Racist Soap Dispensers Go Viral on Youtube

This is actually an older story that Metro recycled a couple of days ago. If you haven’t seen it, it is amusing.


These automatic bathroom soap dispensers don’t really work for black people.

‘Racist’ soap dispensers in public bathrooms are not giving up their soap for black people, according to a viral Youtube video.

The revelation could come as a relief for countless darker-skinned people if thought they were going mad or being ignored.

An African-American guest at a sci-fi convention in Atlanta did a test at the Atlanta Marriott, along with his white friend, to prove the soap dispensers would not recognise dark skin.

T.J. Fitzpatrick and his friend Larry can be heard laughing throughout the video, which clocked three million views.

He told tech website Mic: ‘I wasn’t offended, but it was so intriguing, like ‘Why is it not recognising me?’

‘I tried all the soap dispensers in that restroom, there were maybe 10, and none of them worked.

‘Any time I went into that restroom, I had to have my friend get the soap for me.’

The internet went into in meltdown as people came forward with their stories or sadly used the video for a bit of racism.

Vickens Micha-El Bey wrote on Facebook: ‘O s**t I thought I was a ghost to some of these contraptions.’

Due to so many cruel comments, T.J. Fitzpatrick ended up producing more videos to back up his point.

Richard Whitney, from tech-company Particle, explained why soap dispensers and other technology have problems with darker skin types.

He said: ‘The soap dispenser uses near-infrared technology, which sends out invisible light from an infrared LED bulb for hands to reflect the light back to a sensor.

The reason the soap doesn’t just foam out all day is because the hand acts to, more or less, bounce back the light and close the circuit.

‘If the reflective object actually absorbs that light instead, then the sensor will never trigger because not enough light gets to it.’

However, Mr Whitney also said there could be all kinds of reasons dispensers do not work correctly.

The soap dispenser is another example of technology not recognising different body types, in 2010 Gadgetwise reported that the Xbox Kinect did not recognize the faces of dark-skinned gamers, Hewlett-Packard’s uneven facial recognition software also had problems and Google Photos’ auto-labeling system misidentified two black friends as ‘gorillas’.

Gorillas? You want gorillas?

3 thoughts on “Racist Soap Dispensers Go Viral on Youtube

  1. Pretty funny stuff. Where was the Quality Control? Was this useless idea invented in the good ol’ USA, home of 40 million Coons? Has this not been reported for a decade or so because niggers never use soap and do not care?

    Automatic US made metal shithouses have been installed in some Sydney public places. They are horrible. An American accent gives instructions, with warnings the door will open automatically after 10 minutes. Homos have been caught butt banging when the doors open. Best of all, some chump had not finished his shit, so stayed inside after the 10 minutes door opening. The doors closed and the human being was sprayed all over with blue chemicals and detergent!!!!! Not just the toilet and bum area, the whole joint gets sprayed. The doors also cannot be manually opened, only by pressing a button. There are safety implications in such a design.
    Only the USA can make and deliver technology like this. I hope only Australia was stupid enough to buy it.

    I am also not a fan of self-flushing toilets. What is wrong with giving the human being some control? Same with the darn soap, where is the health risk in getting the soap from a dispenser – which is before the hands are washed? So many inventions are essentially useless. These things are great when the bathroom is brand new, what about when it is 10 or 20 years old, what then? Maybe even 1 or 2 years is long enough for malfunctions to creep in.

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  3. The article explains why the dispenser puts out the amount of cleaning foam. It has to do with how much light is reflected and that is all. The dispenser is not thinking about the skin tone of anyone.

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