White Man with Scary Face Tattoo Says He Can’t Find Work


No sympathy. This ex-con is clearly a wigger.

Fox News

Mark Cropp just wants to to get a job and support his family, but something unique is holding him back.

A giant tattoo saying “DEVAST8” covers half of his face, and, perhaps not suprisingly, it’s off-putting for potential employers.

The Oamaru-born teenager told the New Zealand Herald he had it inked a few months ago, while drunk on homebrew in a jail cell in Christchurch.

He was locked up in 2015, at 17, for aggravated robbery, after he and a friend pulled a knife on a tourist in Nelson.

Cropp pleaded guilty to a range of charges, including aggravated robbery, escaping custody and assault with a weapon.

He told the Herald he committed the crime to get enough money to help house himself and his pregnant girlfriend after they were kicked out of his parents’ home.

“My partner Taneia was just a month due to drop my baby, and we had nowhere to go so I committed the crime – and I never got to see [the baby] again.”

5 thoughts on “White Man with Scary Face Tattoo Says He Can’t Find Work

  1. Is this what whites have come to? Answer, yes.

    This guy is dumber than a rock. He could grow a full beard and mo, and hide the whole thing. Then, get a job. Problem solved for ever. Plus, no shaving.

    Maybe he does not want a job because he is a lazy piece of garbage who hangs around with Maoris and Islanders? Is there no circus anywhere that needs a clod like him? His face would be good for a parking policeman or council ranger – he would scare the shit out of those that love to abuse these petty officials. He would get a lot of respect. He could also be a transport ticket inspector, with the same logic applying. Even niggers would be scared of this ghostly Albino apparition. He could also work as a Repo man, he has the looks for it.

    I can not read DEVAST8.
    There is no S, it is a 3. All I can see is PAV3O.
    Unless, the whole thing is intentionally back to front, can only be read in a mirror. Then the letters do fit, DEVAS can be seen in reverse.

    Maybe people like this guy should be put down before they can have any children.

  2. I agree. Dumber than a rock. Put down or, at least, sterilized. Oh, I think he said one on the way. We’re too late.

  3. “My partner Taneia was just a month due to drop my baby.”

    TANEIA????? Anyone want to guess what color she is?

    • Maori, now they are dumb, they are used as bouncers in the clubs in Oz as they are naturally violent and stupid, the abbo’s in Oz are too lazy to work so they drink themselves to death as quickly as they can.

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