Asian Mom and Black Boyfriend Arrested After Child Found Dead in Car

It’s highly doubtful that the Asian woman, “Angela,” pictured above with her black boyfriend, was born in America. One suspects she’s a legal immigrant, brought into the USA for cheap labor purposes.

The only thing is that she took up with a lowlife Negro and from then on the parasiting began. I’m speculating. Maybe the criminality began. Here picture looks like the mugshots I see of local women arrested at Asian massage parlors frequented by lowlifes.

This filthy whore had no interest in America other than base economics. As President Trump has said, the country really must only allow in people who want to be here because they love God, the Constitution, and the American way of life.

By the way, I speculate that Angela is Thai, which is the Asian group with the reputation of being involved in prostitution. Her dindu boyfriend is a truly ugly specimen of that race, don’t you think? Pimp?

New York Daily News

A man and woman who authorities say were living out of their SUV in California were arrested after her 3-year-old daughter was found dead in the vehicle.

Authorities noticed the white Toyota Rav-4 parked the wrong way Wednesday in Rancho Cordova, with Angela Phakhin and Untwan Smith nearby. After finding out that Smith had an outstanding warrant in Arkansas, the officers searched the car and found the toddler covered by blankets in the backseat.

The child was “unresponsive,” according to a Sacramento County Sheriff press release. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 27-year-old Phakhin, the toddler’s mother, and Smith, 46, were arrested for child endangerment and conspiracy later Wednesday. They are being held in lieu of $1,000,000 bail, and will be arraigned on Friday in Sacramento Superior Court.

Man accused of killing son after Disney trip cracks joke to judge
“It’s just tragic, I mean, definitely a tragedy and we need to find out how this happened and prevent it,” neighbor Scott Ecklund told CBS in Sacramento.

There were no obvious signs of trauma, according to cops. The cause of death will be determined by the coroner’s office after a complete autopsy.

Investigators believe Phakhin and Smith arrived in California in February, and have been living out of their car.

While I’m speculating, because the press forces us to speculate, Asian mom may be part black, the offspring of a Negro soldier and an Asian woman.

Whatever the truth, let’s lobby Trump to vette legal immigrants very carefully. In fact, let’s lobby for a cessation of immigration.

8 thoughts on “Asian Mom and Black Boyfriend Arrested After Child Found Dead in Car

  1. It’s not sad. Criminal tendencies brought to light in studies show they may be inherited. We don’t need another mixed-race criminal in the country. This kid and we are better off, life or lives saved, not needing to be put in jail later on and Whites paying for it. .

  2. That is one skeezy-looking spook. The chin is just another yellow-skin that has no priorities beyond its eating, sleeping, and f*cking and no regard for others. The yellow race has no soul or conscience. They are strictly business. And, they are not to be admired as do stupid YT’s who cuck on about how the yellows are hard workers, do not cause trouble, etc. The yellow race hates all of the other races and YT most of all, because YT is at the top of the food chain. The yellows here in America are here for the money. No more, no less.

  3. He is a very ugly black man. She is also mostly black, from Asia. She is not yellow in my book. She is from a hill tribe. Lots of very dark people throughout Asia, some are as black as Africans. The Mandarin speaking chinks are mostly yellow light skinned. Dark skin means lower status in countries like China and Japan, and all of South America, Central America. Almost everywhere in fact excepting Africa.

    • I believe that even in Africa the darker blacks have less status, it’s obvious if one really thinks about it. The darker, the more primitive, every race and culture can’t be wrong and the egalitarians be right on this one.

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