Minneapolis’ First SOMALI Cop Kills Unarmed White Australian Woman



Diversity kills.

A Muslim Nigger cop who colonized Minnesota deliberately executed Justine Damand, who’s from Australia. You’d have to ask the Nigger why? Was it because the United States was generous enough to take his 70 IQ black ass and push him into an executive position in real estate, and then when his incomptence there was too much make him a big shot Nigger cop?

Fuck Minnesota cucks. You fucking cowards need the KKK to teach you some things.

Shitskin affirmative action so-called cop needs to learn that there are some people who still believe in an eye for an eye.



MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed 40-year-old Justine Damond in the alley behind her home Saturday night has been identified as Officer Mohamed Noor. Meanwhile, state investigators have confirmed that they did not find any weapons at the scene.

Noor, 31, joined the department in March 2015 as the first Somali police officer to patrol the 5th Precinct in southwest Minneapolis, according to a city newsletter. He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College. Before joining the department, he worked in property management in commercial and residential properties in Minneapolis and St. Louis, Mo.

Chief Janee Harteau issued a statement Monday afternoon saying she would request a speedy investigation into the shooting, which she called “tragic.”


“I have many of the same questions and it is why we immediately asked for an external and independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting death,” said Harteau, who is out of the country on vacation but is receiving regular briefings, according to a police spokesperson. “I also want to assure you that I understand why so many people have so many questions at this point. I’ve asked for the investigation to be expedited to provide transparency and to answer as many questions as quickly as we can.”

Noor has been sued once in his short career with the police department, stemming from a May 25, 2017 incident, in which he and two other officers came to a woman’s home and took her to the hospital, which the woman alleges constituted false imprisonment, assault and battery. According to the recently filed and ongoing lawsuit, the officers claimed they had reason to believe the woman was suffering a mental health crisis — which she denied — and Noor “grabbed her right wrist and upper arm,” exacerbating a previous shoulder injury in the process.

An exchange between police from the night of the shooting, posted by website Minnesota PoliceClips, shows one officer indicating a “female standing behind a building” on Washburn Avenue. Seconds later, another officer reports “shots fired” and “one down” in the same location, and then an officer says he’s performing CPR. An officer also notes that there’s no suspect at large. It’s unclear if the audio is edited or compressed for time.

On Monday, the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension confirmed that officers were responding to a 911 call of a “possible assault.” “At one point an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman,” the news release said. “BCA crime scene personnel located no weapons at the scene.”

The BCA confirmed that an autopsy has been completed. After confirming Sunday that there was no body camera or dashcam footage of the incident, the agency said the investigation “does not determine whether a law enforcement agency policy was violated. That would be reviewed through the agency’s internal affairs process.”

The BCA has not officially named Noor, but a source confirmed that he was the shooter. Attorney Tom Plunkett is representing the officer, but declined to identify him.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that he would decide himself whether Noor is charged in the shooting rather than use a grand jury. He said he believes Noor’s body camera should have been running at the time of the shooting.

“I do understand this, they were driving down an alley, the victim approached the car. That’s not necessarily a time you must, but frankly I think it’s a time you should.”

At the same time, a neighborhood has continued to struggle for answers as to what caused the shooting. Family members said Damond called 911 that night to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home.

The morning afterward about 200 people gathered Sunday to mourn Damond. Loving messages remain written in chalk on the sidewalk near the scene, at the end of the alley on W. 51st Street between Washburn and Xerxes avenues S. in the city’s Fulton neighborhood. A bouquet of flowers rested on the windshield of an SUV.

Damond, from Sydney, Australia, and her fiance, Don Damond, lived in the 5000 block of Washburn.

“This is about Justine; it’s about Don, a horrific thing has happened in their lives, but it reverberates through the community,” said neighbor Richard Burbach, looking on as Australian news crews gathered around the Damond home. “I hope that the global media can continue to put enough focus on this that there is a kind of pressure that will provide an essential ingredient that will change policing, not just in Minneapolis but the country as well.”

Gov. Mark Dayton had no comment Monday on the shooting. Law enforcement had previously criticized Dayton for comments he made the day after Philando Castile was killed by former St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez.

“Would this have happened if the driver were white, if the passengers were white?” Dayton asked last year. “I don’t think it would have. … On behalf of all decent-minded Minnesotans, we are shocked and horrified. This kind of behavior is unacceptable.”

