Negro Came to Church to Prey, Not Pray, Ended Up Dead


Don’t you love a true crime story with a happy ending? A dead perp made for a happy ending in Dothan.

Dothan, Alabama is a small city near the Gulf of Mexico, not far from the Florida panhandle.

Tolver was undoubtedly a good boy. Him mama gon’ say he beez an aspiring rapper who was turning his life around by pursuing the study of rocket science.

A staff member of a Dothan church shot and killed a man who robbed him and another parishioner inside the church on Sunday night, police said.

Dothan police found Steffon Parreese Valentez Tolver, 26, dead of a gunshot wound in the parking lot of the Crossroads Baptist Church 2574 Westgate Parkway at around 10:34 p.m., police said.

Police said Tolver had entered the back door of the church and robbed a parishioner of about $50.

When Tolver then attempted to rob a staff member of the church, the staff member fired his handgun once, hitting Tolver in the upper torso. Tolver ran out the back door of the church and into the parking lot where he died.

No other details were immediately available.

Our deceased gentleman of color should have picked a Unitarian church to rob. He’d be alive today if he knew a little more about religious denominations. Unitarians would have debated theology with him instead of shooting him.

10 thoughts on “Negro Came to Church to Prey, Not Pray, Ended Up Dead

  1. The sh*t-beast does not respect any religion, culture, society, more, ethic, norm, law, rule, or any other civilizational attribute. Niggers are lower than animals. They do not possess souls or a conscience. They all need to be exterminated. This one dead dindu means that some poor YT will not be victimized on the future. Thank God for the Second Amendment.

  2. Don’t know a lot about all of the Christian denominations, enough, though, to know some of them are pretty weird.

  3. Egad. Shooting a man or a Baboon inside a church seems a tad unchristian. I thought Jesus said “If some greedy Coon steals your coat, give him your cloak also”. Maybe those words have been mistranslated over the years. He should have said “if some Nigger pulls a gun on you inside Church, shoot him in the heart area”.

      • If you ask a knee-grow IsraHellite he will tell you they God, Moses, Jeebuzz were all inky black south Africans, and many white SJW cucks agree with them

  4. Damn, robbery at a church. Wow when I was younger and attended church regularly I always felt I had to be on my best behavior in God’s house. But, then, everything went diverse and I quit attending. I couldn’t sit in God’s house next to non-Whites and pretend we were all the same. He knows my heart without my saying a word. I don’t think God is offended by my feelings of non-Whites. He would be more angry about me lying about it. So I don’t.
    Off topic here but here’s a good one. I don’t normally buy the newspaper anymore but our headline grabbed me and I had to purchase it. It seems some dindu family had taken a vacation to FL. They were on their way back home. It was a 40 yr father, his 21 yr old son, the son’s girlfriend and the 21 yr old’s 3 kids. No, that is not a mistake. 21 yr old with 3 illegitimate kids already. Well it seems the 40 yr old was drunk and mouthing off (aren’t they always)? and father and son had a fight. The son tells his GF to pull the car over and she does. They are on the interstate mind you. The father gets out of the car and goes to hit his son, so son shoots and kills father. LOL You can’t make this stuff up. Well, I guess I could, but I don’t have to.

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