They Want to Put Nano-Chips into Currency So they can track every note

Big Brother is watching. His keen eyes and ears will have even more information about us if a plan to nanochip currency becomes reality.

I tentatively disagree with the premise of the article below. They are more interested in doing away with cash entirely than with putting nanochips in currency.

They are probably more interested in nanochipping us too, but it seems they can track almost everyone via a cell phone or vehicle tracking technology anyway.

Armstrong Economics

Believe it or not, Australia has a Black Economy Taskforce that hunts down citizens in every possible way. They look at where they send their kids to school and then inquire at the school who pays the bills and how. They are using technology to hack people’s phones of anyone suspected of hiding money to get all their messages and emails as well as where they call overseas. Their own website says:

The Black Economy Taskforce has been established to develop an innovative, forward-looking whole-of-government policy response to combat the black economy in Australia, recognising that these issues cannot be tackled by traditional tax enforcement measures alone.
The black economy refers to people who operate entirely outside the tax and regulatory system or who are known to the authorities but do not correctly report their tax obligations.

Michael Andrew, the head of this 1984 style Taskforce to spy on citizens, has proposed that the government should keep track of your $100 and $50 notes by implanting hi-tech nano-chips. He could simply scan your house to see where you are hiding money that the government can confiscate.

What I have been warning about is that government will not reform. Instead they will push us up against the wall and do everything against a free society to survive. This is simply how government responds every time throughout history. It is all about them paying their own pension at the expense of the citizen. They will always pretend the problem is the rich do not pay their fair share, but in reality, the crisis is the government will simply consume everything until it collapses.

So just recognize these bureaucrats are drunk with power for they look upon the people as stupid cattle to be slaughtered for their survival – them against us. Everything that was worth fighting for to preserve our way of life have been eliminated not by some foreign enemy, but by our rulers.

11 thoughts on “They Want to Put Nano-Chips into Currency So they can track every note

  1. Remember that when a politician (of ANY stripe) says “fair share” it really always means “more”.

  2. Us RFID technology to block anyone from detecting…if it would work. Many of the newest wallets and handbags come with it built in to secure the new chip in credit cards.

  3. I think the problem is that the government hides too much from the people and isn’t held accountable for it’s mistakes, especially wasting tax money (we all know a lot of cases where they overspent on something) or using it on stupid shit. When that happens, imo they should lower taxes because obviously they don’t need that much. Not just finding a scape goat and then never trying to improve.

    I still remain of the opinion that we are all slave to the government especially since a lot of them don’t do actions for the benefit of their own people. For example in the EU where they allow invaders to just come in and then give them welfare too or when they protect corporations or banks from failing etc. When the govt isn’t acting for the people and their interests, it’s obviously just there as a rouse. We’re still living in the same ages of nobility and peasants/slaves. Most just can’t see it because oh they can vote lol. Or they’re too distracted with work and brainwashing “entertainment”.

  4. On the plus side this Govt snooping will turn up a lot of corrupt officials such as judges, politicians, tax collectors, health inspectors and police. Even those on the “Black Economy Taskforce”. (BET). Is this name racist? Only a low corruption country would dare to do too much prying in to the private lifestyle of low paid public officials. It is common in Eastern Europe for a judge earning $1000 a month to drive a $300,000 new Mercedes.

    650 Mr Bigs in drugs have been identified in NSW Australia. Most are not in jail. They seem to be untouchable. Money talks, and bullshit walks.

    I think cash will never be banned as long as corruption, and drug dealing and gambling exists. Corrupt people do not want the benefits to end. Even without cash there is jewellery, gold, coins, Swiss bank accounts, fine wine and so on. Barter is legal and tax free (probably). Small time earning may often be tax free. E.g. a teenage baby sitter makes $20 a week. This should be tax free.

    India last year banned all high currency notes, and made them worthless after a certain date. The idea was not popular and badly enforced.

    Why pay tax in India, or any shithole nation, when you know the money will be stolen or misused?

      • 😀 Ha, true. Aluminum foil is the “poor folks” solution to transmitting credit cards &/or paper money.

        –I read somewhere over the years that FBI guys keep their phones in metal boxes.

        –I also read that travelers on the road keep their phones in metal boxes so that when a cop pulls up behind you &, before getting out of his car, he tries to download the contents of your phone with the fancy gadgets they have, & he comes up blank. 🙂

        –Since the tech co.’s are adding so many antennas to phones & computers, etc., you may think they are all turned off when, maybe they are not!

        –I read one guy who said whenever he gets a new computer, he takes it straight to the shop first, & has them remove every antenna from it.

        –I also read somewhere that if you bring home any product with an RFID tag on it, to soak that tag in water which will supposedly kill it. Maybe add salt to rust it as well. 🙂

        We’ve got to put our heads together re this mad man invasion!

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