Three sources with knowledge of the incident said Sunday that two officers in one squad car, responding to the 911 call, pulled into the alley. Damond, in her pajamas, went to the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver. The officer in the passenger seat pulled his gun and shot Damond through the driver’s side door, sources said.

“Two Minneapolis police officers responded to a 911 call of a possible assault just north of the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue S. just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday,” the BCA said in a news release. “At one point, an officer fired their weapon, fatally striking a woman.

“The BCA’s investigation is in its early stages. More information will be available once initial interviews with incident participants and any witnesses are complete. … The officers’ body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident. Investigators are attempting to determine whether any video of the incident exists.”

Minneapolis police confirmed that the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

Noor is one bad Nigger. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has dug up some of the facts that scream that this asshole hates white women.

Kill him. Hang him. Shoot him. Behead him. I don’t give a fuck. Just get the trial underway and then execute him.

47 thoughts on “Minneapolis’ First SOMALI Cop Kills Unarmed White Australian Woman

  1. Minneapolis (Little Mogadishu) has the largest Somali diaspora outside of Somalia. I was unaware that they had that weird looking mystery-meat dyke as police chief. Their Gov. Dayton owns the Target stores/corporation and is a raging libtard who was in favor of Target’s transsexual freak bathroom policy. Minneapolis/Minnesota already has elected a Somali representative, look for more as these sh*t-skins gain more population and political power. Now the douche-bags have Somali cops. Brilliant. The circumstances described in this post sound like a jew Hollyweird horror movie. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Of course, one more evil YT is dead.

  2. When I lived in major metro areas, I was harassed by mystery meat police. Where I live now I was fucked over by white male cops.

    The police have too much power and are now the thugs. They do and will continue to target ‘out of reach’ white women out of eroticized rage. They have been unleashed on us at the behest of the State because we are liliths who won’t submit to tyranny.

    We really don’t need cops.

      • Walk around the neighborhood with my kids in DC.

        Same where I am
        At now. Oh and not let the bush lady next door have her kids attack mine.

        My theory is that white women walking out and about is a threat to these apes in uniform. White women tend to notice things like suburban drug houses and other debauchery in so-labeled good neighborhoods. White women out with their kids draws out other kids and other moms. The Apes in uniform don’t like that because they can’t run their underground scene of hidden brothels and drug houses

      • I got harassed in DC at a Subway for getting a free refill on a soda. Old school D.C. Black cops are okay, it is the ones off the boat from Afreeka that power trip.

        The white cops where I am at suck. The state I am in is full on croneyism.

      • Yes they are. And we live in a world that is has no civility anymore

        I got stalked by a male cop in Philly. Would sit outside my window at night in his car. I’d wave out my window at him. Almost got dragged to jail by two black cops when I lived in DC because they claimed that my son was making too much noise playing angry birds on a computer on the sofa.

        The patriarchy or the ones who pretend to be patriarchs with integrity out there today have wrecked things

        Nope. Don’t like cops. At all.

      • I actually got stopped by a cop once who inquired about my son’s sunburn. No joke.

        Cops = nogs and actually, nog males are probably better than cops

    • “We don’t need cops”. Okay, GS. Be sure to remember those words when Trayvon or Paco kick in your door in the middle of the night. But remember, when they’re finished with you – “we don’t need cops”.

  3. They must have run out of places in Australia to attack White Australians and are trying their luck OS. Give a Somali a gun and a bit of power….what could go wrong?

  4. “Damond called 911 that night to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home.”
    She trusted the police at night, big mistake. She thought the cops were on her side. Why did she not stay inside her apartment, and not let the police in, keep the chain on the door? Was she assaulted by her own fiancé (likely)? Or were there home invaders inside her apartment (less likely she would have run away, not stayed there)? Why does the media tell us so little, are they stupid or just lazy?

    Any Australian living in the USA is reckless, IMO. The crime rate in Sydney is much lower than most American cities, especially those full of negros.
    OTOH Australia is also filling up with Somali men, thanks to (((Bob Geldof))) and his Band Aid, which has resulted in 40 million more Coons being born in the Horn of Africa. Must save the “apemanity”. For ever, billions of fast breeder parasites.

    This Somali killer and woman hater should be tried for murder. Why would a white woman in pyjamas with no weapon be seen as a threat? Especially when she was the woman who called the police in the first place.

    ” He holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from Augsburg College.” Economics is a bullshit (((trade))) about as useful as Gender Studies, Buggy Whip Manuifacturing or Town Planning.

