Jeff Sessions Arrests 412 Scumbag Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists in BILLION DOLLAR Healthcare Fraud

Slowly, but carefully, the swamp is being drained.


PJ Media

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and HHS Secretary Tom Price announced the arrest of 412 people in connection with various health care fraud schemes across 41 federal districts.

Washington Free Beacon:

Facing charges are 412 people across 41 federal districts, who the DOJ alleges have extracted $1.3 billion in false billings through a variety of unconnected schemes. The defendants include 115 doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. HHS has also initiated suspension proceedings against 295 providers, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.

The busts also constitute the largest opioid-related fraud charging in U.S. history—120 of the defendants, including doctors, face charges for their role in prescribing and distributing opioids and other narcotics.

“Too many trusted medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients,” Sessions said. “Amazingly, some have made their practices into multimillion dollar criminal enterprises. They seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed. Their actions not only enrich themselves often at the expense of taxpayers but also feed addictions and cause addictions to start. The consequences are real: emergency rooms, jail cells, futures lost, and graveyards.”

The fraud schemes targeted by the Department of Justice were focused on Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE, the latter of which provides health insurance for veterans and their families. They often involved medically unnecessary drugs, frequently not even distributed to those for whom they were prescribed. In many cases, co-conspirators were paid cash kickbacks for supplying information so that providers could bill Medicare for unprovided services.

The busts resulted from the enforcement actions of the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, a joint initiative of the Department of Justice and HHS. Since it was created in 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has charged over 3,500 defendants collectively responsible for over $12.5 billion in fraud.

Health care fraud is a persistent problem for the federal health insurance systems. The state of Florida alone has paid $70.3 million in Medicaid payments to providers facing fraud allegations since 2011.

“Health care fraud is not only a criminal act that costs billions of taxpayer dollars—it is an affront to all Americans who rely on our national health care programs for access to critical health care services and a violation of trust,” Price said. “The United States is home to the world’s best medical professionals, but their ability to provide affordable, high-quality care to their patients is jeopardized every time a criminal commits health care fraud.”

“That is why this administration is committed to bringing these criminals to justice, as President Trump demonstrated in his 2017 budget request calling for a new $70 million investment in the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program,” Price added.


9 thoughts on “Jeff Sessions Arrests 412 Scumbag Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists in BILLION DOLLAR Healthcare Fraud

  1. Good for Sessions/Price, but how did they find 412 new crooks so fast?

    If FLA has paid $70 mil to similar crooks, I bet they were all from Miami! (agreeing with you re the tinteds).

    Sessions/Price should also hound the FCC to outlaw DRUG COMMERCIALS! Quit brainwashing the populace that they NEED this or that drug! It’s all a toxic scam to everyone’s bodies.

    Avoid All Druggery/Rx, Live Longer!

  2. Here’s the list ?
    Mashiyat Rashid of Oakland County, Yasser Mozeb of Oakland County, Abdul Haq of Washtenaw County, Joseph Betro of Oakland County, Tariq Omar of Oakland County, Mohammed Zahoor of Oakland County and Spilios Pappas of Ohio, have all been charged for allegedly taking part in a scheme defrauding Medicare of $132 million.

    All good Anglo-Saxon names ??

  3. Is Florida still writing OxyContin prescripts willy nilly no questions asked, leading to 13 deaths every day in Florida alone (4000 per year)? Are hillbilly heroin flights from Kentucky to Florida still in full swing and all other States of the Disunion as well? Where almost all passengers are drug dealers in legally prescribed opiates? It is illegal to sell them of course, but that is where the big money is made.

    ““Amazingly, some have made their practices into multimillion dollar criminal enterprises.”
    How naive is that? Wall Street and the federal reserve and the IMF and the World Bank are Multitrillion dollar criminal enterprises.

    Let me guess some nice nationalities of the hard working crooks.
    Pakis, Lebs, Jews, Turks, Greeks, Chinks, Indians. In general, short people with black hair and non white skin.

    • I’m not up to par on the FLA Rx-Druggery Racket. Interesting facts you shared, as usual! Why is FLA AG &/or Gov. Rick Scott sitting on their butts allowing it?


      “The aristocracy… was interested in seeing the workers were well fed, healthy and strong. We are interested in just the opposite–in the diminution, the killing out of the goyim.”
      –Protocol III from
      The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  4. Don’t know about nonwhites, but i’d bet that if the names are revealed most of them will either be jews or the jews will be in leading positions and in disproportionate numbers.

  5. Where was Comey and Obama on this? They were too busy plotting against Trump. These criminals didn’t just start this after Trump became president.

  6. I suspect many will be Indians of the Asian kind. Not enough black or Mexican physicians and pharmacists (not smart enough); although, we may see some involved. Jews? Maybe the ringleader. Expect a few lowlife Whites, too, particularly nurses.

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