Hot 14 year old ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl pleads guilty to multiple charges


Well, moms and dads. Here’s a nice role model for your 10 to 16 year old daughters.

New York Daily News

Danielle Bregoli’s bad behavior has gotten the social media star into some hot water.

Bregoli, dubbed the “Cash Me Outside” girl, pleaded guilty to multiple charges Wednesday in a Florida courtroom.

According to WPTV, the charges predate her September 2016 appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show” and include possession of marijuana, grand theft and filing a false police report.

The state dropped several other charges against the 14-year-old, the outlet reported.

Bregoli will be sentenced next month in a hearing.

The internet sensation hasn’t addressed her legal drama, but her father spoke out against her wild antics, telling reporters that he thinks it’s a bad idea for Bregoli to live in Los Angeles with her mother, Barbara Bregoli.

“I am the only parent in this relationship with Danielle that is trying to see the best thing for this child,” Ira Peskowitz said. “To have her be an asset to the community, to understand what love is and to understand what family is about.”

NBC reports that Bregoli could also face charges for a battery incident earlier this year after she and her friends were caught on surveillance video attacking a group of women outside of Kavasutra Kava Bar.

Bregoli became famous last year after her mom brought her on Dr. Phil’s show to address her out-of-control behavior. During the segment, Bregoli got upset with the audience and threatened to fight them.

“Cash me outside, how bout dat?” Bregoli yelled. The catchphrase went viral after the show aired, thrusting Bregoli into stardom.

Watch the moment a star is born on Dr. Phil. 34 seconds.

The video below about Bregoli’s arrest has almost a million views. About 11 minutes.

And in the big breaking news of the day, multiple news outlets are reporting that Danielle and Kim Kardashian have ended their feud.


Kim Kardashian — who hangs with the richest, most powerful people in the country — peaced out with “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli.

Kim and Danielle Bregoli’s worlds collided at The Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel Thursday, where the 2 stars were both enjoying a meal. Danielle was dining 2 tables away from Kim when someone who knew both introduced them.

Sources close to Bregoli tell us Kim was denying photos with other patrons, but made an exception for her. We’re told Danielle was apprehensive — you know, because she talked crazy smack about her whole family in February — but Kim couldn’t have been nicer.

I expect this will keep the sheeple subdued for a while until the next degenerates replace the current crop.

Wow! Beam me up Scotty.

25 thoughts on “Hot 14 year old ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl pleads guilty to multiple charges

  1. Implants at age 14.

    Scary. But unfortunately there are many mothers who lack substance who are raising these hoez. Curious to see what mom looks like.

    • Germanic…I caught the original Dr Phil episode (in the laundry…I do not watch any tra sh TV)….Her mother actually seems like a nice sweet lady…..This wild little wh0re’s behavior could be genetic from the father’s side…..This little wh0re is capable of ANYTHING…..

  2. Dr Phil, the ultimate white traitor. Payed millions by Oprah to parade an endless line of disfunctional whites, and then have heroic black doctors lecture them. The occasional black person on his show is some black guy working three jobs and his wife is complaining that she never sees him. Dr Phil patiently explains he loves her and is building a better life for them. He is vicious in his attacks on whites.

    • I used to know a white woman who thought Dr. Phil was the greatest thing in the world. He’s a self-promoter, not an altruist. I guess the daytime TV audience is mostly lazy black women on welfare and they love the crap he pedals.

    • I have not watched Dr Phil in a long time; however, I did like some of his stuff.

      White audiences bought his shyte. Oprah is run by white female producers

  3. Is it just my personal experience, or do Italians seem more prone to nigger behavior than other Europeans? Urban Irish seem to be next, which kills me because I’m half Irish.

    • I live around a lot of Italians…very traditional Christians. This gal wouldn’t have turned out this way in an Italian family in my community. Very strict.

      It’s upbringing and environment. Parents wonder why their kids turn out the way they do, but fail to look at themselves.

  4. Dr Phil is not a medical doctor but he is a fraud and a phoney. Probably he bought his PhD form some bullshit University as did the “Dr” Gray couple – “Men are From Mars and Women are from Uranus”.
    It is tragic that people trust psychopaths like “Dr” Phil and Oprah Winfrey and any other turd that claims without proof to be a “Dr”, a Professor, or a PhD. Turn off Talmudvision for ever!

    • My woman friend in Dallas told me he had a failed practice when Oprah discovered and promoted him. I’m pretty sure his books are ghost written. He’s very tall and aggressive in his manner, which plays well in Texas. My woman friend, a married prof, thought he was the greatest thing in the world. She had her students call her Dr. Tammy, rather than by her last name because she emulated him in everything she did with her students.

      • Irony is that the title “Prof” outranks “Dr” so she is stepping down. She should be called Prof Tammy instead.
        Another irony is that genuine surgeons of the old school were proud to call themselves “Mr” rather than “Dr” even in my lifetime. This acknowledged that surgeons once came from the barber business, not medical schools. Naturally the Mr surgeons are more qualified and senior to the Dr general GPs. I doubt many surgeons out “Mr” on their consulting room door nowadays as the general public are too ignorant. So they must call themselves Dr to be on the safe side of patient trust. As “Dr” Phil does.

        Has anyone else noticed that airport transfer bus drivers wear more stripes on their uniform shoulders than the pilots of A-380s? Usually a mini bus driver carrying 10 people gets four stripes on each shoulder.

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