Angela Merkel Rejects Refugee Limit for Germany

Bleeding heart progressive German leader Angela Merkel has refused to put a cap on the number of parasites (refugees to progressives) entering Germany.

Hooray! More cultural enrichment.

Or should I say national suicide?

Blood-stained streets and raped women mean nothing to pig Merkel. Whatever motivates her, in practice, her actions are evil.

Get over your “Six million Jews” guilt Germany and turn your political system upside down while there’s still a chance for national survival.


The German chancellor has rejected calls from her sister party to limit the number of refugees entering Germany. In a wide-ranging interview she defended the G20 summit in Hamburg and spending on infrastructure.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to place an upper limit on refugees that the country accepts, speaking in an annual interview broadcast on Sunday.

Distancing herself from the position of her conservative Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Merkel, who leads the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said placing a limit on refugees was not the way forward.

“As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it,” she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.

That position places her in conflict with CSU leader Horst Seehofer who threatened not to enter into coalition without an annual upper limit for refugee numbers.

In the wide ranging interview, Merkel said she hoped to work with NATO to resolve a widening gulf between Turkey and Germany.

Last week, Turkey refused to give German lawmakers access to Bundeswehr troops serving on AWACS surveillance planes at the NATO base in Konya which had been scheduled for Monday. Turkey asked for a delay, citing the tense state of German-Turkish bilateral relations.
Merkel refused to link the issue of extradition of Turkish asylum seekers with access to Konya in talks with Ankara. She said the two issues were completely unrelated. The question of asylum and the right to visit German troops have “nothing, but nothing to do with each other,” Merkel said.

“Before we draw conclusions, we should first wait for talks and discuss these things with NATO’s help,” Merkel said.

“This whole issue is unfortunate, very unfortunate,” Merkel said on Sunday.


7 thoughts on “Chancellor Angela Merkel Rejects Refugee Limit for Germany

  1. To be honest, I am not even blaming that ugly STASI Communist Jewess for what she is doing, it’s just her (((job))), it’s up to GERMANS to have their say … and there are no DECISIVE voices and ACTIONS because Germans became – what?? – Majority obviously not Germans any more, but meek Multiculturally tamed idiots, beyond any comprehension.

  2. ” taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.”

    How can Germany do that? Only by declaring war on the war mongering USA, which Hitler did in 1941 and got his arse kicked. The USA will continue creating tens of millions of refugees, eventually hundreds of millions. Germany should perhaps join Putin and support Bashar Assad – end the refugee crisis. Show some German backbone for once in 70 years. Kick out all US occupying troops from Germany. Build nuclear weapons.

    That is why no upper limit, she wants 100 million Coons in Germany. Happy days!

  3. The only hope we have is to ally ourselves with the Russians and white East Europeans (not the Roma or those mixed with Turk/Muslim blood). Western Europe is finished. Ironic that I spent a number of years of my life “defending” West Europe from what I was told were the “enemy” Commie Soviet hordes (the white Russians were never our enemies). It was the muslim Soviet Khazars, Chechnyans, and other mystery-meat Soviet peasant barbarians who inflicted the rapes and mass murder on German females and German men just before WWII ended. Of course, this rape/murder holocaust was the brain-child of a Soviet jew.

  4. Merkel is owned by the same jews that own the USA, Germany is an occupied country and has been since the end of the second world war. In fact, any country that has US air bases and army bases in them is not sovereign. Merkel has no children so she’s not worried about the future and will do the bidding of the US jews until she is removed from office. The German people are so demoralised that they dare not even think about fighting back lest they get called names or lose their jobs or livelihood. Everyone must throw out their TV sets and join nationalist groups and start making some noise otherwise we are doomed to extinction and it won’t be a painless experience once their numbers reach critical mass.

    • The women rape victims need to take the lead in exposing the monsters. Men with any soul left will not take the rape of their women without a fight. One thing I’ve noticed is that disarming people demoralizes them. The Germans must be disarmed–no second amendment.

  5. Makes you wonder if Merkel is another of those sexually frustrated middle-aged women with a ‘Mandingo’ fetish, dreaming of a big black dick inside her? A fair number of those working to aid the ‘refugees’ have proven that they have and she certainly doesn’t miss an opportunity to get up close and personal.

    • I searched for the right picture to illustrate this post. I think I hit the nail on the head with her doing the pic with the refugee. I think you have hit upon something deep in her personality that is well hidden from the masses.

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