      • what about tyrants WITHOUT a penis?!?!? Theyre even worse, but again, you have ongoing issues with men, so…
        the problem here is a subhuman animal [with no offence to the rest of the animal kingdom] that should not even be in the country being handed a job, ‘authority’ and a firearm. A lovely, if stupid apparently, white woman is now dead. The responsible jigaboo will never be held accountable, never be tried for murder, never be made to pay for his crime. And we KNOW he feels no remorse – and isnt even capable of such – so theres no comfort in knowing he will be ‘tortured’ the rest of his worthless life.
        There is a REASON lynch mobs existed, and its past time they rerappear quite frankly.

      • Incapable of remorse–so true. And your endorsement of lynch mobs matches mine. Lynching kept them in line, as did police beatings of them. We need judicial corporal punishment in the form of lashings and canings.

    • Perhaps her fiancé is ‘in’ with the cops and had her killed.

      Maybe he got cold feet and didn’t want to marry her. Who knows.

      His ass should have moved to Aus, married her, then brought her back to the states. No international pussey delivery. Maybe this dude thought she was desperate because she was 40 and would put up with shit.

      Fiancé is shady

      • Not true. Anytime there is a death of a female the investigators suspect the significant other.

        Just like that woman in DC back on New Years Eve – the nog did not do it …. she announced where she was going on Facebook. Not good. An ex killed her or set her up to be killed.

    • LOL, Robert. Since I was an economics prof for 30 years, I’ll partly defend the profession. There is value in some economics. My old Comparative Economic Studies professor understood Hitler’s ability to put people to work during the Great Depression. My high school history teacher, Mr. Kent, gave us a heads up that Roosevelt hated Hitler because he was jealous that Hitler was a success economically where Roosevelt was not.

      Anyway, check out the post by “Deirdre” McCloskey today. McCloskey criticizes economics even though he won much recognition for his work. The problem is that his work, while making good points, avoids the primary issues that concern real white people.

      • The current world financial system is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, by about 1000 times over the Mississippi Scheme (John Law, a Scot who made paper money seem valuable in France about 250 years ago). There is no hard (i.e. gold) backing for the counterfeit US dollars printed by Jews and loaned at interest. “If a debt cannot be repaid, it will not be repaid”.
        Yet pretty much all economists say all is right with the current economic system, which is based on fraud by the Western nations with their fake “valuable” money, and low wage slavery in the Third World – where billions work for peanuts producing raw materials, primary produced and finished goods bought in the West with fake money.
        The USA is like Zimbabwe, where nobody stopped Mugabe from printing trillions of dollars of fake money. But – the US dollar is the worlds “reserve” currency, so it is Ok to make too many US dollars – by the trillions.
        (((Those))) that created and loaned these fake dollars, run the world.

        I studied economics and was never taught any of the above facts, nor do the (((financial media))) ever mention them. I will bet that you also, Paladin, never taught your students the truth about money creation – and who keeps the interest paid by taxpayers.
        Economics is a fraud because like the (((media))) it hides the truth about money and debt. Banks also create a lot of money via debt – about $9 of fake money for every real dollar they hold. This racket is known as “Fractional Reserve Banking” another (((fraud))).

        The West produces fake paper money as their main export “commodity”. Everywhere else, people must work to get some of this fake paper. That is why Coons want to stop working in Africa and bludge on welfare in the West. They are not stupid.

  5. If you study Bacon’s rebellion you will see we are back there again. The police state and the NSA have grown exponentially in an effort by the upper classes to keep the perceived hordes at bay.

    Flip the script though. The whites in the Anglosphere now are the American Indians, abos etc. we are the hangers on that the rich want out. The police state is a hodge Podge of newbie immigrants willing to kiss the ass of the Plantation owners. We are the outliers that they want to push out because won’t kiss ass.

    I see many of us journeying back to Europe. We take it back. Then the colonies will crumble because the newbie browns will be pissed that their ass kissing did not pan out. Oh well. Should have been loyal to your own, but if they do it to you once they will do it to you again.

    Middle class whites are the true refugees.

  6. Rule number one, ACT ALONE tell NOBODY, EVER. Don’t say cutesie innuendos at the bar.
    Plan. Make it quick and decisive. Know the risks. Do it. Shut your mouth. Repeat keep your
    mouth SHUT. Conscience may bother you on occasion and give you doubt about your actions. Ignore it, it’ll pass. Remember you did civilization a solid.

    • Got it. First and foremost remember the grey man rule….you should be able to walk into a crowded room and no one can later remember you.

