London in Panic as String of Muslim Acid Attacks Injure Five Men

Who could it be? Everyone knows that acid attacks are one of the preferred methods of terror employed by Muslims.


London (CNN)Five men were attacked with acid in London on Thursday night with one man suffering life-changing facial injuries in what police are treating as linked assaults.

The five attacks, which were reported to police over a 70-minute period, are the latest in a spike of incidents using corrosive liquids as weapons in robberies and gang-related violence in the British capital.

Police said at least four of the five attacks involved two males on a moped, and in at least two cases the attackers stole mopeds belonging to their victims. Another incident involved a robbery.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery, and is currently in custody at an east London police station. Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Four of the attacks happened in London’s eastern borough of Hackney, and one other in Islington in the city’s north. All five victims were taken to hospital.

Attacks on the rise
According to a report released by the Metropolitan Police Service in March, acid attacks are on the rise in London. In 2014, there were 166 filed incidents, rising to 261 in 2015, and 454 in 2016. Police have told CNN that trend has continued this year.

Acid attacks in London are largely concentrated in the city’s east. London’s police chief Cressida Dick explained that it was not happening across all boroughs.

“But we are concerned because the numbers appear to be going up. We will arrest people. We will enforce the law as we can. We are working very closely with the Home Office to try to see whether there’s any changes in the law required,” she told LBC Radio.

The Independent is reporting that Teresa May is contemplating changes in the law in light of today’s horrific news.

Theresa May has hinted at the introduction of new legislation to combat a spate of acid attacks after last night’s “horrific” rampage in London.

It comes after two men on mopeds carried out five acid attacks during a spree across the capital which lasted less than 90 minutes, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Asked about the assaults and whether a change in sentencing guidelines was needed, the Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said Ms May viewed the acid attack as “horrific”.

13 thoughts on “London in Panic as String of Muslim Acid Attacks Injure Five Men

  1. It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  2. Feel the vibrations, feel the diverse burning and scarring of the skin of the face and body.

    “Theresa May has hinted at the introduction of new legislation”.
    This is ricockulous (sick) (sic).

    Characters were getting facially burned by acid 130 years ago in London in Sherlock Holmes stories. Hackney then was a den of thieves and crims and it still is – but now Coons and other non whites. It is absurd to suggest the laws are inadequate. Throwing acid in people’s faces is illegal and has been probably for thousands of years! Babylon and Sumeria would have had punishments for this crime.
    One thing for sure; this in not a white man crime in this day and age. Muzzies and Hindus often do this when jilted or ditched by their girlfriend or wife, so they can never get another man. It is a cowardly attack, thus non-white.

    What London needs is more diversity, and millions more tinted people and less evil whites. Then crime will disappear as everyone holds hands, lights candles and sings Kumbaya.

    • This is not even east London, it’s Hackney rd, that’s north London, near the Arsenal’s old ground. It’s creeping further west, as you say east London had always been a shit hole and was full of paki’s and coons when I was there nearly 40 years ago. We don’t need new legislation we need to enforce current laws and boot out the darkies.

  3. put a bounty on all islamic lunatics and the idiots who import these miscreant souless fanatics ..
    multi delusional leaders of sandbagged england ..england is dead unless …

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