Michigan official stands by call for killing of all Muslims


Some folks are upset with a small town official in Michigan because of his opinions about how to deal with the Muslim threat.

Jeff Sieting reminds me of Ann Barnhardt. It may be my imagination, but I believe I’ve heard her call for nuking the Middle East, which he has done.

Like Ann, Jeff is NOT apologizing for his political incorrectness.


ABC News

A local official in northern Michigan refuses to apologize for sharing Facebook posts calling for the killing of “every last Muslim” and for nuclear weapons to be used on the world’s 10-largest Muslim-majority cities.

Jeff Sieting, the village president in Kalkaska, which is about 230 miles (370 kilometers) northwest of Detroit, said Monday that he doesn’t owe anyone an apology over his Facebook posts, the Record-Eagle of Traverse City reported ( http://bit.ly/2uaNYKP ).

The posts were discovered by area native Cindy Anderson, who along with others unsuccessfully sought an apology last month. They’re now looking to remove Sieting from office.

“You ran for office to represent all of the people of this community, not just the white, non-Muslim ones,” Anderson said to Sieting. “You were supposed to represent all of your constituents.”

One post Sieting shared said Muslims are destructive and “there is simply no place for them in our world.” The post also called for using nuclear weapons against the 10 largest Muslim-majority cities, as well as pilgrimage sites.

Sieting said his comments are protected by the First Amendment and that those trying to oust him from office are only doing so because they oppose President Donald Trump.

“I don’t expect everyone to see things the way I do,” he said.

Sieting has also come under fire for a sign on his hotel, Hotel Sieting, that asks citizens to pray for Trump. That dispute began before Sieting’s Facebook posts were discovered.

Local residents and others who helped create the Facebook group “Kalkaska Residents for Peace” are determining how to move forward after Sieting’s refusal to apologize. Anderson said the group of more than 150 people are looking at a potential recall and finding someone to run against him in 2018.

Joyce Golden, a county resident who supports Sieting, said she believes the official has the right to post whatever he wants on his personal Facebook page.

“If you don’t want to read it, get off of (his Facebook page),” she said. “From what I do know, you are a very honest, faithful, hardworking man and I thank you for that. I hope you continue and stand your ground for your beliefs. I don’t believe he has to represent everybody.”

7 thoughts on “Michigan official stands by call for killing of all Muslims

  1. I was listening to a 2011 video with Eustace Mullins he says..WWIII will be Muslims against Christians..now it all make sense …while the JUs are pushing mass migration into all Christian nations..here in the US we have cells of Muslim nut jobs and they are armed, fed, given housing and cash..areas like in Europe once they take over no whites, even police, are allowed! Our JU Judicial system protects them, doesn’t want travel bans! Also why those assholes want to disarm us and arm them to the teeth! The JU World Order will reign supreme, bring in their 1world religion (((satanism))) rule the world from Israhell! This is why lap dogs like Alex Jones and all his idiot guests blame every thing on the Muslims..he is just a JU tool! Also explains the Islamic false flag attacks (all in majority white Christian countries) ( no false flag attacks in Israhell, Saudi, china) Just to push the HATE narrative between the Christians and Muslims? It makes sense to me!

    • Oh ye of littlefaith, ye are spot on as usual. I have read the idea that 95% of all terrorist attacks are carried out by Govts/security services. Muzzies usually cop the blame. I wonder why one billion Muslims cannot give voice to this idea, that Jews are using them as tools and scapegoats? Maybe the deal is they get the West in exchange for looking like the bad guys, as Osama bin Liner did around the time of 911. Why on earth otherwise would Saudi Arabia have agreed that 13 of 17 magic terrorists on 911 were said to be Saudi citizens? Maybe Osamas real CIA mission was to deliver ownership of the billions of dollars of Afghanistan rare earth metals to the USA? I.e. that tall beardo was not the Talibans friend, but their mortal enemy. He suckered them. He was most likley a pro USA atheist posing as a Muslim. He got the opium poppies growing again too, another top CIA priority.

  2. People lose their job for much less than this. Whilst killing all Muslims is a nice idea, it is more important to get rid of all black Africans first. That is the tainted blood that makes Botulisms unpleasant, the sand nigger ones at least.
    Muslims in Malaysia and Indonesia are not offensive – but there are too many of them in small countries, so yes the small town guy is right.
    Nuking is bad plan due to radiation for everybody around the world, unless neutron bombs are used. Kills people but not cities, so they say.

  3. Man, if it wasnt so cold, Id move there just to vote for this guy! a ‘politician’ who tells the truth…and doesnt cave and apologise for saying it.

  4. Nothing short of making the Middle East one huge crater is good enough for me. Put a huge electrified fence around it, then plop our refugees right into the middle of it. No one could say we didn’t send them to a safe place, now could they? They could grow their own radiated food.

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