Interracial Couple Experience Fisticuffs Intervention by Two White Gentleman


I daresay that a friendly scuffle with a neighborhood Negro and his Caucasian tart would be nothing unusual for our ancestors. “Inclusion” did not include tolerance for pairings between human females and subhuman Africans.

The two white gentlemen in this story are throwbacks to those golden days of yesteryear when men were men and every man was expected to defend his turf from interlopers.

Besides engaging in a fisticuffs intervention our gentlemen also spoke of lynching the offensive pair. That’s exactly what our ancestors would have said. Of course, there might also be some tar and feathers broken out of a storage shed to drive home the principle that interracial couples are a stench in the nostrils of decent people.


New York Post

Bigots shout slurs at interracial couple, brutally beat up boyfriend

A white woman and her black boyfriend were berated by two bigots in Brooklyn — who hurled racial slurs and threatened to “lynch” the man — before beating him to a bloody pulp, court papers say.

The 38-year-old woman and her boyfriend had been walking near the corner of East 17th Street and Avenue R early Saturday when they were set upon by Bernard Szurant, 25, and Rudolph Evmenenko, 27, at around 5:40 a.m., according to the criminal complaint.

The couple was crossing the road and had just passed the local loudmouths in the street when the creeps decided to unleash their vicious tirade.

“This is our neighborhood you f—ing n—er! Get out of here!” the pair shouted, adding that they would “crack” the man’s skull open.

“Go back to your neighborhood!” they screamed, according to the court documents.


“We’re going to lynch you, you f–king charcoal burner!”

With the woman watching on in horror, the despicable duo jumped her boyfriend moments later — repeatedly punching him in the head, the complaint says.

He was later treated for bruising and swelling on his face, a contusion on his arm, which he got while defending himself.

At one point during the assault, her boyfriend attempted to use his cell phone to call police — but Evmeneko knocked it out of his hand and prevented him from doing so, the complaint says.

Cops eventually arrived at the scene and arrested Szurant and Evmeneko, charging them with assault, menacing, criminal mischief and harassment.

Abraham Lincoln approves the beating in this story.

10 thoughts on “Interracial Couple Experience Fisticuffs Intervention by Two White Gentleman


    The libs talk about microaggressions and white privilege. We must talk about black/liberal microaggressions and macroagressions and mega aggressions that whites (and other light skinned people) have to endure daily at the hands of blacks (aka kala kakoos*). Some of these are:

    a. Constantly being bombarded with the word “racist”—a buzzword for which there is no objective definition, and a word that even does not even specify the race allegedly one is being “racist” about.
    b. Constantly being shown white women with a kala kakoos* daily in the media, ads, papers, TV, etc.
    c. Constantly living in fear of black crime (and being subjected to black crime).
    d. White women constantly being stared at by negroes and other forms of kala kakoos*, constantly being approached by them, and even aggressively picked up and stolen by them.
    e. Affirmative action, etc. etc.
    f. Immigration.

    *kala kakoos was a common word used by Indian students at the uni to describe dark skinned people. It technically means melena (kala = black, kakoos = stools), and loosely means “black sh…”.

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