70 Year Old White Male Home Depot Worker Fired for Confronting Shoplifters


Many of the shoplifters in Texas these days are Mexicans. They do construction work and don’t want to pay for their tools.

They are also often in the U.S. illegally.

Most of them are nonviolent, so company policy regarding Mexican and white shoplifters is a little ridiculous. Blacks are a different story.

Am I wrong to suggest that Jim put no one’s safety at risk by trying to slow down the shoplifters he spotted?

New York Post

A 70-year-old veteran lost his Home Depot job in Texas after confronting three shoplifters trying to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of tools from the store.

Jim Tinney said he acted instinctually when he threw a paint roller extension at the feet of one of the three suspects in an effort to stop them from making off with tool sets last month at the Pearland store, KTRK reports.

“In the Army, they train you to do things like that,” Tinney told the station. “I just automatically went like this and threw the stick at their feet.”

The suspects dodged the obstacle and got away.

About two weeks later, Tinney, who thought the incident was behind him, learned that his altruistic actions would cost him his job. Tinney admitted to the station that company representatives were clear during training sessions not to confront suspected shoplifters.

Tinney said he understood the policy, but still thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“I think they could have written me up, reprimanded me, but terminate me? That’s pretty strong,” he told the ABC affiliate. “I’m 70 years old. I need to work. I needed that job. I enjoyed working with customers figuring out what they wanted to do. It’s fun.”

Stephen Holmes, a Home Depot spokesman, said the policy is in place to protect employees and customers alike.

“What I can tell you now is that we have a strict policy that only our trained security personnel can pursue and engage shoplifters,” Holmes told the station in a statement. “We’ve had deaths and serious injury over the years, and no amount of merchandise is more important that the safety of our associates and customers.”

Holmes referenced previous incidents during which employees were bitten, stabbed and suffered serious brain damage following encounters with suspected shoplifters.

“In fact, in just the past 24 hours we’ve had two shoplifters pull guns at two different stores at both ends of the country,” Holmes’ statement continued. “So you can see, it’s a very serious safety risk to everyone, even when it doesn’t appear to be.”

Texas is a state that favors employers. Jim has no good legal grounds to use to protest his firing. Perhaps a small business owner who wants a conscientious older white male who can get the job done will hire him now.

One question though. Is the economy so bad that a 70 year old must still work to make ends meet? SAD!

16 thoughts on “70 Year Old White Male Home Depot Worker Fired for Confronting Shoplifters

    • They also support homo pride. Around here among the light in the loafers crowd they are also known as “Homo Depot”

      • You’re the guy from MA, right? Man, you must be an island unto yourself. Keep up the fight, my man.

      • “light in the loafers crowd’. Is this about the shoes so beloved of poofters? Various overbright colours of extremely stupid looking canvas shoes at huge prices? Pink and such like are popular. They almost never wear socks. Homos hate socks? They spend a lot of money on fashionable hairdos also. So you can spot a chocolate driller at both top and bottom. They are also very young. The old homo faggots are dead.

      • Rayman; Ayup, I’m one of the men from Marxachusetts. Although I was born and spent most of my 70 years here in Jew England, over the past12-24 years feel more like an illegal alien squatter in my own home.

        I have met a small handful of awake and aware fellow whites, and once me meet and get chatting time slips away. Most of the time, as gently as I try to open the eyes of the zombies, it’s met with flash mob antifa zombie response

        We do have one conservative media outlet here, WRKO am 680 link below

      • Is that asshole Jay Severin still on air? I called his show and started calling out the tribe and he cut me off before the 7 second delay kicked in. Proceeded to call me a liberal college, America hating, anti Semitic, nazi. All because I pointed out the FACT that Ahmedinijad never said he wanted to wipe israel( physically) off the map. God, I hate that fucking cunt.

  1. I worked retail for a number of years. As an employee, it is not worth it trying to stop shop-lifters. We no longer live in a white nation. The retailers are all lovers of mud-people and despise their evil YT customers. F*ck them.

  2. “no amount of merchandise is more important that the safety of our shoplifters.”

    Why is this 70 year old white chump working and paying tax? Why is he not living the high life on USA welfare like 20 year old African men now in the USA?
    This old man is taking a job which could give work to a much younger man – who may be on welfare.
    Also he is missing out on his pension which he could have started collecting 8 years ago – or later if he wanted the full pension, 5 years ago. Pensioners get lots of other benefits which workers do not. Discounts on public transport, probably much cheaper health care etc.

  3. They lie. They always lie. Truth is, the “shrinkage” is paid for by YOU the paying customers. They pass the cost to YOU and say its humanitarianism. They call it the “diversity tax” or “riot insurance”. Actually its another way they steal from YOU.
    Unplug from the enemy. Barter with your own kind and do not use their Monopoly Money. They cannot steal what they cannot control. This Monopoly Money is the keystone for THEIR WHOLE SCAM AND POWER BASE. Kill the bank and the enemy is a powerless fool running to hide and escape. Hit them where they hurt. Do not waste time on boycotting a head of this alien Hydra. Kill the bank and the many heads will die off as well.

    • Good advice. It’s not easy to do, but it’s still good advice. Easier to do is to shop garage sales and thrift shops. Unless you need something right now, you can find it there. Also, I saw one group of whites who formed a group where they lend to each other. Items such as a wood chipper and other things we don’t each need one of.

    • J.J.Cintia good ideas. Do not borrow money and pay interest to a bank. If you use a credit card, always pay the balance in full and pay no interest charges. Avoid all bank fees as far as possible, and avoid all late payment fees to nay utility.

      In 1840 opponents of the Duke of Wellington rallied with the cry “Stop the Duke, Get Gold”.
      So, “Stop The Fed, Get Gold”.
      It is feasible to buy gold and silver bullion and bags of old silver coins, and then use these for transactions amongst friends etc. The commission is a little high to buy and sell gold bullion soon after to buy something. Everyone worldwide that buys gold is weakening the Jew control over the money system. Paper money can buy anything but physical gold. The reason is that if all paper bullshit money holders try to buy all the physical gold, the gold price would rise by 100 or 1000 times (i.e. paper money would collapse in value). It is like the game of musical chairs – but there is only one chair and that is gold. All the players have paper.
      However the Jew money cheats and market riggers are winning hands down and do not expect this to change any time soon. Gold will win eventually but it might take another 50 years.

    • Here’s a tact I’ve heard some people use to stick it to HD. Not advocating. If you need a tool, buy it, use it, and bring it back when you’re done with it. I’ve also heard that contractors buy a bunch of tools before the end of the year, never open them, and then return them, keep the receipts and claim them as tax write offs. Not sure that’s true. Just heard abou it.

  4. Home Depot actually has a policy that prohibits its employees from either chasing or detaining suspected shoplifters, or even calling the cops on them, much less even accusing them of shoplifting. I think two things are at work behind this: One, insurance, meaning that if HD minimizes the chance that employees get into conflagrations with shoplifters, this means that shoplifters won’t be able to sue HD, and if they don’t sue, then HD’s insurance premiums will be lower. Second, I think HD is exploiting the network effect, tolerating some percentage of stealing from itself just to get foot traffic in order to create mindshare for itself.

    • All the logic in the world may not offset the bad publicity from firing the old fellow. Here locally you can buy tools from Walmart, Loews, and Johnny Chuoke’s Happy Handyman Home Center (a nice local Mexican family operation). You can also buy over the Internet, I presume. Home Depot’s policies leave a bad taste in my mouth. They in effect encourage thieves by ignoring them.

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