Have A Laugh GIF: Fail!

Observe the two pieces of plywood on the ground. He succeeded two times before he failed. Life is like that sometimes.

9 thoughts on “Have A Laugh GIF: Fail!

  1. His helmet fell off. So he qualifies as an idiot in more ways than one. He should have been wearing a chin strap. Plus this type of helmet is designed to take impacts from above, like falling objects being dropped by idiots higher up on a building site.
    His gumboots let him down also, no grip on the slippery plank.
    Proof that wearing a yellow vest does not increase safety when worn by a fool.
    When he slipped, he could easily have straddled the vertical plank taking a massive blow to his crown jewels.

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  3. Hey jackass! That’s not plywood! Obviously by your comments and others you know nothing about construction. Those are forms for concrete. Ever hear of Symons? Ever frame and poor a foundation? Doubt it.

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