“Racist” Police Dog is a Little Slow Releasing His Bite on Negro’s Arm (Video)


America’s great Negro people are rising up to protest a fine looking German Shepherd canine officer. Or maybe they’re protesting police dogs in general. It’s unclear. Negros are born with the protest gene. Their keen eyes are able to see racism where you, sir, are blind.

Watch the video after the story.


A mothers’ advocacy group is demanding answers from officials in San Diego, California after footage circulated online of a local police dog biting a man’s arm then refusing to let go after being handcuffed.

One video, which received both local and national coverage, shows 26-year-old Karond Cheatum on the ground and handcuffed as the dog maintains its bite on his arm. A witness can be heard saying, “Why can’t you call your dog off?”

Initial reporting on the 9 July 2017 encounter misidentified Cheatum as another man, but San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephans’ office confirmed to us on 13 July 2017 that it was Cheatum who was in the video and taken into custody.

One police officer can be seen trying to pull the dog off of Cheatum, initially to no avail. Two other officers can be seen arriving on the scene and holding Cheatum’s legs to the ground. After 31 seconds in the video, the dog is pulled off of Cheatum.

A separate 10-second video shows the dog biting Cheatum’s arm as Cheatum drops to the ground after being ordered by Estrada. The dog maintains its grip while the officer orders Cheatum, “Show me your hand.”

Police said that the dog was dispatched after “multiple people” contacted dispatchers alerting them to Cheatum’s “erratic” behavior. He was allegedly seen jumping on cars, challenging people to fights, running in and out of traffic, and jumping on cars.

A police spokesperson, Lt. Scott Wahl, said that the video did not fully capture the encounter:

While these videos can be graphic in nature to view, keep in mind our canines are extremely effective at deescalating situations and preventing elevated levels of force to take people into custody.

Wahl also said that police dogs are not trained to release through the use of a verbal command. Instead, he said, officers are taught to apply pressure to their animals’ jaws once they have a suspect in handcuffs:

Sometimes it takes a bit to get into the right position. It’s not a perfect, sterile environment where you push a button and it happens.

We contacted the department seeking a follow-up comment but were referred to Stephans’ office. Her spokesperson, Tanya Sierra, did not comment citing the ongoing investigation into the encounter.

Following the spread of the two videos, the activist group Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change demanded that any body camera footage from the scene be released. Laila Aziz, a member of the group’s policy committee, is also demanding that Stephans investigate and prosecute the officer seen handling the dog for excessive force.

The group states on its website that founder Depelsha Thomas McGruder formed the organization through a private Facebook group she put together after watching footage of the extrajudicial killings of Philando Castile in Minnesota and Alton Sterling in Louisiana. According to MOBB, it now has more than 176,000 members around the United States.

Cheatum was taken to a local hospital where he was arraigned and charged with making a criminal threat, robbery, vandalism over $400, attempting to unlawfully take and drive a vehicle, and resisting arrest. He pleaded not guilty and his bail was set at $150,000. Cheatum’s next court appearance is scheduled for 21 July 2017.

The videos of the incident take up less than three minutes. Our canine gentledog is not biting the black perp, just holding on firmly until it’s clear in his mind that the guys in blue are safe.

Good dog!

That’s one great job by a great police dog. I hope our canine officer gets a nice steak dinner, with gravy and mashed potatoes, as a reward. If the perp had a gun in his hand or nearby, the only thing stopping the wacked out perp from killing someone was our canine hero.

7 thoughts on ““Racist” Police Dog is a Little Slow Releasing His Bite on Negro’s Arm (Video)

  1. This is dog racism! The dog dindu nuffin! He’s a god boy and he’s got his whole life ahead of him! He’s even goin’ to college! (Seriously though, I do love dogs)

  2. “Cheatum’s “erratic” behavior. He was allegedly seen jumping on cars, challenging people to fights, running in and out of traffic, and jumping on cars.”

    It is funny (?) that Coons think this is OK for a human, but that a police dog should always behave with the calm and judgement of a white man. The Koon was most likely on drugs, 99% or so chance. To a dog, blood is a drug and once they taste and smell blood it takes a lot of self-control not to kill this black piece of shit, maybe rip his guts out and eat them. Maybe the cops could secretly train one or two “rogue” dogs to bite black men in the throat, or tear their stomach open? Cannot send a dog to jail. Probably police dogs get fed at the end of a shift – not the start. Lean and mean and a little bit hungry for Darkies.

    It is good and wise that the dogs will not let go on verbal command. Criminals would learn the command, the word would get round all low life dens and dives and jails and niggers, and all perps would then be able to order the dog to let go.

  3. Surprising that the poor dog didn’t begin violently puking his guts out after just one bite of nog meat.

    I had a friend wo was in the late stages of cancer and was given a cure Jack Russell terrier as companion. JT loved almost everyone….except for niggers and beaners. All a nog or taco beaner had to do was approach or try to pet the dog and he’d go into wild wolf mode; snarling, snapping and tugging at his leash.

    I was out walking with my friend and JT (who was placed in disability housing in the hear of Boston’s negro land) and nogs came up to him, “yo dawg should be put down mang, he beeze rayciss.”

    Dogs and cats must smell something we can’t or they can see demonic spiritual entities

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