  7. There are good cops and bad cops, good people bad people, it’s just as it is.

    MONUMENTAL problem is systemically ENFORCED Diversity, which is ESSENTIALLY UNNATURAL, which is why it generates EXTRA problems that would otherwise be nonexistent. Because of this Multi-Racial Melting Pot “patent”, once America CREATED by Europeans, became a major fuckup. Same goes now with Europe.

    Just look at this – “The Somali American Police Association” … “ABDIKADIR HASSAN, a candidate for the Park Board seat in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood, said Noor was considered a role model” … “Sixth Ward City Council candidate MOHAMUD NOOR, who is unrelated to the officer” … and shit goes on and on

    To me it’s UNMANAGEABLE that in Europe, or in countries made by Whites, Black or Muslim cops can exist at all, and same goes with other PUBLIC jobs. POTUS Hussein was just the last “jack pot” in a series of Diversity “icing on cakes” in a wider pallet of White’s AUTO-HUMILIATION.

    I wonder if there is a threshold where ABNORMALITY of growing diversity would incinerate a DECISIVE spark in the sheepish heads of “silent White majority”, which is an indispensable wake-up call to commence UN-DIVERSITYFICATION on the way back to the NATURAL Racial UNIFORMITY.

    • This has a very nice and pleasant name “Ethnic Cleansing”. Whites get to play the Knockout Game on a wider scale, but this time nobody gets up after being Put Down.

  8. Tapnewswire.com posted a video of the woman giving a seminar. She was a very well spoken, full of life individual. Naive about race, as she was praising the Abbos in her native Australia. That seems to have cost her. Good on Tap for posting and showing the humanity that was lost on account of a talking orangutan with a gun.

      • Is there a way to send you direct links? Check out Foxnews.com. Story about a 25 year old negro boxer that beat his 3 year old daughter to death. To show her its a tough world. Sick.

      • I could only watch 30 seconds before she started fawning over the Abos. Jeez I hate that. It is pathetic and almost compulsory to kneel down before Holy Abos. As with Red Injuns – they are always called “Custodians” of the land by white “guilters”. Whites are always called “Invaders” and sometimes “rapists” of the land, “genocidal” and other denigrating words – by Whites!

        If all white abo lovers were shot today, maybe one quarter of the white population of Australia would be dead. Many of these have never met or talked to an abo in their life.
        Even though many abos today are thieves, violent, dangerous, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, rapists, knockout game punchers, burglars, wife beaters, pedos, petrol sniffers. 99% of them do not work and live on welfare. So who are the real “custodians” today? The media covers up abo crimes – because they are dark choco brown, so get to play the Race card.

      • Yeah. Idiot white woman who defended Abos and believes that cops are on her side.


      • I’m going to do another post on her. I saw a video of her adult son demanding an investigation. He’s NONWHITE. She was a real liberal, and some kind of “spiritual healer” New Age type.

        Don’t get fixated on any of that, GS, or fixated on her Jew look. To a Nigger she looked white. He thought he was murdering a white woman, which I think she is anyway.

      • Well, she’s clearly not an “idiot “. She was a very intelligent woman. Would it not behoove us, the enlightened, to try our best to educate our fellow Whites to the danger of thinking they’re gaining some esoteric knowledge from a bunch of fucking cavemen? Or, should we let our best and brightest die at the hands of shit skins out of sheer naievete while we snicker at them?

      • Educate them. Do it gently, but try your best. I talk to people. Trump supporters are more open to talking about race than others. It’s hard, but not impossible to talk about Jews, but I do it gently.

  9. Divershitty is (((their))) strength. When you look at the inferior nose goblins with their insane delusions of grandeur and their sickening predilections for human waste and filth, you see Satan’s children. But the garbage from diseased mudholes do not have standards or brains for that matter. This monkey crap, along with the insane freaks like homos, are the “new normal”.
    Abbie Normal says White People need to die, so the stupid and insane do not feel bad about being LOSERS. You can’t argue with that. But you should gun it down til its as extinct as the Dodo birds.

  10. Time to riot! White lives matter! shut down the interstate! Loot, burn, riot and rape…oh hold it…WE dont do that. We go thru channels [broken as they are]. Maybe WE should start using their tactics…

  11. Fuck yeah, tell it like it is. How long are you going to put up with this shit America? Call a cop and report a crime and YOU end up being murdered. All I can say is SUE, SUE, SUE….

  12. Australian media now saying the Dindu was spooked/confused/whatever by nearby fireworks. The average Police dog is smarter if there’s any truth to that one.

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