Pew Center: The World HATES Donald Trump (Map)

And I suppose they loved the gay Kenyan Muslim Nigger and his field Nigger wife?

Source: Richard Wike’s Twitter

9 thoughts on “Pew Center: The World HATES Donald Trump (Map)

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  2. Pew Center is a bit whiffy on the nose, like Pepe le Pew. Billions of dollars of “do gooder” charity money left by a Conservative Christian family is now misused for lefty propaganda, in the same way the Ford Foundation has been subverted.

  3. Beware of fudged results. Pew is high on the list.


    Trump received an overwhelming reception from the Polish people, but this map only shows Poland at 20-30%.

    Hungary only 34-49%.

    Russia over 80% is actually funny. Obviously, to make it look like Russians love Trump and he loves them. Collusion!

    I’m sure Kenyans, Tanzanians, and Nigerians love a White Supremacist US president.

    • Yes why would 80% of Russians love Trump when most of them must know that Trump has unlawfully attacked their ally Bashar Assad? Including chucking 59 Tomahawks at an air force base in Syria shared with Russian fighter jets. Plus unlawfully shooting down a 30 years old Russian jet being used by their ally Syria.
      The (((media))) hates Trump and ((((survey companies))) hate Trump. That is all that matters, what the public think does not matter at all.

  4. ‘to do the right thing regarding world affairs”………
    Note – Israel is out of it.
    Does the POTUS know the length of a piece of string?
    How confident is anyone in the Amazon jungle that the POTUS knows what a piece of string is?

  5. First off, they used terrible colors to differentiate. The DARK Green is supposed to be the most positive, 80%+, yet I can barely find any Dark Green except down at the west edge of South America.

    Secondly, “No Data” for USA? Hog wash!

    I say P.U. on Pew!

  6. The PU Center is just another jew slush fund and sinecure (as are all of the non-profit/not-for-profit think tanks, policy institutes, etc.) for useless jews and goys to hold fancy titles, schmooze with one another, spend their funds on expense accounts, blow hot-air doing TV/newspaper interviews, and present a facade of being elite intellectuals. I pay no attention to these kike polls, and surveys, and other jew-spew. It is all demonic lies purveyed by the Christ-killers and their traitorous goy lap-dogs.

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