Video: Heavyset Mexican Lady Creates Disturbance in Texas Taco Bell

The location of the contretemp featured in these videos is Converse, Texas, which is a bedroom suburb northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

In the first video, the so-called lady throws a large metal tea dispenser at the manager, who is also a Mexican, judging from his accent. He takes off his shirt and dares the agitated woman to attack him.

In the second video, the disturbance continues. In both the videos, you can see the woman’s teen son sticking his nose into the situation.

In the third, the Mexiturd is handcuffed and arrested after police arrive..

Read the story, which doesn’t say much, at Apparently, the dispute arose over the woman’s termination

3 thoughts on “Video: Heavyset Mexican Lady Creates Disturbance in Texas Taco Bell

  1. Look at the behavior. The Mexicants behave like niggers. The manager could have just called the police, but chose to behave like a spic gang-banger. Pulling off his shirt, hiking up his trousers, and puffing out his chest like I have seen spics do in San Antonio and when I worked at the Bexar Country Jail. What was he going to do? Beat-up the roly-poly Mexidwarf woman? Christ, all non-Caucasians must be deported from the U.S. We must become a Caucasian nation again.

  2. Another great reason to avoid fast food; All kinds of contamination going-on but I’m willing to bet that nothing went in the trash.

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